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    Thanks for making me spit up my drink in surprise, Blizzard. I never wanted that soda anyway.

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    They wait until NOW for this ridiculous Ram Wrangler buff??

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    I would guess not, and that they just phrased it that way for simplicity's sake.

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    Been pretty hyped about this and just realized that the frog from Hex would mess with this if you've got a bunch of good taunts to rez 

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    You'll just summon the 2/2 Hyenas anyway.

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    Unfortunately doing Aviana-like combos with this is a bit more difficult because the whole thing relies on you not having drawn the combo pieces yet.

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    Quote from Aravash >>

    yeah just look at all those 1-cost beasts he can summon, value

     There are exactly 4 one-mana beasts in the expansion and there are a lot more that cost 6+ mana
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    This entire expansion has had Ram Wrangler drooling as he's reluctantly carted off to Wild

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    Turn 4: this

    Turn 5: Living Mana for no drawback. When the treants die you ramp to 10 mana.

    I don't know how practical this is but the idea is taunting me.


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    1. You may only have the option to choose higher damage spells, and if it hits one of your own characters, it's worse than the servant.

    2. You (I'm assuming) will only have access to spells of your own class, while the servant is not restricted to Mage spells.

    It's probably better ~98% of the time, but like Silverback Patriarch versus Squirming Tentacle, the battlecry is technically not strictly better.

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