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    I don't really understand why you guys have to impose these restrictions and think most submissions looked like this anyway. Restricitons on aesthetics is really bs to me. With the card restrictions you make it hard that the basic set is in any way more complex than already existing ones. I think this is exactly the problem of Hearthstone. It is super simple and doesn't evolve, just plays arround with game-mechanics. I had a pretty different goal participating here. This is the text I wrote in phase 1 so you maybe get what I was aiming for.

    "Design Philosophy

    I designed this class with the idea in mind that it does not necessarily have to fit perfectly to the existing classes and the game as is, but would exist in a Hearthstone that may be slightly more complex. Felt this gives me more space to experiment and is also more interesting for you, the reader, to maybe be a little inspired and stretch the design space of Hearthstone cards. I feel like this counts already for most card designers here, but thought writing it down doesn't hurt."

    I don't want to cut down heavily, not even on the basic set of the Dreamer class. It loses it's purpose and I wanted to include a lot of fluff and art and feel discouraged about that now, so I think I'm out unless I can change to a different class. Would like to participate since it's fun but think the class is better kept in it's own thread then.

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    Congratulations to everyone to make it to the next round! Great job everybody!

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    A Dreamer is one who turns inward through meditaion and travels in their sleep to connect to the waking Dream of Creation. These beings are conscious of their connection to the Emerald Dream and choose to wander its planes to attain guidance and wisdom granted by the Green Dragon Flight. Ysera , the green Dragon Aspect, resides here, watching over the growing wilds of the world from her verdant realm. It is also home to many other dwellers. Dryads, Nymphs, Pixies, Sprites and all kind of mystical creatures ever dancing in their eternal wakeful slumber are always joyous to welcome new visitors. The musicians, artists, singers and daydreamers of this world often end up here, while their bodies are peacefully drowsing, later waking up without any notice that they have just been invited by the Emerald Queen herself.

    Design Philosophy

    I designed this class with the idea in mind that it does not necessarily have to fit perfectly to the existing classes and the game as is, but would exist in a Hearthstone that may be slightly more complex. Felt this gives me more space to experiment and is also more interesting for you, the reader, to maybe be a little inspired and stretch the design space of Hearthstone cards. I feel like this counts already for most card designers here, but thought writing it down doesn't hurt.

    The Dreamer - A midrange/control type class

    While Druid focuses mostly on using the Breath of Aessina to animate and rejuvenate the physical aspect of Azeroth, bark, fangs and wings, the Dreamer revolves around the ephemeral metaphysical nature of its emerald reflection. The Green Dragon Flight is one of the center pieces of this class. While I wanted to stay away from using Ysera 's Dream Cards, I liked how her ability represents opening up a gateway to the Emerald Dream and let something to "the other side". A Dreamwalker is aware that these sides are deeply intertwined with each other and lives in between vision, dream and material reality.

    The Dreamer is a control type class that also has strong tools for a midrange game strategy. It comes with strong AoEs, good survivability, disruption, minion protection and bounce effects. Dragons and Dragon-synergy are a part of nearly every successful deck that focuses on the lategame. Healing and Health-gain represent the regenerating emerald nature, allowing you to even increase your hero's Health total. The Echo of Creation lets you copy minions and spells to not run out of value easily. Another inherent part of this class is a mill strategy that is made possible through returning, copying and shuffling minions and enhancing your deck size. Emerald Mana can be used to gain a tempo advantage in the midgame, get more out of certain spells and minions and enable combo plays in the lategame. Dream Lines give you small boons while holding them in your hand, have interactions with other cards and may tip the balance of a game slowly turn-by-turn into your favour. With all these tools the Dreamer tries to outlast its opponent through board control and survivability and claims back tempo with well prepared swing-turns.

    The Hero Power
    Emerald Essence would be the most passive and least impactful on the board among existing hero powers. This represents the practice of the Dreamwalkers turning inside to connect to the Wakeful Dream which grants them visions and connects them to its essence. While restoring 2 Health to your hero has often no big ramifications, adding an Emerald Mana Crystal lets you prepare for your next turn, activate effects that need Emerld Mana to be more potent or even enhancing your hero's Health total.

