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    posted a message on The glorification of stupidity the real ''cancer'' of the game and it might kill it in the long run.

    I just miss control warrior and Handlock of old, they were skillful decks that you really had to think your turns out.

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    posted a message on How to overcome bad draws?

    These are the five tips I can give you towards mitigating your luck, and avoid being screwed by card draw.

    1. Play a consistent deck if you want consistent draws

    The majority of your deck shouldn't be combo reliant to work, and should be on the lower end of your curve, this usually means 2-4 One drops, 4 two drops, and 4 three drops, while alongside some cheap removal.

    Silence Priest or Quest Rogue are combos decks, and are very prone to brick compared to more consistent decks that can play minions on curve, this usually leads to lower winrates overall based on that alone.

    2. Mulligan phase

    Keep key cards to what your deck is trying to achieve and what can help you in the match up, and always hard mulligan away 4+ cost cards if you don't have your early game.

    3. Card Draw

    Try to include some form of card draw in your deck if you aren't playing straight aggro, more draws leads to your deck thinning and finding your answers.

    4. Card Generation

    If you're playing a deck with any form of discover or card creating effects, this helps to keep your hand healthy, but also try to pick appropriate, which is usually a tempo card against aggro and something that can give more value against control.

    5. Resources

    Finally always try to get the most of the out your current hand, and don't be wasteful, this leads to you running out of steam extremely quick and getting run over if you're not careful, if you can effort to get as much value out of your minions and spells are possible as your opponents board will allow.

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!


    Finally fucking made it, and not with a smorc deck, it was with Elemental Control Shaman, really proud of myself for that.

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    posted a message on Headed For Legend! - S37 April 2017

    Made it to Legend for the first time, really quite happy, was a real grind, lots of frustration (was trying all month) and probably won't go for it again. I used many different decks, but this deck took me smoothly from rank 4 to legend in two days.

    The deck used does very very well against Pirate Warrior and Murloc Paladin, which is why I used it.

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    posted a message on 68% winrate from Rank 4, Legendary Tempo/Burn Mage, 27-13 winrate from 4 hours today.

    I'm really curious how you beat Midrange Hunter, they always run easily over me.

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    posted a message on Do you have a main hero?

    Pretty obvious that I main Rogue. I enjoy it head and shoulders above any other class in the game, I just wish it had more archetypes viable at high level.

    I love combo heavy decks, but I try to also play control combo with Rogue sometimes.

    The other thing I love is Rogue can't hide behind secrets like Mage can, every play Rogue makes has to be perfect to not just lose/die.

    It's by far the most fun class in Arena as well.


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    posted a message on SO...remember when all the Rogue players were CRYING about Rogue in MSG

    Funny thing is even though Miracle Rogue is tier 1 at the moment, it's overall played less than Pirate Warrior, Jade Druid, Aggro Shaman, Reno Warlock, Dragon Priest, Reno Priest, except in Legend.

    At least people won't complain about running into too many Rogues, but this might be why the class is not expanded on much.

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    posted a message on Constantly drawing patches and leeroy

    I believe I've only drawn Patches twice in around 80 games of Miracle, I might be just lucky.

    The odds of him showing up in your opening hand is 13%, which increases by roughly 3 percent for every card you mulligan, so you can somewhat decrease your odds by keeping cards.

    If you mulligan him away, you have a 0% chance to get him back from the mulligan itself, but might still draw him turn 1 with low chances.

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    posted a message on Which Class Do You Hate Facing The Most?

    Rogue, Kappa.

    because the mirror is silly.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    May Yogg rot in the interdimensional abyss.

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