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    posted a message on Is it normal for Wild to have no Reno?

    Reno decks can be a lot of fun, but they're not really that competitive because they are less consistent than most other decks. Also, they're old.

    A new mode in constructed would be fun, but I don't know if there's a big enough player base to justify it, and there's not really enough cards and archetypes to really dramatically shift what's played. A mode with less cards would yield similar archetypes, but with holes in them from the smaller card pool. Not really cool enough to justify a whole other ladder system. But I could be wrong.

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    posted a message on Anyone else think Lackeys are overrated?

    At rank 14, I play so many Rogues that go all-in on Lackey generation, and run out of gas 2 turns later. Are they playing poorly, or are Lackeys overrated? 

    So, if you're Shadowstepping a Miscreant, then you're just getting two more 1/1s that do very little most of the time, and then I play Mossy Horror and kill you because I'm curving out with actual THREATS. And if you end up doing a play like evolving said Miscreant with the Witchy Lackey (I see it all the time), then you've essentially spent 4 mana to get a random 4 drop, a 1/1, and a random Lackey in your hand. Is that really worth it?

    What am I missing, or what do you think?

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    posted a message on Literally nobody uses original decks whether it's casual or ranked (If any, it's like less than 5%)

    I agree that constructed becomes boring, but this is an inevitability, and I try not to roll my eyes when I'm up against a world champion deck at rank 17. Sometimes I fail to suppress my annoyance.

    It's natural that, if there's 30 cards in a deck, people will try to use statistics to try to find what the best 30-card combination is. No one is giving out bonus points for originality. I personally have never directly copied a deck, but I can't because I don't own all the cards. I have other priorities, and I like deckbuilding more than I like even playing. It's okay if others prefer competition, and using statistics to find the best 30-card combination gives people a competitive advantage.

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    posted a message on Pre-nerf Knife Juggler, had it not existed before, could have been released as a legendary in ROS.

    In terms of power? Sure. I like to think of Legendaries as being cards with the most unique effects, not the most powerful effects (with many exceptions.)

    There are many Ogre Brutes, but there is only one Mayor Noggenfogger.

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