    Emerald Mana

    The Emerald Dream is potent and vibrates with overflowing live force. It is in constant change, manifesting new plaines and dimensions or dwindling into ethereal matter. The Dreamwalkers are granted powerful visions and gifts by the Green Dragon Flight that resides here or even by the pure life force itself.

    Emerald Mana, the new resource directed to the Dreamer class, represents the Emerald Dream's fluxing and potent nature. Emerald Mana Crystals behave the same as regular Mana Crystals in regards of paying the Cost of cards and Hero Powers, but get destroyed upon use. Emerald Mana Crystals are always used first when playing a card. Empty Mana Crystals can be filled with Emerald Mana. If you would exceed 10 Mana Crystals while having or gaining Emerald Mana, all excess Emerald Crystals are destroyed and give your hero +1 Health instead (upping its Health total).


    3/4 -> start of your turn -> 6/5

    5/8 -> start of your turn -> 10/9 +2 Health for your hero


    • Emerald Mana Crystals behave the same as temporary Mana Crystals but don't disappear at the end of your turn.
    • The Health gained when exceeding 10 Mana Crystals not only upps the Health total of your hero but are "full" Health points.
    • Cards that say "If played with Emerald Mana, ..." have to be payed entirely by Emerald Mana Crystals to have the effect.

    Dream Lines

    Within the Emerald Dream and its many planes and layers mirroring and echoing each other in ephemeral and physical matter, there exist intentions that are so strong that they echo deep through the Dream's realms. The Dreamers call them Dream Lines. They are fable like visions within the Emerald Dream that one can become a part of. A Dreamer may step into these lines even unexpectedly and follow them as long as he likes, or until he can free himself if necessary. They can be sensed by wise and sensitive beings through the entire cosmos. Many beings resonate with a certain fate but some have experienced it so deeply that their energy lines never fade.

    This phenomenon is represented through Dream Line cards that are only obtainable through minions and spells. Similar to Spare Parts (GvG), they can not be opened in packs or crafted, are rather a pool of token cards that are introduced in the classic set and expanded throughout the different expansions. Contrary to Cursed! they give you a small boon as long as they are in your hand, all also start with "While this is in your hand, ...". They have a variety of different effects. The basic ones restore Health to your minions or your hero, prevent damage or up your minions Health. They don't cost any mana, can't be played, but are discarded randomly if you would acquire more than 10 cards while holding them. A green gem is glowing as their rarity symbol to distinguish them better from other cards and remind of their gameplay mechanic. If your hand is full, you can't add any Dream Lines to it. Most cards give you random Dream Lines , but there are also some that give you specific ones. In a certain set that was corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare there will be also their antagonist: Nightmare cards!
    (I first had a spoiler here with the 5 basic Dream Lines, but I got informed that I can't show them here, so you'll have to be satisfied with this explanation. sry)

    Example Cards

    Marvelous Minstrel
    A cheap way to get Dream Lines early, with a small drawback that your opponent gets two aswell. There are many cards that synergize with Dream Lines , so this great singer can be very useful to enable their effects or increase their powerlevel. Many Dream Lines help protecting your minions or give them small buffs, so he can be very useful in a midrange deck that can utilize this small advantages to redeem tempo.

    Green Wyrm
    This great green elder works similar to Kun the Forgotten King 's second ability. While he uses up all 10 of your Mana Crystals, he then adds 5 Emerald ones giving you the possibility to combo of that and enable increased powerlevel on certain spells and minions. If you choose not to spent the Mana, you can gain +5 Health in your next turn. Works great with Echoing Reality , playing one, summoning a copy of it and storing one in your hand for your next plays creates a lot of value and stats on the board.

    Aether Slip
    More expensive than Sap but also more flexible. You can also target your own minions and when payed with Emerald Mana this becomes a great removal piece. There is also the rare possibilty to shuffle your own minion to avoid fatigue.

    Verdant Force
    A strong AoE that works best on undamaged enemy minions while it can heal yours. With the right setup you can really turn a board state around with this card. Very helpful in the control plan of every common Dreamer.

