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    posted a message on Why is spell mage so popular on ladder?


    it disappeared for what a month? Now it’s every deck I face again. I’m here playing fun decks like deathrattle hunter to hero power mage  and gotta play all these soulless all spell mages again after the worst launch in hs  xpac  history 

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    posted a message on Deck of Lunacy and the no minion mage

    Is that deck anymore evil than Pen flinger rogue , Tick or new secret pal? I find it much more fair to play against 

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    posted a message on True Hunter

    I’ve always wanted tonk to work but it’s been too slow. Played a few test games successfully though with the deck.

    Love the idea of mixing aggression classic face tonk endgame 

    so far 4-3 in diamond, rogues being a problem depending on if you draw right and can pull the traps, the carrion studies haven’t helped too much with bad picks that I’m thinking replacing them with a mystery winner or 1-1 but then voljin 

    then again I haven’t even drawn voljin once LOL! Maybe I’ll throw a nine lives in place for control 

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    posted a message on Dragon Menagerie Slate Hunter

    Would love for this deck to work and I do some get wins but with the massive amount of tick and limited card draw not sure how this can work well

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    posted a message on DMR - Highlander Mage

    What a deck! So sick of the quick burn ones, was looking for a good Highlander mage and this it 

    I seem to always have the answers I need when I need, or I can find them.
    However *  I did take the advice of commentators and removed the deck of lunacy for the archmage vargoth,
    archmage can double the totem's spell or give you 4 secrets with corrupted ring toss, which has saved me with the paladins and locks. 

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    posted a message on Jimon’s Top 15 Legend Nictroboost Self-Sharpening Rogue

    First deck I made upon receiving new set, my personal deck was a bit different with ash tongues and vulpera for the +2 attack
    Was doing well in diamond but I'll give this a try, didn't think about corsair and cutting class seemed too heavy personally but we'll give it a try. 

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    posted a message on Maxima Go Brrr

    What a blast to play! Nothing like tonk after tonk after tonk

    missile after missile, face after face :) 

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