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    posted a message on SN1P-SN4P Nerf?? :D
    Quote from Mugen8 >>
    Quote from Fyrfytr998 >>

     I have yet to meet a single Mech Lock  in Wild. Should I consider myself lucky?

     What rank are you? I don't see them either, but I hover around 15 using pretty janky/fun decks - according to TempoStorm it's the only S-rank deck they've seen in a long time (or ever; I can't remember exactly what they said).

    As for Snip-Snap as a whole, he only seems broken if you reduce the cost - so that's the real issue here (I use him in basically all my highlander decks; he's a good 3/6/9 drop without any combos and he synergises with N'Zoth). If you made him cost at least 1 even when comboing off, that would likely be enough - I think you'd get 7 off at most, baring the coin and/or Emperor shenanigans (which are going to take more RNG or time to set up).

     I wonder too.

    I have met a single other warlock (!) between 10 and 5 this and the previous season.

    Snip is fine though. Mana cheating is the thing that needs to be adressed. Not only in this case.

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    posted a message on What Wild packs to buy?
    Quote from Nohva >>

    I'd go for, in this order, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Goblins vs. Gnomes and Whisper of the Old Gods. As far as Legendaries go, these are the most common ones used.

     Don't forget the adventures. Reno (LoE) for Highlander decks and Emperor (BM) for combo decks are pretty common in many decks.

    If you have no wild cards, you probably want to open some KotFT packs too. Maybe you get a sweet hero card. 

    Why do you want to play this mode anyway although having barely any cards for it? Just curious.  

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds fun till it’s not

    Send this constructive criticism to Blizzard. 

    Mode is still in closed beta. Maybe they'll change something when they read your prescient words. 


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    posted a message on Tombs of Terror Chapter 4 and Finale Release, With the New Finale Guide!

    Really enjoyed this one, best adventure since the original Dungeon Run.

    Pretty cool final boss fight design. Last phase probably  a bit too easy though probably because of Addarah.

    Nevertheless, good single player content.

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    posted a message on Just me, or is Tombs of Terror far harder than the Dalaran heist?

    I'm still amazed how bad the AI is, especially chapter 2.

    The whole chapter's twist is about the rightmost minion randomly attacking and the devs didn't manage to teach the AI some decent board positioning? 

    Not even on heroic? Come on. 

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    posted a message on Combo Priest is back in meta!! :D

    This is so 2014.

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    posted a message on Arena Highlights: share your stories

     Drafted both Renos, went 3-3. 

    gg ez.

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    posted a message on Everyfin is Awesome!

    Was a pretty solid gold farming deck the first days of the brawl. 

    Half of my games ended before turn 5. 

    Well done. 

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    posted a message on Buff Quest Rogue?

    This is great.

    When the quest was first revealed, half the community already screamed to nerf it.  

    Two weeks after the expansion launch, the card  isn't super op, so it's bad and must be buffed of course.

    This card is going to be in Standard until 2021, I think there is a pretty fair chance, it will find a spot in the future. 



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    posted a message on Mecha'thun Control - Wild

    I'm gonna try this out because I'm not convinced this list is better than the Bloodbloom, Cataclysm, Hemet - version. 

    Card draw looks mediocre  and I'm not a fan of The Soularium in this deck. Hemet simply does a better job. 

    But nice to see a different approach. 

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    posted a message on Unpopular Opinion: Epics are way too expensive

    I still have nightmares when I recall my K&C opening.

    Epics dropped pretty decent, but like 8 of them were Shimmering Courser

    Epic cap would be generous. Also the dust reward (season/arena reward) is pretty demoralizing.

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    posted a message on Recent Arena Rotation (Unannounced)?

    Can't recommend playing arena right now unless you want to be part of a clown fiesta.

    It's just 4 active sets right now without the newest expansion. Everyone picks like 2-4 Fungalmancers, super fun.

    Also the discover mechanic is broken. 

    I am curently at a Warrior run and Tomb Spider offered me North Sea Kraken.

    I also got Kalecgos from Dragon Roar [/card] (which shouldn't be possible) who discovered me [card]Omega Assembly  (which shouldn't be possible).



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    posted a message on Playing since Beta, never missed quest and...

    For me it's 2x Force of Nature besides the newly introduced classic cards of course.

    Also missing a Sea Giant and a Cabal Shadow Priest.

    And I'm still waiting to finally pull Ysera out of a pack. 

    Playing since 2016, Karazhan. 

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    posted a message on Arena ATM
    Quote from pioshin >>

    Yep... what a shit job they are doing.. I have to say that the old arena, before the bucket system, was more fun

     Wouldn't go this far. State of arena was pretty solid pre RoS.

    The current buckets definitely need some tweaking though.

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    posted a message on .
    Quote from uaeviai >>

    Lets play a game, how many missplays can you find from the clown fiesta of a HCT final match? hunterace vs viper. Just the amount. Let's see who finds the most.

    I have found so far:

    Hunterace: 1 (2 if you count him not playing around random azalinas but that's humanely impossible)

    Viper: a WHOPPING 5 missplays. Lol. I have never seen so many missplays in the final match of a tournament. Ever.

    Some of the missplays actually decided the match for hunterace, sadly. If both had played perfectly, Viper would have always won that match! But it was maybe the hardest game in the tournament, i'll give Viper that.

     Please post a videolink with exact timestamps for detailed further discusssion. 

    Without a source one can claim anything. 

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