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    Yes it will. Tess replays Hero Cards you've "stolen" and replays their Battlecry as well.

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    The only thing I don't like with this card is the art. Reno looks dumb on this one, whereas he looked much more self-confident and charismatic in the trailer.

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    But what about "the mighty, the incredibly powerful" thing Peter Whalen teased in the last Hearthstone Chat video? Oo

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    No, Stelladris says "after you cast a spell" :)

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    It's not milling because it adds 10 cards from your opponent's CLASS, not their deck :)

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    So basically, Shadowreaper Anduin with a 0 mana hero power can spam his opponent to death if he manages to steal the card and drop a Radiant Elemental? Very specific of course, but I can predict some saltiness :D

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    So this was revealed on a Chinese website.

    Apparently it reads:

    Rogue Epic Spell, 2 mana

    Secret: After your hero is attacked, gain Stealth until your next turn.

    Not sure what happens then, do you still take the damage and then you cannot be attacked by additional enemies? Is the attack cancelled somehow?

    Source: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5448925545

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    So here are the 4 treasures they revealed for the chest:

    Golden Kobold - 3 mana 6/6 minion: Taunt: Battlecry replace your hand with Legendary minions

    Tolin's Goblet - 3 mana spell: Draw a card. Fill your hand with copies of it

    Wondrous Wand - 3 mana spell: Draw 3 cards. Reduce their costs to (0)

    Zarog's Crown - 3 mana spell: Discover a Legendary minion. Summon two copies of it


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    Quote from Shaveyou >>

    Yeah, so I'm out, I forgot to change my showcased boss to one that was actually good. Never mind, Votes for Hallows End and The Vial of Eternity. Good work all.

     Thanks for your vote, man, and good job nonetheless :)
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    The Vials of Eternity


    Plot Summary / Prologue

    In the depths of the Caverns of Time, the Bronze Dragonflight is keeping time safe. It is their sacred mission to guard the caverns against the intrusion of mortals, whose interference would assuredly disrupt the flow of time. Recently, a mysterious force called the Infinite Dragonflight has begun to meddle with time. Shadowy agents have infiltrated the Caverns of Time, attempting to sabotage key historical events, one of which is the monumental battle of Mount Hyjal, where the Burning Legion and its infamous leader Archimonde plans to drain the energy of the World Tree. In the face of this overwhelming threat, Nozdormu is enlisting heroes to help him prevent the fabric of time from unraveling forever.

    Your adventure began as the Bronze Dragonflight was recruiting adventurers to make sure that the events that took place in the past remain as they were. You showed up at the entrance of the Caverns of Time, ready to ensign, but things didn't go as smoothly as expected. Before you could receive the assignment, the Bronze Dragonflight put you through a series of trials to ensure you were strong enough to be entrusted with the fate of the entire world. After you passed all the tests, you were explained that in order to go back in time and prevent the worst from happening, you needed to retrieve two Vials of Eternity: these ancient artifacts are required to open a portal through time and space. You left the Caverns of Time and started to march towards Serpentshrine Cavern, where the first Vial of Eternity awaits you...

    Second Wing: Serpentshrine Cavern

    Boss 1: Hydross the Unstable


     The Boss

    The first encounter has you face Hydross the Unstable. This water elemental has seemingly been made prisoner by Lady Vashj and forced to guard the place. Being magically chained, Hydross is Immune to any damage. In order to take him down, you will have to be a little patient and deal with his hordes. Every turn if possible, the boss will activate his Hero Power and summon a random Elemental in the following list:

    Your objective is to wait for him to summon a Tainted Spawn of Hydross and kill it in order to deal him 5 damage. The summoning is entirely random, so you may want to pray to RNGesus, as well as avoid burning through your deck too quickly, in case you need to drag the game a little longer for him to summon Tainted Spawns.

    The two other elementals you need to deal with while you are waiting for Tainted Spawns to appear. Water Elemental is well known from us players and Spawn of Hydross is a minion specific to this encounter. It will grant the boss Spell Power +2, which he will use in conjunction with a lot of mage spells, and particularly frost spells: Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Ice Lance, Blizzard, Demented Frostcaller and the infamous Shatter. Think of it as a Freeze Mage deck but with a little extra ice on the cake!


    + Token

    Boss 2: Morogrim Tidewalker


    The Boss


    Morogrim Tidewalker is a sea giant. He rules over his own little kingdom of murlocs in Serpentshrine Cavern, which seems to content him enough. That being said, who doesn't love a little bit of adventurer crushing once in a while?