    Echoing Reality
    The Dreamer has a variety of ways to copy minions and spells to create value - this card is a good example of that. You can use it in late midgame to keep up tempo while maintaning card advantage or summon big minions which preferably create more value while staying on the board ( Dragonhatcher , Ysera ...). If the copied minion is not too expensive, you can summon 2 copies of it in a single turn. Echoing Reality is so a combo enabler which can be used in a lot of ways that can create great value from a single card.

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    Quote from Vilegloom >>

    So, I should be wrapping up my submission. Made some changes to my cards, so here's what I got. 



    Shadow token:

    I'm split between these two artworks; thoughs?


    The way it works is, when a Sacrifice card is played, you can choose another minion (if not specified) to destroy. If you do so, the card gains a bonus. When you play a Sacrifice card, the following will pop up. From there on, it's your choice.

    Themes & Playstyles

    • The whole flavour behind the class is that of Darkness, Shadow Magic, twisted minions, and dark pacts of Sacrifice. Basically the opposite of a Paladin.
    • The playstyle would range from Aggro, to midrange, to a more control/stall/hand-oriented playstyle. 
    • Strengths: Good single-target removal; Good board control; Both aggresive and control-ish; Powerful card generation.
    • Weaknesses: Drawing is more limited; Lackluster AoE; Most powerful cards are at the expense of minions; Lackluster healing.

    Some mechanics to be expected

    • Sacrifice. Some minions take advantage of being Sacrificed.
    • Deathrattle synergy.
    • Shadow and token generation.
    • Weapons wielding.
    • "Multiple copies" mechanics.
    • Hand-size synergy and card-holding. 

     Example cards

    I'm currently unsure of which of these I should include as my last example card, thoughts?

     Sidenote- Are we allowed to use logos an such? I wanted to use this one that I've made yesterday for the competition. I know banners are allowed, but don't know if that's the case here.

     I'll try giving feedback back to whoever, as soon as I can. 

    Looks good imo. The first Shadow artwork looks way better to me. Think I would go with Dark Legacy as it is more simple. The wording of the others sounds a bit weird and can't picture them so easily. You can use your stylised name no problem I think.

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    Really cool. I like that concept a lot and actually made a hero card like that for a weekly challenge before. I just don't understand why they are so expensive? To change the hero power to these and gain 5 armor is not worth 8 mana. So if you want them able to be played without the Start of Game effect make them cheaper. And Baloom is cool but to build a deck like this the hero power is not worth it at all. It's super weak. It should have a really strong hero power or maybe even a weapon.

    Here is what I made:

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    Therazane, the Earthmother , is quite a whopper of an independent female elemental demigod avatar, so she also has quite an impact on both player's resource supply. ( wowwiki )
    Mechanicwise you always spend your opponent's Mana Crystals first. If your opponent has e.g. 10 full Mana Crystals, you just pay 2 of your own to play Therazane . So normally the earliest she can be played is turn 6, if your opponent doesn't do anything with their Mana, which is pretty rare. Her Overload can be useful to stall the game or counter combo plays
    (e.g. if you know that Mecha'thun is comming next turn). If she gets Grumbled, her stone belly can rock the battlefield multiple turns delaying your opponent even more (or even lock both players for all 10 Mana Crystals). Your opponent's Mana Crystals will be available again sooner than yours but the tempo of a cheap 8/8 and being able to plan for your Overloaded turn should be a worth compensation. Therazane pushes Snowfury Giant 's playability a lot for a strong late game (but only reduces its Cost by (5) since this is what you get Overloaded for). With all that she might find a comfortable place in a Control Shaman deck.

    When you catch your opponent leaving you enough Mana open, a combo could be:

    (2x Fire Plume Harbinger )

    Therazane -> Grumble, Worldshaker -> Therazane + 2x Snowfury Giant

    Now your opponent is locked for an entire turn and you have a massive board of big Elementals.
    (If you can squeeze in a Lava Shock , Eternal Sentinel or Spirit Echo even better.)

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