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    Quote from GStone657 >>

    I think Black is low key OP because you can coin out your Knight on turn one.

     That interesting.. so white is not actually powercrept black to oblivion then..

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    Quote from M0res >>

    And your point is?

    That hearthstone is 100% strategic like chess,

    without any algorithms defining win rates,

    rng is 100% random,

    matchmaking is purely based on rank rather than Rock Paper Scissors 

    - useless post without anything to say 

     Calm down, this is just an useless post about Chess. I was asking your expertise about this, here I never said anything you claim I said about Hearthstone buddy.

    Let's focusing on proving how this chess match is rigged, ok? We know we are expert at proving this, right, just like the other days.

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    ETC warrior can be outplayed by refuse playing medium-big health minion on board in the late game, so doesn't necessarily need to craft Illucia.. but Ilgynoth demon hunter is different story. I wonder how to outplay that without specific legendary card.

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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Discover mechanic in pack opening.

    I will pretend I am a Clairvoyant and see the future..

    So in the one of the parallel world of the future, this kind of mechanic is implemented. It because the player base can't stop asking about this easiness so they won't feel robbed by the RNG pack opening. Good blizzard, they implemented it, that was very unusual of them to make decision against their greed.

    But it was not the happily ever after. In just a month after this new mechanic implemented, everyone lose their minds!

    They accusing blizzard for rigged the discover pool in the pack opening. To make the kost wanted legendary and the highest winrate epic harder to discovered. They might also match one card and another as a couple (ie wrenchcalibur and dr boom that supposed to be played together).. so when you open one of them, it's hard to discover the soulmate. 

    So the player base once again asks blizzard to stop their greed and make the discover pool is not from only 3 cards, but from all the card pool available. To stop this rigged pack opening discovery system.

    Genius blizz, they always find a way to get the money from us. (Or genius us, always find a way to asks for more easiness)

    In serious notes, I like it, but why stop there? Why not just asking blizz to open all the collection for us then?


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    posted a message on Hearthstone World Championship 2020 - With Decks, Finals Results and All Details!

    Jarla always into long and grindy game with satisfying win condition.. I like it.

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    Quote from Joshbuckler >>

    Personally I auto-concede vs. white. 

    It's been 1,500 years, please nerf already.

     Honestly yeaaa.. white might need some nerf. I'll wait for it.

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    This is so serious!

    I like playing a little game called Chess lately. And we can play it for free in a site called Chess.com

    If you never played chess before, I should tell you that you can play as a black or as a white. It decided random by the game.

    Btw, I like playing white more, because you know, white is going first. Black going second.

    But, my f2p game has been rigged recently. I play the game 5 times, and I got 4 times to play as a black!!! That's nonsense. That's very improbable. I pulled the black 80% of a time where I should pulled it in 50%. That must be rigged right!? I mean there's no way such ridiculous thing like that could happen. The game must have remember that I won more when I play as a white and now it's trying to sabotage me until I spent some money to become paid member. That must be the case!

    So how do you guys think? I heard hearthstone community is expert at proofing a company that trying to rig their customer's game..

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    posted a message on have demon hunter nerfs been announced?

    Please don't bully yep, guys..

    Don't pressure him either..

    He said in other thread that he has some sort of depression, I'm afraid he do something bad if we pressed him so hard..

    Btw, yep, you are so awesome! The most badass cool quick quirk powerful person here! Awesome!

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    posted a message on U guys might forget that we had Fallen Sun Cleric

    The op is actually addressing the 'blatant' powercreep issue.

    I would say, powercreep is actually fine because this is the collectible card game and the powercreep needed to make us player have a willing to collect the new cards.

    Powercreep is happen in every CCG.

    The one that less fine is, when the powercreep is shown as a 'blatant' powercreep of other exact same card. Also the powercreep that only changed specific number which means it was a lazy design.

