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    posted a message on Possible Expansion Teaser! A Red Parrot Has Appeared

    Aggro meta inc?

    Wait... a minute...


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    posted a message on About to drop $50...

    I've got to be around 1k over the past 4 years or so. To me that isn't too bad considering that money has been spread out over that time and i've gotten countless hours of entertainment. Lots of salt here from people unfortunately, and those people really shouldn't be giving newer players buying advice. 

    Arena is slow for your collection, and if youre looking for competitive play, you've got to go with bundles like already stated above. Spending money is always worth it imo as you waste zero time getting the essentials you need. You don't need to spend much to get those essentials for any one deck which is whats great with HS.

    One thing to note is that its a mistake dusting 1/2 your collection for 1-2 decks. Meta does change, despite popular belief and it will eventually burn you so never do that no matter how tempting. 

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    posted a message on New Warlock Hero Coming Soon - Nemsy Necrofizzle, the Gnome!

    Gnomes are pure garbage. A disappointment on many levels. 

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    posted a message on How to fix the bad Death Knights

    I think the Shaman, Druid, and Priest one aren't amazing. Paladin is highly overrated and Rogue underrated. I've played Paladin the most so far and that hero hasn't saved me once. However, Warlocks hero has won me the game every time i've dropped it.

    Rogue DK is also pretty nuts if its dropped when your opponent is out of steam. Every rogue DK dropped has killed me, but perhaps its been luck. They've been able to wipe my board and then from there out value me. I guess it all comes down to board wipe.

    With that said, i don't think they need changes. Some are really costed well, like Shaman. You can play this on curve and the Druid one is appropriate because you can ramp/innervate into it on turn 4-5 and from that position its gross.

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    posted a message on Should Doomsayer be rotated out to Hall of Fame?

    Yeah because aggro has no way to deal 7 damage to a minion in one turn. I've played the game at all levels and i don't see this in every control deck. Its not that prevalent. Its not an auto include, much unlike Azure Drake and Power Overwhelming.

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    posted a message on What is your KOFT Golden Legendary Priority ?

    Golden Gul'Dan for certain. Its akin to grabbing a golden N'Zoth for demons and that shit is straight up my proverbial alleyway. 

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    posted a message on Which deck makes you say "Damn, I will quit this game!"?
    Quote from EriksVil >>

    None, I'm not a little bitch that gets pissy after losing a game of Hearthstone.

     Ohhh you... YOU.. You definitely are one. A little bitch would definitely say something like this!

    But seriously, can't stand Shaman because of the amount of Devolve/Hex/board clear/Thing from Belows i have to deal with in every single deck
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    posted a message on Vilespine Slayer - WTF?

    Im way more disappointed there isn't some cooky animation to go along with the Vilespine effect. Like some chomping sound or something. Instead we get the same old Assassinate animation. MEH. MEH. MEH. 

    Wasted opportunity. </3

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    posted a message on Disguised Toast: 80% of the Cards are garbage

     My mum could likely forecast card viability better than the "pro streamers". 

    Meh, we shall see.

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    posted a message on Can i get a refund for Don Cho?

    Superior in every way.. Wait, what if you don't have a board to drop bone mare on? 


    You are such a poop-face, OP. Poop!

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