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    The hero power reminds me of Chromaggus. A value oriented card that allows the player to bypass deckbuilding limitations. Granted, from the times of BRM these card generation cards have become more common. Which in turn gives this card an extra potential  upside (highrolling people with their class generated cards), along the obvious one: you can choose which card to duplicate. Flavor-wise this goes alongside Shadowcaster and Shadowstep . The potential of the card reinforces the idea of rogue being a Control Killer. Sadly, it just costs too much to make much of an impact against faster decks. On another note while the Battlecry should buy the rogue a turn, it is a fairly underwhelming effect. Your opponent can develop on board using his 9-10 mana, Rogues unlike Mages have no good AoE, and  unlike Ice Block you won't have enough mana to squeeze in burn or card draw to use the extra turn effectively. Summarizing, this card feels like it costs 2-3 mana more than it should. From what I remember, Blizzard says they work 2 expansions in advance, which if they predicted quest rogue meta explains to an extent why this card is so expensive. At 6-7 Mana It would be an Iceblock + 1 mana 5/5 Charge. Maybe there is something almost as busted in the expansion we could see the card seeing a lot of play in competitive. 

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    On the Video, Last Card you Played.

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    Its on the reveal video. You get one after you draw. No Mass Evis nor Mass Coldblood.

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    I see no reason why you couldn't double coin. Its an innervate that required a set up from a 9 mana card. Granted, at 10 mana you shouldn't start your turn with coin into coin, but if you run this on a miracle shell thats an extra mana. I don't think this card belongs on that deck though.

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    Compared to other 3 drops in the game it is not as strong anymore. There are a lot of times when it can be very impactful to get an useful one, and lowrolling on it feels as awful as looking for spell power totem while rolling totems as a shaman. The times where you don't care about the roll are the ones in which you are already winning. At the very least, it seems to me as a win more card. 

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    Actually reminds me of Soul of the Forest it has same cost and it is exactly the kind of spell you want to play your Violet Teacher with. As for older archetypes this is the card a player like J4CKIECHAN would have thought of running in the pre yogg nerf Yogg Token Druid. It may sound too slow and memey nowadays but Soul of the Forest / Savage Roar + Onyxia can be a 2 card combo that can close up a game. Granted big ol' Yogg-Saron, Hope's End is no longer the power house it used to be and Azure Drake and Emperor Thaurissan are leaving Standard; not only that, we are flooded with Pirate Warriors, yet if we can maybe dream of a use for this card maybe, just maybe we can meme with it and have some highlights in our games.

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    Jungle Panther Scary With a higher % of dying to Mad Bomber

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    First of all,  a 2/3 stat line does not contest the lovely 1 drop 1/3's that blizzard loves to push archetypes to viability, and I'm fairly sure that so long they are on the rotation those cards will see play. It is like claiming that Sunfury protector for tempo will do something  against a Shaman with a good start. It dies to  Spirit Claws  (requires highroll or Bloodmage Thalnos),  feeds starts like Totem Golem / Tunnel Trogg into The Coin + Feral Spirit; against Mages the only spell it survives is Arcane Blast  at 0 spell damage which is a card they usually save to deal with the 4 health minions rogue usuallly runs; also this card is irrelevant against almost any Zoo start.

    I don't understand the argument of the player being able to choose to bring back a card or not, that implies that said player is fine with running a vanilla 2/3 in his deck, and that at best said player is happy to run a 2/3 Youthful Brewmaster that you have to activate.  As for the Jade Golem argument, I was under the impression that the  Jade Golem build would work with a deathrattle engine ( All the Jade Golem Cards + Journey Below ,Unearthed Raptor,Shadowstep, Xaril, Poisoned Mind and N'Zoth , and some other staples).

    This card  does not seem to me that it was meant to be viable in a good constructed deck, and it shows, it is a fun card. It seems that the designer's philosophy was the same as with Purify. And the problem is that they decided to make a big release of it. That is it.

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    You are right about these cards. Eboladin works by commiting as many cards as it can to the board. Then they rely on drawing Favor/Topdecking the high impact Damage/Buff Cards and game ends either by they winning or they not being able to achieve the reach.
    These cards have little to no immediate impact on board, the buffs are diluted between the cards you have to hold (terrible in a topdeck situation); hence, they are win more cards for Eboladin since: i) you want to play them on curve (why not run the midrange-y version then?) ii) you want to play them after a 5-6 card Divine Favor (I'm fairly sure you should win that game most times) .

