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    Not true. Shredder never got fixed, doesn't matter that they did standard and removed it, it was broken for over a year and it couldn't be avoided. Mad scientist was op and never nerfed, they let undertaker and patron go on far too long and they haven't done anything to help priest. The issue is not that they don't listen to the community, it's that they take forever to actually implement the necessary changes.

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    I appreciate a lot of the nerfs but there are a few which I despise. Keeper of the grove I thought was fine and needed no nerf. Also I strongly disagree with molten being nerfed, I think it was one of the most interesting cards in the game. I don't think lore needed to be nerfed either. The blade flurry nerf I thought was far too extreme. Along with all that the cards I thought needed nerfing are mostly hit too hard as usual for blizzard. Arcane golem will never be used again along with force of nature. I've played this game since beta and absolutely loved it. I've played hundreds of hours of Hearthstone and it was my favorite Blizzard game and one of my favorite games ever. But now I'm done. Unless the molten, keeper, lore, and blade flurry changes are reverted I will never play hearthstone again. 

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    At first I thought this card said incest.

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    I doubt it'll be used, we don't even fully know if the new 10 mana cards will be good, also the stats are horrific and it just draws one card sometimes. Most traditional card draw would work better. Also the stats are horrific and it has no board effecting ability, there are better ways to draw cards and better cards to play for six mana. This could work in a deck based around using a 10 mana card as a win condition but still this card will probably get killed befor it can draw or you will have the 10 mana card in your hand already making this card absolutely worthless.

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