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    This is probably the most meta-defining card for Shaman. It might enable Elemental Shaman to become a thing and it certainly has a spot in Evolve shaman as it seems like it will make Thrall, Deathseer essentially Evolve your board 4x. I'm still not clear (I know I can probably just look it up) as to whether WotOG rotates out with K&C, but if I understand correctly the answer is "not yet" which means you can have a turn with Doppelgangster and Evolve getting a random 3 drop and 5x random 6 drops. That's nuts!

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    Quote from PrivateJokerer >>

    Only problem is how easy it is to remove Sonya. But yes, this card ha a lot of potential, but it is very easily dealt with.

     Yeah, but the thing is you'd wait to play her until a turn where you're going to make value trades. Like play her turn 7 and trade a Cairne into something then get a second 1 mana 1/1 Cairne or something. That's like low end of the value scale, high end is you go off and basically re-fill your hand with value Battlecry/Deathrattle effects and likely just win.
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    The value potential here is insane. Presumably you only play her to trigger her at least once with your own attack phase but things can get kind of nuts kind of fast. I'm voting her "Very Good" but she has potential to be Meta Defining as further cards are revealed and/or future expansions release.

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    This card is hilariously strong for so many reasons. Not only is it a board clear, but you can manipulate the board in ways in which you're shuffling your own trash minions into their deck and essentially causing them to skip some number of their subsequent draw steps.

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    Inc. turn 2 Prince Keleseth turn 3 Zola the Gorgon meta. 

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    Quote from DoubleSummon >>

    TBH every option by itself is mediocre but even the combination of 2 effects aren't really good but the flexibility of this card is really really good.

    if you calculate all the options it's 2.5 mana or 3 mana worth of stuff

    +2 attack - worse than Savage Roar EDIT: It's a worse savage roar if you are using as finisher but better if you have a board that survives trades or just gone face.

    +12 armor - actually one of the best- healing potion from priest. 3.5 mana

    draw 2 cards Arcane Intellect. BUT it's more card draw in druid.

    +1 attack- draw a card, maybe 2.5 mana

    +6 armor draw a card Shield Block

    +1 attack and 6 armor maybe 1.5 mana - worse one but situationally good with the spellstone card (specially if it upgrades twice, but I believe it won't be.)

     I wouldn't exactly say any of these cards are mediocre. Arcane Intellect and Greater Healing Potion both see heavy play in their respective classes, and this is slightly worse AI but substantially better GHP. Shield Block sees play from time to time and this is also a slightly worse version of that. The fact that it's a Mark of the Lotus + another effect OR just the buff component of Wisps of the Old Gods is what imo puts this into very good/meta defining category. When your board and hand are empty you can draw 2 to refill. When you're racing an opponent the armor might be important. When you have the board a double anthem is likely going to win the game. And then being able to mix-and-match as needed is just so crazy. I feel like the card shouldn't allow the same mode to be selected 2x. 
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    I rated it as "Bad" but I think there's a possibility that some kind of weird handbuff Paladin deck might be able to make use of this. If any copy survives to attack, and then you get to attack with original and clone this thing can get kind of crazy but I'm still not holding my breath for this to be a thing.

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    Quote from ForMechazod >>

    Won't see play. Warrior has better options for late-game, like Grommash Hellscream or even The Lich King

    Not only that, but the only Warrior weapons that could see play are Gorehowl and Arcanite Reaper.

     I'm pretty sure Blood Razor already sees a lot of play in Standard in the Warrior decks that exist. Also, it says equip which means a card like Medivh, the Guardian or Scourgelord Garrosh will trigger the upgrade. 
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    This is the card that will revive Dragon Priest. Meta-defining. It's just crazy value and the board clear Priest needed to bridge the gap to Dragonfire Potion. 

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    This card is very good. I'm not sure it'll be "meta-defining" by itself, but worst case scenario this card is like a better version of Greater Healing Potion as you're paying 4 to get 12 armor instead of restoring health. In token decks it's just going to be massive anthem effect, which i'm sure will be a popular option. I'm sure there'll be a lot of decks where it'll be either a more expensive Arcane Intellect or Shield Block (I'd argue that the +1 armor isn't reallllly worth mentioning compared to the +1 mana but I will just for completeness.

    In any event I suspect we'll see 1-2 of these in essentially every flavor of Druid in the foreseeable future, which I suppose might make it meta-defining? I just don't think this is the card that breaks druid any further.

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    I saw 3/3 and the effect and I was like "Meh, there are enough net good shaman spells that this will be pretty good." Then I saw 8 (!!) mana cost and I decided this is hot trash. 

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    There are some sick plays and it oozes value but depending on meta might be too slow/janky. Playable I just don't know it'll be a strong deck.

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    Most obvious synergies are with Priest. You can Shadow Word: Pain the chest same turn or you can go for wombo-combo with Marin + Radiant Elemental into Potion of Madness and cards like Power Word: Shield and Inner Fire to smash face for 8+ as an alt win-con. 

    Playable but I think Razamakus Reaver priest will have a hard time finding space for this and I think that deck is still going to be the best Priest shell. 

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    Playable, but in some ways feels like a worse Shadow Essence. That card is playable but in part only because of it's synergy with Eternal Servitude. This is obviously giving you an un-modified A/H line version, but it's also pulling it from your deck so you don't get the upside of being able to have like a pseudo 2nd copy of LK or Ysera or whatever. 

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    I think this might be meta-defining. Between 2x this and 1x Barnes, hitting essentially a free Malygos on turn 5 with any number of razor petals is just straight up nuts. I'm probably wrong, but I could see this card being a bit like the high-roller Priest but maybe even a bit more consistent. 

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