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    I haven't played this particular variant of zoo, but here are some general tips:

    • zoo is a board control deck, you want to clear you opponents board as best you can while maintaining yours and chip away at their health. Typically you'll burst your opponent down at the end. 
    • Zoo is chock full of 1 and 2 drop minions. Mulligan for them. 
    • Dont keep egg in your opening hand without an activator. 
    • If you have a haunted creeper and knife juggler in your hand always drop the creeper first
    • Be aware of your win condition. In some cases it is correct to try to burst your opponent down rather than play board control. 
    • Don't reach with implosion. You're probably not going to roll a 4, so given the choice of maybe taking out a large enemy minion or definitely taking out a smaller minion it's usually correct to take the smaller one. 
    • Tap first, unless you have a specific demon you want to cheat into play with voidcaller. It sucks to tap into a voidwalker and have it cheated into play instead of doomguard.

    Hope this helps

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    It shouldn't because you're not casting a spell ON a friendly minion.  

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    His wording was poor, but his point is valid.  10 games is too small of a sample to judge a deck's overall win rate.

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    General consensus seems to be no.  When you're able to get value out of him, he's Dr. Boom level good.  Often times though your opponent is able to play around him or silence him, effectively making him a 7/7 for 8.  The fact that his effect is a death rattle and not a battle cry is really limiting.  

    You might play him if you have him, but I wouldn't say he's a hard requirement for the deck.  

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    Ysera is amazing and you really want a dragon in that slot.  You could try Nefarian.

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    There are 33 collectible beasts already in the game and 3 more have been teased already. The 36 known beasts have an average stat distribution of 3.26 / 3.71 (or 3/4). So on average a player should receive a 3/3 and a 3/4 for 5 mana.

    Compared to other top-tier 5-drops like Sludge Belcher, Azure Drake, and Loatheb it seems OK but not great. However Midrange Hunter is currently lacking in the 5 drop slot so I think this card will see play.

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    4 mana for a respawning 1/1 is difficult to justify I think.  It does make for a good Power Overwhelming target though...

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    I'm not implying that you're bad. I understand what it's like to pick up a new deck and have poor results because it used a play style I wasn't familiar with. The reason I know it's you and not the deck is because people have been piloting this deck and it's many variations to legend since... like forever.

    You can find players piloting Zoo decks at all ladder ranks. Why do some get stuck at rank 16 while others reach legend?  A little of it has to do with RNG, but most of it is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your deck and match ups and playing to your strengths. 

    Find some high level steamers that are playing Zoo, or watch some YouTube videos. I'm sure you'll pick up some good tips and tricks to use along the way. 

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    You sound new. Don't take this the wrong way but it's not the deck its you. This post doesn't have a guide attached to it. Find a similar one that does. Most likely you're playing the deck the wrong way. The mulligan, minion placement and knowing your match ups are very important for this deck. Keep playing it and I'm sure you'll have better luck. 

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    Incoming Twisting Nether meta!

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