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    posted a message on New Mage Spell - Deck of Wonders

    Isn't this broken in quest mage? 

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    posted a message on Malygos in Control Priest?

    I do think Malygos has historically been underrated. Having said that, I think it's hard to justify running Malygos over Ysera in a lot of situations.

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    posted a message on New Mage Quest - Open the Waygate
    Quote from ThorOfficial >>

    2x Arcane Giants, 2x Molten giants = 32 damage OTK (kind of OTK xD). watch toast video. Maybe you put this in some kind of freeze mage style deck to draw spell generators and giants and stall the game. almost like the old Echo Giants :O

     This is exactly what people are going to do. Even if you don't draw one of your giants, you just make up the extra damage with spells or Alex on turn 2
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    posted a message on Having trouble climbing the ladder.

    Really guys? Someone asking for honest help and this is how you act?

    To the OP, stick with it and results will start to come.

    One thing that can really help is taking a season or two to play the popular but not meta-defining decks. You can only truly understand how to counter some decks by playing some games with them. You start to realize what is really annoying to certain decks that isn't terribly intuitive.

    For example, at the higher ranks I still have people double trade into my Tomb Pillager all the time when playing rogue. When you play a bunch of games with rogue, you realize that a) you often want the pillager to die and b) 4+ damage going to anything but your face is great. There are dozens of interactions that are the exception to the "rule", and to get above rank 3 or so you have to take advantage of them to win.

    Hope that helps, and that these losers take their pissing match somewhere else.

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    This is what I am thinking. This seems utterly broken with Auctioneer.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - Prince Malchezaar

    Not everything has to be about the competitive and ladder scenes. Sometimes my friends and I agree to have mini tournaments without aggro, seems like it will probably see play in that format. Also will likely get some play in arena. Quit complaining that it doesn't fit your preferred format. 

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Shadowcaster

    You guys are heavily overestimating the value of this card. If it cost 4 mana fine, but at 5 you can't copy any of the cool stuff rogues want to play.

    I predict people will mess around with it for at least a few months, and there will be some reasonable tier 2 or 3 builds that use it, but in the end this will not bring rogue to tier 1. 

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    posted a message on MkRR3's FTP 9-days Legend from Zero

    No, this deck is just terrible in the current meta. Just played five games, lost all five. Two renos, three healbots.

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    posted a message on Randomonium - Random Cards, Random Costs - TB #18

    How did the designers possibly think this was going to be fun? So unacceptably bad. 

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    posted a message on Aviana Ramp Druid

    Distinct lack of Deathwing

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    posted a message on New Card - Justicar Trueheart

    I think borderline broken in CW, totally uninspiring in the rest.

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    posted a message on More deck slots?
    Quote from GeekyGhost »

    Ok Im going to get a lot of hate on this one and I mean no offence to people who want this.. but  I am having Deja-vu in world of war craft it was more bag space. In hearthstone its the same only in deck space.  Do we really need more deck slots there are many apps and websites like hearthpwn where you can write your decks down or even take a screenshot of it . Is it that hard to delete a slot and go through your cards again and click or are people just being that lazy? I can only see more deck slots when there is more heroes and thats the only reason I can think of.



    Honestly it is a huge pain to rebuild a deck on your phone. It's not that people are lazy -- I think it's fair that people don't want to have to redo work they have already done.

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    posted a message on More deck slots?
    Quote from Ariel4 »

    Basically Blizzard doesn't want to add more because 50% of the player base only use 1-6 decks. 

    - Most of the people posting here wanting more or on reddit are hardcore dedicated players

    - Most of the players that actually play Hearthstone don't want or care about more deck slots 

    - Deck slots ultimately is not the major issues in Hearthstone (better ranking system, choosing arena packs, more quest variety, etc.) 

    - They should make it so Adventure mode gets its own deck slots like Tavern Brawl

    Something better than deck slots

    Honestly I'm agains't more decks slots because I actually think its unnecessary and would clutter tournament formats. No one with a fricken mind plays with 20 decks at once. Even with something like 12 decks at once, its going to suck choosing between them by scrolling or clicking another page. What I think would be better than more deck slots is a deck archive.

    Basically the deck archive would be in your collection similar to how cards and soon (card backs) will be. Basically this allows you to create and store up to 8 decks for each class (similar to how if you go to crafting mode, you see 8 cards 4 by 2 on a page). They are already making it so you can change card backs for each deck. You can move around your decks in any custom way or sort them by name/date of creation/most use.

    To make it easier to choose between all decks, the UI for choosing your hero in play mode would need to be changed a bit. They could do something like add another tab besides basic and custom decks for archive decks. I haven't really put real thought behind the UI yet but it should be just as easy as choosing a deck and play like now. So the main deck that you play should be readily available, and your other decks should sorta be kept hidden.

    I think the whole design philosophy behind 9 deck slots was the idea that they wanted players to have the option of having one for each class if it came to that. Obviously Hearthstone exceeded all expectations. I think something like a deck archive would keep that philosophy of making it easy to for everyone to choose what deck they want to play by limiting the options but allowing players to save a lot of their decks and allowing them to change it on an instance is better.

    You are essentially advocating for more deck slots (72 in total if I understand your idea). Nobody cares how many actual live slots there are, they just want to be able to create more than 9 decks and keep them without having to go through their collection and rebuild them when needed. 

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    posted a message on Lets disscuss ladder achievements; I have some ideas, what about you?

    Honestly from my perspective the season system makes absolutely no sense. It isn't even timed with the release of new cards/card changes, which you would think would be the #1 reason to have seasons.

    If Blizzard is married to the idea of seasons fine, keep them in place, but there should be an overall ELO system as well. There should also be class ELO ladders where only games played in the competitive area with a certain class are counted. I'm fine with having this system opt in or even pay-to-play. Package it with two more pages of deck slots, a really nice stats package where you can track all your win rates etc and sell it all as a "competitor package" for $10. 

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    posted a message on Does Dr. Boom Need to be Nerfed?

    I really don't see a nerf coming for one big reason: Dr. Boom is a super fun card and Blizzard has made it clear that is their #1 consideration when changing something. In the past they have mostly nerfed cards because they thought their cost resulted in their "unfun" mechanics being imposed on the game too often. Dr. Boom does not have that problem.

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