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    Quote from pioshin >>

    Yep... what a shit job they are doing.. I have to say that the old arena, before the bucket system, was more fun

     Wouldn't go this far. State of arena was pretty solid pre RoS.

    The current buckets definitely need some tweaking though.

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    Quote from uaeviai >>

    Lets play a game, how many missplays can you find from the clown fiesta of a HCT final match? hunterace vs viper. Just the amount. Let's see who finds the most.

    I have found so far:

    Hunterace: 1 (2 if you count him not playing around random azalinas but that's humanely impossible)

    Viper: a WHOPPING 5 missplays. Lol. I have never seen so many missplays in the final match of a tournament. Ever.

    Some of the missplays actually decided the match for hunterace, sadly. If both had played perfectly, Viper would have always won that match! But it was maybe the hardest game in the tournament, i'll give Viper that.

     Please post a videolink with exact timestamps for detailed further discusssion. 

    Without a source one can claim anything. 

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    TIL: You actually have to click "Show Scores" on the official site the see the results. It's an anti-spoiler. 

    And I already began to wonder why there is no update on the official bracket...stupid me.

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    How can anyone ever pick Dirty Rat in Arena and play it turn 2? 

    Don't know the bucket it's in but, I can't imagine the other draft options to be worse.

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    Warlock is still strong in Arena.

    Voidcaller is just insane tempo. And Darkshire Councilman can get out of control quickly with all those lackey 1-drops. 

    Lucky Alexstrasza self heal saved me in both games vs Hunter though. 


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    I can imagine them rotating earlier, like Genn and Baku did, if they really proof that problematic.

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    I really enjoyed playing the value/control Warrior in arena but I'm glad it's gone. Same for remove everything Warlock.

    New arena feels pretty fresh and also a lot quicker than before (can be a sign of some unbalanced buckets here and there). 

    Classes seem to be closer to each other, assuming from my runs with Rogue and Hunter, which I barely played pre RoS due to lacking success.


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    Always disenchant one day after an expansion has been released.

    That's the Nr. 1 Golden Rule.

    It is known.

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    This definitely makes the Top 5 of the most pointless threads I've ever clicked on in this forum.

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    An actually quite aggressive Midrange-Lock with 68 points. Didn't really think this sort of deck can go all the way.

    Turned out Flesheating Ghoul and Shadowflame can be a pretty devastating combo.

    That alone one me two or three games. 

    Pretty lucky I just came across two insane control decks. 

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    I still enjoy it. Hope we meet one day on ladder! See you buddy! 

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    No problem. Skulking Geist is here to save the...oh wait.

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    I have always pre-ordered since I started playing HS. But the last months, I barely did more than the 5 required card back games. I switched more and more to arena during the last Hearthstone year anyway. So spending money for a game mode I hardly enjoy or play isn't really worth it. 

    Overall, they have done quite a good job with the bucket system in arena, and I had a lot of really awesome and unique games.

    I'm definitely excited how the new expansion will impact arena. So yeah, I'm actually kinda hyped, but in a different way. 

    If any fun new decks come up in constructed, I'm eager to craft and try them. 


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    You can play this style of deck in any meta, standard or wild. It's always somehow viable to good.

    Thing is, the Divine Spirit + Inner FireCombo (aka buff health and convert it into attack) has been around like forever, especially for Priest. With Wall Priest just being another variant.

    When we talk about nerfs and staple cards in certain decks (Wild Growth + Nourish), we shouldn't exclude Divine Spirit


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    Gwent reddit is pretty solid. Devs are also quite active there.

    Check https://gwentup.com/decks for decks.

    Outdated meta snapshot: https://teamaretuza.com/meta-snapshot/ (new one coming, recent patch)

    I'd recommend staying away from arena.

    Focus on one faction and play casual and ranked asap . This way, you will get the f2p goodies like daily quests much quicker. Arena doesn't  count for dailies and there are way too much shenanigans going on, because there are no faction boundaries. 

    Maybe focus on Monsters first. They are always solid, easy to play and have survived every nerf so far.

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