    The fight against Morogrim is rather straightforward: he's going to call his hordes of murlocs on the board and rush your face, SMOrc style. All the usual suspects are here: Grimscale Oracle, Murloc Tidecaller, Bilefin Tidehunter, Bluegill Warrior, Corrupted Seer, Coldlight Oracle, Murloc Warleader, Siltfin Spiritwalker, Neptulon... as well as Everyfin is Awesome, because of course.

    The rest of his deck is filled with shaman spells to shoot your stuff on the board, completed with his Hero Power which entombs one of your minions into your own deck.

    What will be your strategy? Will you try to rush him even harder and fill the board with minions you don't mind being entombed? Will you play it in a more control-y style and try to somehow handle his waves of murlocs? That's for you to decide.


    Boss 3: Leotheras the Blind

    The Boss

    The fight with Leotheras the Blind is all about board management. His Passive Hero Power will summon a Demon every time you play a minion, with the same stats. It doesn't copy any ability or text from your minion (it's not a Mirror Image) but it gives him a free body on the board that is just as good to deal damage as yours. So before flooding the board with minions, you need to ensure you can deal with his copies, using either spells (this he doesn't react to) or other kinds of minion-summoning cards (Leotheras' Hero Power only activates when you play a minion).

    It would also be unadvised to leave his Demons live and just manage them somehow: in Leotheras' deck are several copies of a special spell called Demon Liberation.

    This is Leotheras' ultimate move to kill you: should you let his Inner Demons (summoned from Hero Power) live for too long, Demon Liberation will instantly deal your Hero 5 damage for each Demon still alive. Its 5-mana cost should give you a little room to breathe before he can play it or before the board gets full of Demons, but that's no reason to ignore that threat.

    Leotheras' deck is filled with minions, weapons and spells that can affect several minions,  or even the entire board, such asWhirlwind, Unstable Ghoul, Abomination, Death's Bite, Revenge, Ravaging Ghoul, Cleave, as well as Taunt minions to protect Inner Demons. Who cares if he hits his own minions with his attacks, he's just mad is all. Plus, it's all-you-can-eat of minion summoning thanks to his Hero Power.

    The objective is to manage to survive against his army of Demons and whirlwind effects and try to somehow deal him some damage whenever you can.


    + Token 

    + Warlock Challenge


    Boss 4: Lady Vashj

     The Boss

    The wicked Lady Vashj is the only opponent left between you and the Vial of Eternity, and it's going to be a hell of a fight. At the start of every turn, her Hero Power will check whether there is a Tainted Core on the board or not. If not, one will be summoned.

    Once her first turn starts, she will become Immune thanks to the presence of the Tainted Core: your goal throughout the fight will be to destroy that core in order to remove her protective barrier, then damage her as much as possible before she summons another core the very next turn.

    But even that will not be an easy feat: the Tainted Core itself is Immune to any damage and untargetable, which means you cannot kill it using direct removals (Assassinate for example). Sure, you can still use indirect targeting like Blade of C'Thun or Stampeding Kodo but there is a better way to deal with it. Introducing your new encounter-specific Hero Power:

    Using the power granted to you by the Bronze Dragonflight, you will now be able to destroy the Tainted Core much more efficiently. Every time a Tainted Core is summoned, it will appear at the right side of her other minions but as you kill them, it will eventually move towards the left side. The moment it reaches the left-most position, use your Hero Power to shoot it: it will open a window to roll over Lady Vashj until the end of the turn. Until then, you can still use the same Hero Power to instantly kill any other minion on the way! Rince and repeat, until the matron eventually dies.

    YOU decide when to crack the barrier open, so you'd better make sure you are ready to put as much damage as possible during that short period.

    Lady Vashj's deck minions include Slithering Archer and Slithering Guard as seen during League of Explorers adventure, Naga Sea Witch and Darkscale Healer. She will also play tons of Hunter spells (she is a master of archery after all), such as Arcane Shot, Quick Shot,Snipe, Deadly Shot,Powershot, Multi-Shot, Explosive Shot... and Lock and Load. Nothing unseen before, but you will already have a lot of your plate dealing with the Tainted Core. Good luck!

    If you manage to beat her, you will have completed Wing 2! Congratulations!




    + Priest Challenge 

    Completion Reward

    Thank you for reading my entry!

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