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    posted a message on Castle Nathria, First Thoughts and Impressions
    Quote from Ophion-EU >>

    First off the new decks. What I look for in a good deck archetype are three things:

    1. First off that it should be open ended, there should be multiple viable lists and the archetype should have room to evolve as new cards are released. I think most of the new archetypes are good in this regard, with the exception of Skeleton Mage since I doubt we'll see any more skeleton cards in the future. Relic cards and Wildseed cards are in a similar spot, but I don't consider them a problem because they are not the primary focus of their respective decks like Skeletons are.

    2. Second is counterplay and balanced matchups, and with that I mean that any deck should have ways to beat any other deck, either through an inherent advantage or through tech cards, and no deck should be too heavily skewed towards beating either aggro or control. Thankfully I don't think any decks have these problems this expansion.

    3. Third and last is that highrolling/luck shouldn't be too extreme. This often happens when an expansion tries to force a brand new archetype that didn't exist at all before by pumping way too much power into just a few new cards, leading to blowout games whenever those cards are drawn and a worthless deck whenever they are not. A prime example of such a card in Nathria is Vile Library. There is probably a few more, but with the balance of the game being totally screwed at the moment it's hard to judge.

    Personally I've been playing mostly Denathrius Druid varieties. I've yet to dust my cards since I'm waiting for the first round of nerfs, so I don't have some of the legendaries required for other decks I want to play. I'm really excited to try out Lady Darkvein since that seems really good with both types of curses.

    As for nerfs I'd first target Imp Warlock. I would heavily nerf the location but also buff up some of the worst imps like Piggyback Imp to compensate. Hunter is also looking pretty strong at the moment, but it's hard to say if that's because Wildseeds are too strong or because aggro is just naturally better at the start of an expansion, so I'd probably hold off a bit on that nerf. Beyond that I think it's too early to tell.

    For buffs there are a ton of decks that need a lot of help. Relic DH, Miracle Rogue, Thief Priest, Enrage Warrior, etc, plus a bunch of older archetypes. Though I will say that despite being quite bad statistically, Miracle Rogue is extremely scary when it highrolls and pulls out a 20 attack weapon and 20/20 minion on turn 4-5. I think that deck would be extremely unhealthy at 50% WR.

     No buff to miracle rogue, please! That deck is just an inch from being broken and one of the most frustrating decks to play against.

    But right now all I see is imp warlocks and skeleton mages. Let's say that out of 4 games, two are warlocks, one is mage and one other (around 50% druid). And it's been only 5 days since the release of the expansion... The winrate obsession of this game's community is vomit inducing.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from ShadowAldrius >>

    You know, if someone can get *2* 6 cost Gaia's in a single game, maybe that's a thing that shouldn't exist.

    Like really.

    I get it, small discover pool. But hey, it's just me, but maybe if there's a small discover pool, you should either account for that, or maybe actually design the cards properly. How about "a mech which costs 5 or less". Something. Anything.

    This is not an uncommon occurrence and it's not fun.

    Most of the Colossals, most of the Alterac Hero cards and pretty much all of the Questlines were so horribly designed it's mind blowing.

     Just make it that legendaries are undiscoverable, unreplayable or something. It's the same thing that happened with priest's legendary spell. Sometimes you got to face 2-3 additional copies in a single match. And this never feels right.

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    posted a message on Theotar, the Mad Duke

    The greatest weakness this card will have will be the fact that every opponent will play it. And given how unlikely it will be that you'll be able to play this card AND the stolen card on the same turn, most of the time it will end up with your opponent snatching back his card the turn after...

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    posted a message on New Warrior Epic Card Revealed - Burden Of Pride
    Quote from Jazzfan1971 >>

    It's pretty sad that this card, which can dump 21 stat point on the board with taunt on turn 4 is considered too slow.

    Probably is though.  I would rather that if your life was at 20 or less that they got poison instead of the extra stat points.  You really need your wall to be able to take down the tribe you face, not just bloody them.

    And why is it always a tribe with aggro?  There was a time in this game where you could play aggro without relying on tribal synergies.  Where an argent squire followed up by a knife juggler was pretty threatening.  

    I think we could use some good anti-tribe cards.


     21 stat point? Where? it's 3 2/4s with taunt. 18 stats, as far as maths can tell.

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    posted a message on Strange Baku/Genn vibes applied to Renathal...

    Am I the only one experiencing this?

    Let's better explain. I personally believe one of the absolute worst meta there ever was the Witchwood one, with all the Baku and Genn decks that run wild everywhere. I used to instaconcede for example as soon as I saw a paladin opponent, followed by the Baku animation, for how much I hated that deck's playstile. All the other Baku/Genn decks were though equally predictable and this led to an overly extreme rock/scissor/paper meta where you didn't even need the opponent to make its initial move. You already knew, right from the animation, how it was gonna play out.

    Now with Renatal I'm starting to have the same horrible sensations!