    They can powercreep the Yeti by printing a lot of 4/5 with additional effect. That's fine, only if the additional effect is not always good (like polkelt, not every deck can run it). But if you compare that Yeti with circus amalgam, no way.. there's no condition circus amalgam is worst than yeti. That is the blatant powercreep.

    As for this sun cleric issue, when you compare it with the new buff card, yes it's just a lazy design powercreep. They should have come with better design if they want to make playable card that powercreep the sun cleric. Not just 'it gives +1/+1 before, now makes it gives double +1/+1. It just lazy..


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    posted a message on Standard cards that I think are OP and should be nerfed

    Sorry.. which one is the toxic response/insult again? I thought all the other people only gives an opinion too, why do you angry so much? I thought you said it's fine if we were disagree.

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    posted a message on Anyone mathy able to calculate these odds?

    Poghy was right, the board doesn't matter. So my calculations was off there. The 1/3 should be changed to 1/2. Also for some reason I didn't sum the total variations... I don't know I think I should drink my coffee first.

    Anyway, you still deserves a trolden spot for less than 1% chance to lose a game

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    The probability of the rogue winning the pyroblast game on that state is 

    He need to hit your face 7 times before hitting his face 2 times, with effectively (almost always) 3 target on the game.

    So it is 

    Probability : ((number of possibility to hit warrior face/number of total possibility)^(minimum times it has to hit the warrior-maximum times it could hit the rogue))


    (1/3)^(7-1) = 1/729 = 0.0014

    So it was 0.14% chance to happen.. you deserves a trolden spot.







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    posted a message on Standard cards that I think are OP and should be nerfed

    I am happy this is just your opinion and you aren't the balancing team of the game.. fyuh..

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    Quote from yepapapepeap >>
    Quote from Kayel >>

    Overload is a mechanic that gives huge advantage in exchange of making your next turn worse, however not all overload cards give the payoff you want, and the same goes to corrupt

    But I have to agree that corrupt atm is giving better payoffs than overload

     no need to explain what overload is, I am sure everyone who plays the game know what it is. sort of comes of as if you talk down imo, not sure if you mean it that way, but that is how i take it...  anyways i see a lot of people do it, not just you...

     Wow.. at first I thought you were joking about the 'I have depression' bit. But it seems like you actually have some kind of depression with that response (trust me, I was in that state for some time in the past. Feels like everything pressures me, exploits me, hurts me, even myself).

    I'm really sorry if I was at some point or other topic was harsh to you.

    I hope you solves your problem soon my friend. Or get a proper treatment soon so you can get to the bright side of your life again. I pray the best for you.

    (For other people, depression is serious condition, please don't make fun of this)

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    Quote from hoernsen >>
    Quote from Rohriant >>

    Dont forget that he count all the gold you get from reward track. That means, if you were like me, reach lv 31 now and estimated to get 10k gold at the end.. doesn't mean I will have 10k spare at that expansion.

    Bacause I already used about 1500gold from level 1-30, then I will only left with 8500gold in the end of the reward cycle.

    *Keep this in mind just in case you end up with gold lower than the estimated in the future..

    Also, I should say this. Even though the estimated progression and gold seems promising, the lack of another sources of gold besides reward track is annoying. They should add other source to get gold, especially because some of the quests actually need gold, like the win 4 arena match quest (assuming you used your re-roll already).

     It doesn't matter, how much gold you spend between the expansions, you'll earn roughly 10k gold. That's the point. 

    You can reroll a Quest every day, nobody is forced to play a mode he doesn't want, like or can't afford. 

     Well, it matters for me because I rarely count how much total gold I got in 17 weeks. I only count and remember how much gold I have right before the expansion. Also, alot of people are like me too. So when seeing this table, the first thing that come in mind is how much gold I will have in the start of next expansion. And the number could misleading me a little if I forgot that in the middle of expansion we used the gold to buy more pack or arena (or heroic duel now)

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