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    Purposefully missed pyro lethals to kill my opponent with these. Almost all 30 damage was done with Feral Gibbler's.

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    Quote from wonderware >>

    This isn't Joust. Joust is bad because you can get unlucky and lose to the opponent. You have complete control over the spell costs in your own deck. If you play 3 mana spells and higher, this will always be at least a 5 mana Hellfire that doesn't hurt you. In a Joust you could reveal a smaller spell than your opponent (hello Ultimate Infestation and lose the game because your spell did nothing.

    You're comparing apples to oranges.

    Not only is 5 mana hellfire RNG pretty garbage, but you can just play FS for 2 more or blizzard. You only have 30 deck slots. This is a garbage card.  Even worse when you've drawn all your spells.
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    Quote from Woody37 >>

    "Whew, I was worried that Mage wasn't going to have enough AoE." -Nobody ever.

     Joust is a garbage mechanic anyways. Nobody's ever said any class needs more joust.
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    Quote from Bannanawaffles >>

    It's called fun.

     It's called bullshit for retards who can't figure out how to play strategy games properly.
    Caters well to 12 year olds, but 12 year olds can't buy packs so it makes no sense.
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    Quote from leblebi >>

    bye armorsmith

     This is completely different from armoursmith.
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    Quote from nexus1198 >>

    oh shittt a 5 mana warrior board clear?? never seen one of those. espcially in one card.

    but this card be lit anyway fam i r8 5/7

     Brawl isn't a board clear, it's bullshit. More like 5 mana the exact card your opponent needs survives every time.
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    "Bullshit decks, bullshit RNG" - Kripp

    Seriously, what's with all these random effects? Soon you won't even need to know how to play or what cards do because they'll all be random and play themselves anyways.

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    Quote from Kartewii >>

    Another cool idea:

    Druid: Deal 5 damage. Gain 5 armor. Summon a 5/5 ********. Draw 5 cards.

     I think that's a little too overpowered, even for a legendary spell.
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    Quote from ShadowRevenant21 >>

    Pit Lord
    Hungry Dragon
    Ticking Abomination
    Hoarding Dragon

    The Legacy of 4 Mana 5/6 Side effect continues....

     Hungry dragon was really good in arena, especially if you had a minion from the turn before. I don't think it really belongs in the same ranking as Abomination or Pit Lord.
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