    If it's a warlock it's a curse warlock.

    If it's a hunter it's a quest (w/secrets) hunter

    If it's a warrior it's a quest warrior

    If it's druid it's prestor druid.

    If it's priest it's quest priest.

    If it's rogue it's burgle rogue.

    And all with unbelievably tight decklists. I really thought this new card could open up new horizons but it turns out the community has already fully figured it out and sucked out any molecule of possible creativity out of it.

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Common Card Revealed - Magnifying Glaive
    Quote from Anarchy1 >>

    Good aggro decks are necessary for the game.

    Oh yeah, 'cause it's clearly been such an endangered species in this last year, hasn't it?

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    posted a message on Quest Hunter is broken
    Quote from vronco22 >>

    also yesterday i was against this tavish quest hunter and i see interaction like school teacher 1/1 with battlecry arcane shot completes one step ? i ask why ? if quest say deal damage with spells and its a battlecry minion

     I kinda noticed that too and it's so infuriatingly unfair, given how the same does not apply to the shaman's quest, for example.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    "Yes please, let's play a meme flames of whatever warrior deck."

    "Yes please, let's have flames of whatever and both from the depths in starting hand..."

    "Yes please, let's seldomly interrupt the streak of tier-1 decks in Silver5 with the occasionally broken draw meme deck..."

    So much fun


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    posted a message on Full Core Set Year of the Hydra - With All New Additions!

    I'd like to know who came up with the brilliant idea of including the golden versions of the cards in this page... Probably a computer technician. It took 2 minutes for my laptop to fully load the page...

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    posted a message on Personal thoughts the problematic cards staying after rotation

    Hi guys,

    rotation is coming soon, thank God! I just took some time to put down what I think will still be the unfair feel-bad cards staying after rotation. Please share your thoughts and let me know what you think about it.

    Wicked stab: way too much unconditional face reach imo. 12 face damage for 4 mana on turn 10 is pretty nonsense to me.

    Mr Smite: no need to explain why, right? the stupid thing is that it would only take five more little letters in its wording to make it balanced: "Your (OTHER) pirates have charge"

    Furious Howl: that one is the huge mistake made with the last mini-set. Hugely addressing the deck's main weakness in this nonsense way. and now it looks like they're pushing this "2-min deck" b******t deck even more... Jeez

    Amulet of undying: xyrella AND this make any control matchup a piece of cake. Even without the lightshower elemental, priest has access to way too much deathrattle value. And Spirit Guide made this card even more insane.

    Oracle of Elune: It would be fine if it weren't palyable alongside the razormane battleguard and other extremely sticky stuff as the annoy-o-bot. I guess bringing it down to 3 health would at least make it significantly weaker to early/aoe removal.

    Kazakusan: as simple as that: it shouldn't be usable as another tool by spell-only or fast-chewing decks... It shoud only fit in proper dragon decks. It should read something like: "If you played 3 dragons or more (similar to the requirement of some of the most powerful nagas for the upcoming expansion)..."

    WIldpaw cavern: this is a minor one... but it's just that the power level of this objective is so off the charts, compared to the others... it simply blows my mind.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from thedaywedied >>

    Why doesn't Blizzard treat Face Hunter in standard like they treat any top tier rogue deck?

    Face hunter has been around since its inception.
    They just keep feeding into it with better and better cards.

    Yet, rogue gets a good, fun tempo thief deck and all of a sudden it can't be allowed to exist.
    Fuck face hunter and fuck the people who whined about Thief Rogue.

     Couldn't agree more on face hunter. It's as if an Hearthstone without face hunter would be unbearable for them... That says a lot about their opinion on the hearthstone's playerbase general IQ/age.

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    posted a message on Onyxia's Lair Meta Predictions

    I feel Quest Hunter is gonna become toxic pretty soon. God knows we didn't need another "Burst you down from 30 to 0 health in a single turn" high tier deck for sure...

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    posted a message on Onyxia's Lair Meta Predictions

    I'm so excited to witness the hunter shitstorm that's about to go live in a few hours! Can't wait for those endless sequences of 3-min games! Yippie!!!

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    posted a message on OwlTK or quest lock?
    Quote from TheJisSilent >>

    About to craft one and I can't decide. I have a tournament with friends tomorrow. Help!

    PS. Any tier 1 decks you can suggest I use would also help. 

     Let's put it this way. Whichever you choose, they probably won't be your friends anymore after. I mean, I woudn't...

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    posted a message on Paladin needs a nerf.

    The way professional players/streamers/content-creators dismissed the trogg upon reveal as "yeah, might kinda see some play..." still baffles me. Just about the same reaction they had back in stormwind with the battleground battlemaster. So naive...

    They never learn. Anything related to mana-cheating, deck-thinning, countering the current best game-trends (aka: countering spells) has always proven to be broken. Their lack of foresight is simply astonishing...

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