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    Also this is just me complaining.. but why is it 5 games in a row they always have Kelseth in their deck first hand. Whenever I try running  Kelseth deck, I don't see him till the last 3rd of the deck -_-

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    Hey guys,

    I've been slogging away at this months ladder to try and get to legend for the first time.

    I've reached a point where the highest I've gotten to is 3, but then due to bad luck/plays/draws etc I've dropped back down to 5.

    I've literally got every deck built that is in the current meta, but I can't seem to find one that can consistently win. If I play a deck that is good against control, I seem to get non stop aggro decks. When I switch to a good deck to counter aggro, it then becomes control/slow games that they aren't good against.

    The deck I had the most success with was Spiteful Summoner, but that hasn't really been doing it for me atm.

    I know you're supposed to "beat the meta" to get to legend, but I'm at a blank at how to do it. I know it's just a mental thing, but I swear every time I change to try and beat the meta, the meta I'm coming up against changes to something different.


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