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    Quote from RazorKiller >>

    Of the 30+ games I played today, around 60% were against Hunters. And guess what? They played DK Rexxar on turn 6 every single time. 




    Wtf? Hunters are about a 50-50 matchup for Odd Warrior, but playing against a turn 6 DK Rexxar just turns the difficulty level up a notch. It's a miracle I won around 50% of those matchups...


    That's the one card that turns the tide in favor of the hunter (for at least spell and minion based hunters). So you go ahead with the assumption that they will hard muligan for rexxar in the matchup against warrior..

    Good luck!

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    Same here mate, playing since ungoro..but just don't have time to grind..so I do the next best thing ..hit rank 5 and play arena for rest of month...that way I enjoy the game w/o any stress...

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    Battletag: ChronosV#1564
    Region: EU
    Trade Only:  you go first

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