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    Hysteria was an honest overlook on their part, I'm sure. Something as obscure as Tiller OTK could only be mistakenly conceived, not by intent, and for a brief period of time at that before it gets nullified or corrected which is exactly what they did.

    This card is a specific, class card that was designed to be used to mana cheat. It's intention was/is to use it in conjunction with a specific set of cards (mostly class cards that have proven track records of success, cards that have been seeing play for the longest time) to allow infinite mana-cheat and very fast comboes. They must have been at least somewhat aware of the potential (trouble) that it holds, so they dumbed it down on the animation side of it, making it painfully slow to pilot it and difficult to successfully pull comboes with. At least that's what I inferred from it. Game's old and the code is spaghetti. In a game where spreading plague's dreadful long animation still exists, you stop questioning whether something was intentional or not. It just validates their laziness and incompetence.

    Surprise fucking mechanics; it wasn't imbalanced, it's that other cards were just not as good. Oh and "it's in the name, WILD! Go WILD! Don't you like imbalanced game mode with WILD possibilities and infinite variety?" Heck of a lot of variety, indeed. Been playing wild for years and all of my successful legend climbs were done with hyper fast aggro or OTK decks.

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    I've just had this game wherein I successfully pulled my opponent's Mecha'thun out of their deck, killed it two turns later and went on to lose the game due to the enormous board they built with ridiculous mana cheating allowed by Stealer of Souls. This card tells you all you need to understand the brilliance and care Blizzard puts in their game.

    I see no reason to sugar coat my words. Screw Blizzard and Activision for having their players, us, live playtest their game for free. It's shameful, and to think that we'd laugh at the incompetence of Bethesda due to the severity and frequency of bugs in their game; at least they've managed to design somewhat competent worlds in which to lose and immerse oneself. It also somewhat made up for the lack of meaningful dialogue and choices.

    What the hell is this? Do pray tell me, honestly, for I'm at a loss of words to describe my grievance and disappointment, and convince me that this was a sincere mistake; an overlooked oopsie on your part and not a planned thing to get folks who are on the fence (converts or potential buyers) to buy the mini-set so they can get their meager 200 dust refund. It's a win-win, right?

    I always listened the devs and the community managers, and tried to understand their view, decisions and ideas. I don't think I am going to believe a single fucking word they say this time as I have a hard time to believe that there exist a combination words that can make people listen or convince them otherwise. No bad faith argument, I legitimately think they knew how this card would function and rile people up. I'm not biting this time.

    Earliest I've seen anyone kill someone with this combo is TURN 3! Average is 5, but 4 is definitely possible. What saddening travesty.

    Despair and rot

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    Images that can make you hear someone screaming at their monitor


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    Anyone who says Nozdormu is a fine card is a liar. Fine and fair cards have never seen play outside of theory-crafting within the first few weeks of expansion, and as someone who runs this card on all of their odd decks, I haven't seen a single soul play this card. Standard is already a clown fiesta, and besides, there is no dragon synergy in Standard, so there is absolutely zero incentive to play this garbage-ass fucking card.

    Make it 5 mana 7/7 or 8/8 or 6/8. Anything! If they are going to leave Nozdormu at 7 mana, it desperately needs a taunt. Stat boost can only get you so far. Look at Dred! Who the fuck, in the history of Hearthstone ever, have you seen play Swamp King Dred? I know one person who did (certainly not me, don't look at me like that!).

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    The duality of hearthstone players; should I skip crafting Bloodmage Thalnos and play 2 Loot Hoarders and two Azure Drakes (Rest his kind soul, the dragon of all dragons, 2014-2017) instead?

    This has been thoroughly discussed in the past, but all would eventually conclude that Thalnos is a much stronger card. It is not worthy of the legendary status, but being able to run two copies of it would prove too powerful, so it is a legendary. The convenience of having 2-in-1 pressures you into choosing your cards more wisely and think of empty deck slots as more valuable real estate than the cards themselves.

    In the year 2021, however, he's only ever useful in Raza Priest, that's it. It was getting too expensive to craft a card such as Thalnos for 1600 precious dust, but he will be missed nonetheless. D*mon hunter is not a real class; therefore, any opinions and experiences of those who main DH are rendered worthless and should immediately be discarded.

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    Piss off, eat shit and shut up. I'd smack a CoD lobby full of whiny children senseless and yo mama for some of the card backs that I'm missing.

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    Agreed. Very stylized, illustrative. Toy-like even. Remember those old, shareware, indie games with bland-looking and generic artwork splashed onto the cover, usually featuring characters and environments that are not even remotely in the game and were sold for dirt cheap? The old GPUs had similar artworks on their boxes, too. The art style reminds me of those cover arts.

    None of this is to discredit the artistic style and vision of respective artists, but they are definitely not my cup of coffee and, in my opinion, look paler, undefined and more pastel in comparison to other sets (excluding Descent of Dragons).

    Again, my opinion, so feel free to be offended. I cannot create any artwork half as good as these, but that's not my expertise anyway.

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    This looks more like a custom or fanmade card. Thematically, this expansion is all over the place, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to see a card that supports the hero power mage archetype on top of all the wild Frenzy and class-based spell casting effects. We'll be given the Coldarra Drake with the core set, but so far, it seems to fall short.

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    Whelp, it will rotate out with the Descent of Dragons.

    *card drawing noises*

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