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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Balance Changes Announced - Battlegrounds Changes too!

    Wow... blizzard really don't listen to the community... I think almost all the nerfs suggested would be much better than this one.

    Galakrond final form + Shudderwock IS NOT FUN TO PLAY AGAINST and Shaman will still be able to do that.

    NOBODY was complaining about Sludge Slurper. WTF?

    And faceless corruptor is still very OP as 4/4. Many ppl were suggesting a 7 mana cost nerf (i think 6 mana will ok, but the card would still be very good at 6). 

    Really... balance team of Hearthstone is terrible.

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    Kind of...

    But they are probably not that strong on this meta... they will play maaaybe on 1 or 2 decks. HS has changed a lot. You can see Dr.Boom that was played on every single deck back then, and now no deck of wild play it (even tier3 decks don't).

    I am fine with sylvanas and ragnaros returning.

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    Yeah, i suggest a second scarab egg.

    Serpent Egg is a good card, but Scarab Egg is better for this version because it has better synergy with Dire Wolf Alpha, Knife Juggler, Sea Giant and Grim Rally.

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    I think you are totally correct. Another downside is that since they are already testing decks/cards, when the game come out they will post some decks that worked and a lot of ppl will netdeck them on day one.

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    posted a message on [#113 Legend] Handbuff Paladin (SilverAndSlayer)

    I got 14th Legend with a similar deck last season.

    U can check here:


    I played toons of games and tried different approachs. Your version use a little bit more magnetic mechs and I think it is ok, just a different tech choice (although i shielded minibot is still very strong). If you are not facing a lot of shamans (and devolves) i like it.

    But without ANY DOUBTS Jeeves >>> divine favor on this deck... believe me, try it! (it gets buffed, and it is a mech).

    Ow... and one more thing: On high legend I added a loatheb. It is a great card VS many of the meta decks.

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    Quote from Kovachut >>

    If you ask me, control warrior will end up being the more superior warrior deck. It has many ways to deal with aggro and its late-game value is bonkers good.

    So if something is going to get nerfed, it won't be the bomb archtype.


    Bombs are ok, but control warrior will be the deck to beat... there are some reasons for that, but the 3 main reasons IMO are:

    1- The card power level for aggro and tempo decks are worst than ever, favoring a control meta.

    2- With all the DKs out,  Dr. Boom gets a LOT of value over time during a game ,and you can't compete with it playing other classes with a "regular" hero power (that is happening a lot on a control vs control match).

    3- With no reliable OTK combo, control/fatigue decks have not to worry with the match-up that used to be the worst for them. (And even if a good OTK deck appear, this exp gave tools for control decks to deal with them).

    I know, it is just 2nd day... but the community could see in 1/2 days problems on other expansions as well (druid after knights of the frozen throne, patches, corridor creeper etc...).

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    Deck is good, it works fine, ppl who are losing a lot with it is certainly doing a lot of missplays or had a bad streak. But the deck is not "meta breaking", it is a good deck and if played wisely it is competitive on the ladder.

    The main change I would point is that u def dont need eater of secrets... the meta is infested of druids and it is a useless card vs them. I think The Black Knight is a much better tech choice for the current meta.

    And as pointed by many others, Baron Geddon is one of the best elementals for this deck...

    And finally, double poly is really working well when u start facing more druids and priests... but if u guys are facing more agressive decks you can change one of them for a volcanic potion. (this will be true now at the beggining of the month where ppl try aggro decks to climb faster, maybe even 2 potions are better atm).

    Thanks for sharing @Livvan666

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    posted a message on Legend OozePaladin [Wild]


    Thanks for the content! Added to the description page :)

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