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    this card punishes you for..playing the game.  there is no way to play around it unless you want to just not play any creatures.  waiting for your opponent to tracking into uth/buzzard/hyena to wipe your board, draw a 10 card hand and have a 8/4 isnt fun.  honestly just remove the card or make it spawn 2 1/1's every time.

    Funny I thought playing the game included changing up your strategy depending on your opponent. Missed the memo that this was a solitaire clone.

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    Quote from FillOrFeedNA »
    Quote from OsC »

    If they aren't going to allow chat mind as well take out emotes. Everything I have read/heard about emotes have been bad, linked to BM and sarcasm, so why keep it in? It doesn't even do anything or have any function. I personally squelch everyone I play instantaneously at the start.

    The better option is to substitute in more instrumental emotes like:

    • Ill be right back
    • Lucky!
    • Close game!
    • Good play!

    This would be good. Also, why not just allow optional chat (both players need to have it toggled on to work)?

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