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    Worrying that this card would become problematic and start the second coming of quest rogue, everyone was swift as an arrow to call for nerfs on this card even before the expansion had gone online. Now this card is an absolute butt end of every joke you can think of. Especially more so with the introduction of Demon Hunter which has probably the single most overtuned set of cards in any given expansion and I say this as someone who hated druids with passion for many years. Classes that do really well against the rogue archetype that this card goes in are so absurdly agile, draw relatively okay to insane, have direct (and surprise) damage, favourable RNG factor and last but not least, they have refuel cards like Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and Zephrys the Great with which they can overturn a board in completely unexpected ways; it's pointless to keep this card in collection anymore. I've been trying to make this work ever since it was introduced and I can confidently say that, with Tess Greymane being gone, this card is even more of a burden than a solution.

    You might say I'm bold and baseless to claim that Bazaar Burglary is one of the most, if not the most, 'fair' cards in the standard format, but I really think so. Anyone with years of experience and taste and feel of several different archetypes can see easily just how 'good on paper' or even 'dangerously good' it looks but horrible, clunky, slow and pointless it feels and plays.

    I'd say this card is a must disenchant if the next expansion also doesn't deliver any quality card draw engine for Rogue because killing everything and clearing boards isn't the way to play a rogue, no. She's not a control class and this is now dumb and dull. What is one supposed to do, play Candle Breath ??

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