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    Quote from Toribasher >>

    My thoughts ...

    1) Buff heroes are now trash (except C'tun due to Whelp Smuggler effect).
    2) The best heroes despite what HSReplay says are probably Janice Barov, Silas Darkmoon, Reno Jackson, Flurgal.  Silas can do 10 discovers a game.  Reno just needs one "win the game" unit to make golden and potentially run away with the game.  Flurgal is out of control good.

    Win The Game Units:
    1) Impatient Doomsayer
    2) Whelp Smuggler
    3) Tarecgosa - the 4/4 dragon that keeps all combat buffs.  Divine shield from Selfless Hero or Nadina is a buff.  Crazy strong.
    4) Dazzling Lightspawn - if you are going elementals, never get rid of even one of these.
    5) Insatiable Ur'zul - the Tier 5 demon that eats Tavern minions itself.  You can get this to 100 health rather quickly with Impatient Doomsayer synergy.
    6) Bigfernal - Tier 4 growing demon, synergy with Impatient Doomsayer.

    For me, I can't quite see a way to make Beasts consistently work, but Illidan can do it.  Monsterous McCall and Leapfrogger plus Rivendare is so strong.  Pirates are hard to pull off, seems that the pirates really needed to win games are Tier 4 and higher -- I've seen some players use Reno Jackson on Tony Two-Tusk and create nightmarish Pirate boards.  Mechs can win, Holy Mecheral is great and Omega Buster is a broken strong Tier 6.

    I don't see any Quillboar boards in the late game.

    Master Nyugen is really good and really strong and quite fun, but he isn't quite the best hero.  Depending on what tribes are in the game, Jandice Barov's ability to manufacture triples multiple times or how Silas Darkmoon can both board flood and do countless discovers are better.  If murlocs are in the game, Flurgal is broken.

     I dont care what HSReplay says. There are 2 very broken heroes in game. Shudderwock with tokens is almost always autowin. Nguen is broken as hell. Noone in their right mind will pick Silas or Flurgal over it. 

    Leapfrogger is just broken. Lvl 2 minion that is played over T6 Wolf is just stupid. Also the animations...

    My suggestion to fix: remove shudderwock,

    make Nguen random , not pick one, 

    Leapfrogger cant buff minion that already has this dearhrattle. 

    Impatient Doomsayer: Avenge(4)

    And buff pirates. 

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    Quote from SpakMaster >>

    great deck. I dont have cornelius so have been experimenting with Leatherworking Kit and Shan'do Wildclaw, they both work well. 

     Thank you! I have included both in earlier versions of the deck. What I found out was that Letherworking kit was fantastic once you got your beasts shuffled in and rolling. But before that it was a dead card in hand. Shan-do often too low value until you have many beasts in the deck. What I can suggest is that you can replace Cornelius + 3 mana buff card with 2 Voratious reader, they work quite well since you need lots of card draw and your deck is cheap 1 mana cards. 
    If you want to use Leatherworking kits, I suggest you replace 3 mana beast with 2 mana 2/3 taunt beast (copy it when you draw), it is a good buff target and it works well defensively. But be careful to use it with Selective Breeder, as you only get 1 copy. 

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    Thank you. Hope you like it. Its fun, but its still not a tier 1-2 deck. Not sure this deck can get you to D5 or legend. Too many unfair decks around. 

    I have BTW added a picture - example of a highroll on turn 5

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    Why Jewel of Nzoth? With meta we have you basically never will play it. Its too late and too slow. 

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     Pretty terrible deck. Goes empty for cards quick, cant compete in tempo with quest mage and warlock. Dont waste your time 

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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>
    Quote from RomanKnight >>

    WHo said agro is the most played archetype? I meet at least 50/50 in my ranks. 50% of people playing OTK decks. That is just crazy. You suggest me to play control to have a chance to crush Agro decks, and loose to 100% of OTK decks. So I already before I start playing should accept to have less then 50% WR? You think it is good situation when one archetype has 100% loose rate to several decks in meta. Meta right now leaves players no choice, that is the problem. We only have rock and paper now, no scissors. 

    By your logic, we should nerf those top 10 decks since they have highest winrate? If you do that, OTK decks will be full meta. How fun will that be? You are not thinking more then 1 step forward. 

     What logic are you talking about ? By my logic meta is fine and nothing should be nerfed, aggro beats combo beats control beats aggro, business as usual

    Who said aggro is the most played archetype ? Every meta ever

    You do not have 0% winrate against quest decks as a control deck. Unless you can provide evidence for it, that's just bullshit. Evidence for 50% of your opponents being OTK would be nice too. Just in case you didn't know, quest mage and warlock aren't otk decks, at all. The fatigue warlock version kinda is but it's off meta so irrelevant.

    Your choices are your own, meta does NOT force you to play aggro or quest. Hanbuff paladin is the third most powerful deck in the meta. Are you telling me this is an aggro deck ?



    Firstly, I will not provide you any evidence, I am talking about my experience in my ranks (4000+ Legend). You can believe it or not, your choice. Control will have 0% WR against any combo deck right now unless they hit quest reward with mutanus or your opponent screwes up or disconnects. These cases are irrelevant, as they are very rare.

    Secondly. Quest warlock and quest mage are OTK decks. They have the possibility to do it. They also can kill you turn 6+. That is just wrong. OTK decks before gathered their pieces for much longer time, thus other non-aggro decks had the possibility to do their stuff too. The common problem for all these decks now (Mage, Warlock, Rogue, DH) is that they all have a massive cost-reduction mechanic or mana-regeneration mechanics, combined with very cheap and efficient draw. In my opinion, mass-cost discount card in the game should be massacred with nerfs. THey are just not healthy for the game. 

    Thirdly. If you call a possibility to choose ONE viable tempo deck - paladin (which also is an OTK deck BTW) a choice, you are just a troll. 

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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>


    Op do you still want to nerf incanter's flow, gadgetzan auctioneer and stealer of souls ? Cause they are nowhere to be seen in the best 10 decks of standard meta

    Also going second with a questline deck seems to be a death sentence

     The only reason its not in top 10, its because all this are some kind of agro decks that kill you turn 6. That said, mage and warlock are main reason people cant play different versions of other classes, like control to crush these agro decks to oblivion. Also, those decks (+ OTK DH and OTK rogue) are the most boring trash decks to play against. You just sit and watch YOutube while your opponent plays 20 cards in a turn and doesnt actually care about what you do on your turn. 

    It is sad that people still dont understand that the main reason we dont have rock-paper-scissors meta are those 4 stupid deck that restrict deck building opportunities for everybody. 

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    Flow - increase to 4 mana. Just destroy card. This is 2* Keleseth for mage only. Too good.
    Quest - Gives +2 SPD.

    Quest: +1 damage required for each step.
    Stealer of souls: the next card you draw this turn costs HP

    Conviction: +2 attack instead
    Weapon: fix it so if you transform or destroy minion without damaging, it shouldnt trigger buff.

    Octo-Bot: 1/3
    Quest: 3 minions in first step

    2/5 windfury guy - make it 2/4
    Elem discount minion: make it 3/4

    BG Battlemaster: 6 mana

    This would help a lot. 

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    Because there are rare games that go past turn 7. Because there are 3 uninteractive decks in game.  Because you cant experiment,  you have to play agro or die. And you need to run cards like robes instead of cards you actually want to. 

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    Suggestion to fix quest mage: add "play nature spell" to each step of the quest :D

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