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    posted a message on New Shaman Epic Card Revealed - Overdraft

    wait it can go face?

    insanely good. Might also be insane in wild

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    posted a message on BOOBA Challenge!

    Almost an all female deck

    then there is that 1 random sexy boulderfist ogre

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    posted a message on Rush Warrior is the savior of this meta

    Rush warrior might be strong but it feels fair because it is very board based. This is the best direction for a great meta. Mages can do tons of damage to your face when you couldnt do anything about it and palladin has an insane early game which some classes have a difficult time dealing with. Specially when paladin can buff their minions and then go even harder face.

    And to be fair rush warrior isnt THAT strong. It just counters the meta mainly paladin because warrior can protect the board so paladin cant be as aggresive. But priest for example is a harder matchup because priest doesnt care about board they just stall till you die of boredom.

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    posted a message on Will Blizz change Sacrifical Pact?

    I think they might want to change that card. Because sacrifical pact counters demon hunter way too hard this way the devs won't get a clear representation how good the class is performing. Like if sacrifical pact is changed it might increase the win rate so hard it is Obvious that the class need more nerfs. And just like you mentioned this way zephrys wont ruin jaraxuss. 

    Sacrifical pact was made when warlock was the only demon class so it wasnt a big problem it could target any minion. Now demon hunter also focuses on demons, so they really might want to change this card.

    Maybe 0 mana destroy a Friendly minion restore 5 health. Or 0 mana destroy a friendly demon restore 5 health.

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