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    Turn 6: Heistbaron Togwaggle, Turn 7: Lorekeeper PolkeltWondrous Wand, Draw Malygos and Alexstrasza for 0 or 1 mana, Turn 8: Finish opponent with the dragons, Sinister Strike, Eviscerate and Shiv.

    Can also use Lorekeeper Polkelt with Galakrond, the Apocalypse or Galakrond, Azeroth's End, but that might be more tricky because you don't want to draw your Malygos before you discount it with Galakrond (so you'll need to play the combo in turn 10 with The Coin or run a 10-cost card like Scrapyard Colossus, drawing Alexstrasza for 9 and then playing discounted Malygos for a winning combo in turn 10 is also fine...

    I think it's good enough to be a staple in Malygos Rogue decks, increasing their winning odds nicely.

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    Very nice deck (+1 ofc) with great explosive combos and lifesteal in turn 8 (or cheat it before with mana cost reductions), but I think it will still have average negative winrates against aggro decks in the meta, such is tempo DH. I'd replace Sphere of Sapience × 1 with another lightning storm and one Eye of the Storm with another Serpentshrine Portal.

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    He should've been a good player in the past, he reached tournaments didn't he? But you are right, I didn't watch him play. But now he plays horrible, worse than most HS players. He misses card combos. He doesn't even know all the cards from last expansions. His opponent instructs him how to play...

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    Kripp only plays Battlegrounds and forgot how to play standard. He misplays in half of his turns...

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    In my opinion, supporting "BLACK LIVES MATTER" and supporting anti-racism and black people are different things. It's also not an anti-racist movement, when it is being racist itself to all other races besides black, and being offensive to people holding other beliefs, especially right-winged people.

    Violently forcing affirmative action will not bring the black community closer to equality; The community will throw the black community bones, such as soft words, some job positions and few budgets, but will fear them more. They won't be taking care of the real issues that put the black community in USA a step behind, like handling crime and giving them proper education like they should have. I support anti-racism and all equality for all races, black, yellow and white, but cannot support BLM.

    And about Blizzard. this feels like an ass-cover; You mostly respect your money sources, like China (Blitzchung will confirm), and not black people. How many black streamers do you have compared to White and Chinese ones? How many Black officials you have in your company compared to White ones? How many teams from Africa participate in your tournaments?... (It's okay, BLM doesn't care to much about Africa either). [This is only my opinion based on partial information and I can change it, comments are welcome]. 

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    I just go with HS Replay ranks. Captain Hooktusk tier 1.  Galakrond is worst, viciously baits people into destruction by creating false hopes they're gonna get a SuperB minion swap.

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    Nice work, have fun

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    Nice guide, deserves more attention. But you are far from being safe with 10 health after clearing opponent's board if your opponent used a skull during the game and didn't yet Altruis yet... discounted kayn, glaivebound, warglaives, chaos strike & metamorphosis with slices also can reach 10 in one turn.

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    Most players run x2 Breath of the Infinite over Shadow Madness and Apotheosis. HS Replay shows these cards have low winrates (Especially Apotheosis), probably because they are hard to play. Please extend your guide to explain how to use them correctly.

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    Shadowstep on steroids

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