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    I feel like the neutral 1 mana 2/2 is the equivalent of the level 4, 2000 ATK monsters, which is just like many other cards in this expansion a game-changer. I honestly don't know how excited or afraid I should be, but when I saw that turn 5 pirate board on the stream, I got a bad feeling about it, as that can't be healthy for the game. I'm still excited, though! Not for the pirate stuff, but a lot of the other stuff!

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    How would it even still be an OTK without Grom? That defeats the whole purpose, as Grom is just as important as Boom Reaver, as it's just not enough damage otherwise.

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    I know this barely has any upvotes and no comments, but I used this deck to climb from rank 6 to legend, and this is my first time I hit legend, so I wanna thank you, and I wanna say, the deck you made is awesome! I'm not really a control warrior fan, as it's boring, but since this has a clear win condition it just appeals to me so much more, and the Jepetto really helps a lot!

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