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    i like ships cannon...got a couple of them early on

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    won turn 5, thanks

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    Hey Guys and Gals,


      I have been a Hearthstone gamer since beta and will say this.  I am struggling finding enjoyment playing ranked after this accomplishment.  I guess I may try a string of Arena games...


    Ranked just became boring, as I feel now I have nothing else to achieve in the game(have no urge to get every golden card by grinding...)

    Any advice ? Anyone else run into this ?



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    So I will say the following and add my results and advice:

    1) Jade Idol is a broken card and will be nerfed.  Truth is you DO NOT even need to play a Jade Golem themed deck to maximize this cards effectiveness.  Can play massive healing and control with 2 copies of this card, and no other Jade synergies whatsoever.  So for those who make the "Agro can stomp this deck argument", I believe that is a poor response.

    2) I was playing control N'zoth Shaman with the new White Eyes card.  I lost a few games as 7 out of my last 8 opponents were Druids abusing this card/deck/etc.   

    My solutions:

    1) Big Game Hunter x2 -  This did not work and was a failed attempt as the Golems were coming at me infinitely.

    2) Devolve x 2.  Thought I was being slick ...however...the Golems have mana costr equivalent to their Power/Hit Points.  This was a mediocre solution and was ineffective for me

    3) Thunder Bluff Valiant this card significantly added pressure on the board despite the fact that I have very little totem synergy within the deck.  It kept up pressure long enough for me to win half my games vs this deck.


    Hope this helps, best of luck

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    I consider myself a decent player-  Went 0-3


    Lost to a rogue who got very lucky swashburglared out a Portal and dropped his whole hand on me


    Next game I lost to an agro standard dragon warrior

    3rd game I lost to a priest who attacked me a 15 damage worgen on turn 3.


    Will upvote this deck , but wow...felt really helpless with it..


    just sharing my experience, good luck all!

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    "I also tried to exclude cards that I think will be nerfed, like Big Game Hunter, Alexstrasza or Master of Disguise."


    And why do you feel these cards need/will be nerfed exactly?

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    So obviously a lot of people are upset with this deck

    • Blizzard created the card Mysterious Challenger, it is not the OP's fault that this card exists and he decided to base his deck around it

    • I personally believe that Mysterious Challenger is negative for the meta.

    • Please stop spamming hate towards the deck's creator(whether it is original or not)  If you do, you're acting childish at best.

    Now let's share my reasonings for feeling Mysterious Challenger should be nerfed

    • Because Divine Favor exists, it creates a situation where players can simply overextend every card in their hand without thinking.  You get rewarded for overextending.

    Mysterious Challenger gives too much value, 6/6 for 6 mana, plus the potential to draw 5 cards, and play those 5 cards instantly and for free(11 mana worth of cards on top of drawing 5)

    • I personally feel this is the easiest deck to climb ranks with at the moment due to what I stated above.

    • I feel this is the best version of Secret Paladin out there, and credit to the OP for sharing this.

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    Good for Ramp Druids, gives crystals for next turn only, and it a great card for Agro/Cancer decks.

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    I think he is referring to the fact if noone copied a deck ever from someone else online.  It would make the meta explosively different...for better or worst

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    Backtrack:  TGT was just announced, and I was excited reading the new cards.  All this talk of how the meta would change inspired me to the point where I would just think of combos that noone else would early so I could dominate my meta.  This was exciting and I looked forward to playing hearthstone like I never played it before.

    TGT Released:   I literally deleted all my decks, and started approaching the new cards under a new perspective.   I started using cards that I had to see in play myself to see if they fit my playstyle, and were competitive enough.  As a 6-time legend player, I do enjoy the competition aspect of this game.  I was trying to figure out that card or two that would propel me to legend with relative ease.

    My Meta Changed?:  I was between Ranks 2-4 when TGT was released.  On the first days, people were using all the new cards trying to figure out cool and interesting tactics to play around.  Now that TGT has been out for 5 days, my meta turned into the following(keep in mind im on NA server)

    • The secret Paladin that uses standard Pally rush with Mysterious Challenger

    • Standard Non Mech Rush Mage, that will not even use any of the new cards(sometimes 1 copy of Effigy)

    • Standard Cancer Hunter that will not even use any of the new cards(sometimes King Elekk but these decks I have found easier to beat)

    • Standard Control Warrior that will only use the new Varian Wrynn

    • The occasional totem Shaman which I have found very inconsistent.

    My Thoughts?:  So far I am extremely disappointed with the new deck archetypes.  Everytime I see a class outside of Warlock, I know with 100% certainty of just about every card in my opponents decks.  What happened to diversity? 

    TGT is going to slow the game down and bring the comeback of slower/control decks?:   Out of my last 65 games, 58 of them were agro rush decks.  That is a whopping 89%


    Overall I am extremely disappointed with what the meta has turned into.  Although I love the new cards, I feel they have done very little to shape the meta in a positive way.


    What are your thoughts on the new meta with TGT released?

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