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    Hit Legend today with this deck (+1 Spellbreaker -1 Lifedrinker)

    65% Winrate from Rank 3/4.

    Pretty fun to play and strong in the current meta, thumbs up!

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    Quote from VanLunturu >>

    Almost 7 months ago I started this thread. My game improved a lot since then and now I can proudly say I made the EU Leaderboard for the first time, 74th with a 7.90 average : )    

    Huge thanks to Auto (Winni on Hearthpwn), Zuchi (same name on Hearthpwn), NoWayOut (Trickzy on Hearthpwn) and probably some others who I might have forgotten, for helping me improve my game and cooping a part of the Leaderboardrun games with me, learned a lot from all of you! Also, thanks to true topplayer Zashiki from this thread for the advice you gave me when I asked you annoying draft-related questions again : p

    Unfortunately I got close to getting sick of the game because of the huge volume of games in a relatively short time so I might not try again for a while.

    If I like the new expansion meta though a few months, who knows.. 

     Woohoo, we have the same average on EU, I am #77 :D
    It is my first try at the leaderboard, I had 7,67 AVG in 30 runs, but they counted 20 runs in the end.
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