    These cards are thought for a new MidRange Pally. I believe that from the +1/+1 buff, the health one can make the most difference. For example it can help neutral cards the most: Argent Squire, Acolyte of Pain, Grimestreet Informant, Argent Horserider Even, Azure Drake, etc. Thinking about cards you could run on a Midrange Pally but get way better with a slight buff is the best way to think about the buffs.

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    I could see both copies played in MidRange Pally, if that can be a thing. It is both a minion that can benefit from buffs and it buffs another minion. As an on-curve play it is an awkward card to Eviscerate,  Shadow Bolt,  or Truesilver Champion, and if it eats a 2 card combination it is okish as it either opens the way for another minion and lessens the amount of super efficient removal your opponent may have.  
    Maybe this could be teched as a 1 off if Taunt Arcane Giant Warrior is a thing, or if somehow Midrange Hunter decides that the Secret engine is not good enough for the meta it could also run this card, again as a curve play to make the other on curve minions harder to answer to.

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    (‘ ▽`  )  'Member when Rogue identity had to do with weapons?  
    'membering aside, this card follows the Burgle Rogue thematic that has been pushed to reshape the class identity. My main complain is that said identity hasn't taken a good deck of its own, and this card doesn't seem to make it. Not to mention that what was left of the class identity (Miracle Rogue engine) is alive thanks to a soon to be gone card:  Tomb Pillager . Now, with the new faction system there could be some surprises that could help push an Ethereal Peddler deck, some sorth of Lotus-Thief-Tempo Rogue. So far the Lotus Agents drew the short straw, as the 3 classes already run Azure Drake . Not to mention a Thief-Tempo Rogue would like to play Ethereal Peddler on 5, but we could still get some good surprises from the remaining cards. If anything, if this expansion fails and there are complains on Rogue starting the next rotation, they will not be shy to push Burgle Rogue as they did with Discard Lock (please blizzard don't do this).

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    It is an interesting concept and right now it seems more viable than Summoning Stone even if this one can only be used 3 times. Aside from a slower meta, there are two big problems I see with this card, first of all weapon removal, so long cards like Doomhammer or Malkorok threathen about 1/3 to 1/2 of your total lifepool, running into Harrison Jones or Acidic Swamp Ooze will be pretty common, making your investment a far worse 7/7. The second one is what kind of spells are best used so that it is not a win more but a game swing? Generally speaking being able to spend 8 mana on a minion a turn, then wait and board clear next turn without being dealt with seems to me to be a win more situation. Board Clears tend to be really expensive, the exception being shaman board clears. Maybe only 1 use is good enough and having a discounted Frost Nova into a Flamestrike could be good enough in a Grind Mage. Nevertheless I am happy to see a weapon that does not go face :) 

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    Quote from pelidija >>

    any tips for mulligan with this deck

    On the coin you always look/keep Si, VanCleef and in some match ups Tomb Pillager.
    W.O. Coin look/keep Si, Hucksters, Journey with a curve.
    Against aggro you always keep stuff like thalnos prep as getting fan can just win you the game.
    Just look for a curve and ditch auctioneer unless you are 100% sure it is not a fast deck. If you have something like prep, si and sinister, you can keep that kind of starting hand, the thing that puts rogue in an advantage is that it can play on curve and/or have heavy swing turns, plan your hand to do so. 
    The other advantage of this deck is that it can run into like card 20'th w.o. drawng auctioneer and still be fine.

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    Leper Gnome and Knife Juggler may be dead but Tunnel Trogg and Flamewreathed Faceless are way better cards. There is no universal answer since Big Game Hunter can't even be played w.o. you being on the coin, and even then would you really seize back the tempo you desperately need? There is no universal Antique Healbot . There is no Sludge Belcher You are forced into either the classes that can heal, but strong board clear oriented cards have rotated out  ( Lightbomb, Death's Bite) or  play or a midrange Zoo ish deck to race them, which in turn is the same idea of spiking early and a great deal of that is decided by the quality of your opener, which is what the concept of a fast meta is. A Shaman curving out is as strong as a last format secret paladin curving perfectly, except that last format you could rely on Big Game Hunter or Antique Healbot to comeback. It is the second day of the expansion and I'm already sick of constantly dying on turn 7 to Lava Burst after finally recovering the board. I undertand that blizzard is trying to forge an identity for classes and decks based on what they can or can not do, but being pressured with cards you can't interact since turn 1 is just beyond reasonable.

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    Well this one card was the thing that Rogue did and just Rogue did. Either sitting on a weapon charge to potentially AoE the board back or growing up a tiny Dagger into a game ending burst. This was the most broken thing Rogue did and lately it was not enough on ladder. This was a large portion of Rogue's identity as a class. The old Rogue is dead. All we have is hope that the new Rogue will actually be a class and not just the experience of losing your stars.

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