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    posted a message on An attempt to balance all cards in Hearthstone [Under construction]

    The thing is, that a big part of the player base wants the game to be unbalanced.

    This gives a puzzle to solve in terms of deck building, finding out what works etc.

    It's actually easier to adjust cards to their intrinsic value than people think,
    but if every card is on face value, then the game purely revolves around who can spend the most mana.

    However, there are always cards like Sword of Justice which are simply too far off the margin to be worth in any deck.

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    posted a message on Baron Geddon - Yay or Nay?
    Quote from Wingdude22 >>

    The reason you don't see him anymore in tournaments is that :

    A.) You don't wanna play him in a aggro deck ,because he deals dmg to your minions and 7 mana is kinda late. So B.) You don't wanna play him in a control deck because you have Vulcanic Drake who is a much better defensive tool ( cause high HP and taunt) and doesn't even hurt your hero/HP.

    To summon it up ,until VulcanicDrake is in the Standard set you won't see Geddon competitively.

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    posted a message on which legendary would be most impactful

    Wickerflame was good last season because of the lack of anti aggression tools.
    They are now in abundance and colakka crawler or tar creeper do the same thing, so wickerflame is not needed at all.

    If you want to play a minion based midrange style of deck, tarim is the king of the deck.

    But rag is also important.

    No other cards do what these two do in your deck, but you could get away with a forbidden healing or ivory knight for rag if you can only craft one. But I recommend you try to get your hands on both of them as they are very good cards.

    If you want to play elemental - rag,
    if you want to play "midrange paladin" - tarim (of course elemental is also a midrange deck but you know what I mean)
    forget about wickerflame

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    posted a message on Kolentos Rank 50 Legend Murloc Paladin
    Quote from craptasm >>
    Quote from Rjomario >>

    It's a deck which tides originally theorycrafted, strife refined and then kolento got it.

    So it's a bit of a C9 colab. going on.

    This deck is far better than any elemental hand-buff will ever be.

    Hm, interesting. Have been doing well with an elemental handbuff deck the past few days, but it is very linear, and the deck has basically no comeback mechanic.
    I guess this is yet another Pally deck I have to try out....
     Please do try it. I would like to know if you agree or not.
    Elemental hand-buff beats aggro a bit more consistently, but it just beats it more. So for a tournament line-up targeting aggro it might make sense.
    For ladder, the deck linked is a very good deck, one of the best paladin decks we have had in a long time.
    Although I think the deck is a bit off still, wickerflame and double golakka crawler all serve the same purpose and 3 is too much, 1 of either is enough. I also don't see any reason not to run curator.
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    posted a message on Can we finally rejoice now?

    Since we are keen on making sport of team 5 for leaving paladin in the dark, 3 expansions in a row.

    It's also important to supplement this criticism with praise when it is due.

    From OG to MSG, they moved away from the midrange elements paladin had and went deeper into the control and healing side, with cards like Ragnaros, Lightlord, Ivory Knight and Forbidden Healing.
    This meant it was really hard for paladin to get on board or contest it.

    Cards like Lost in the Jungle, Lightfused Stegodon, Gentle Megasaur and most importantly Sunkeeper Tarim brought back all of these elements, which we have missed.

    It was obvious from the start that the quest wouldn't work, I tried what I could just to get it out of the way.
    But that's fine, we have superior choices with viable decks anyway.

    We have 2 possible midrange variants, with murlocs and silver hand recruits, which are at least tier 2 right now.
    And a hand-buff elemental deck, although I think this variant will see less and less play because the deck isn't good enough.

    Until zoo comes back into the meta, (which is bound to happen, it always does) Paladin is in a great spot.
    And just how great is it that finally after more than 3 years, we can be favoured against miracle rogue AND the new freeze mage. The players who played a lot of midrange pally back in the day, know just how abysmal those matchups were.

    Hydrologist this little badboy is so versatile, I said it would be better than Dark Peddler and people took it with a grain of salt. Dark Peddler offered you 3 choices and you pick the best card. But the thing about Hydrologist is that it effectively allows you to have a sideboard with techs against the opponents deck, and fetch it in-game.

    Spikeridged Steed There's no need to mention how good this is against aggro if it gets played. The taunt keyword is so crucial and makes go from unplayable to great.

    Also, Adaptation, I initially bashed this card in a quest deck but have grown to love it as a one-of in a midrange deck. Wild Pyromancer poisonous is a risk that sometimes needs to be taken against zoo like decks. Alternatively it can sneak a cheeky lethal with windfury on Tirion.

    At least for me, UG was a huge success for paladin.

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    posted a message on New Mage Quest - Open the Waygate
    Quote from CheeseEtc >>


    Agree with every single word.

    I hoped that this card would never take off. Not only it did, but Molten Reflection gave it a reliable way to OTK. And I thought Freeze Mage was bad!

     It's a good deck which is hard to play.
    And also has really obvious weaknesses.
    I can't see why we are supposed to be upset.
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    posted a message on Kolentos Rank 50 Legend Murloc Paladin

    It's a deck which tides originally theorycrafted, strife refined and then kolento got it.

    So it's a bit of a C9 colab. going on.

    This deck is far better than any elemental hand-buff will ever be.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Minion - Hydrologist

    The card is just very good.

    Not to mention, when I saw the card I said it was good but held down by eye for an eye.
    How great is it that we are actually picking Eye for an Eye quite often.

    This card and the versatility it brings should have come sooner.

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    posted a message on Discuss about Paladin

    Paladin is in a pretty good spot currently.

    I thought it would be trash as well, but I have to say I'm quite happy with UG.

    Compared to Kara and MSG, we are miles ahead of where we were.

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    posted a message on Quest paladin theorycraft

    My findings from version 1.0 were that Galvadon was the second worst performing card while Adaptation was the worst.

    Adaptation seems to be flexible on paper but the randomness makes it almost unplayable in any deck, even a quest deck.

    I built the deck very fast and combo heavy and galvadon wasn't a win condition in this deck at all.
    Once I got the dream, galvadon kodo on turn 6 into galvadon kodo turn 7 into galvadon turn 8. Didn't roll either stealth or hexproof in the last 2 rolls so the opponent just removed it and I lost.
    So yeah, galvadon is pretty bad guys.
    It singlehandedly won me only 1 game, but I think that has more to do with the opponent playing handlock for some unexplainable reason.

    The Arcane Giants were doing most of the work and won the games I did win.

    Since galvadon is not a reliable wincondition, then the deck needs to be built slower and not b-lining to the quest and give up on board control.

    I'm pretty sure that I've figured out how to do this, and it of course involves the finja package as suggested.
    Devilsaur Eggs, playing Rallying Blade over truesilver, then Hand of Protection becomes playable and probably one or two Argent Protectors.
    This version is a lot slower but also snowballs harder.

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    posted a message on paladin quest trash confirmed
    Quote from Isiolia >>

     go to wild paladin is just absurdly op

     Is it?
    I'm afraid the majority of players don't share this perception with you.
    Most say that it's unplayable due to pirates, which is quite different from being "absurdly op"
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    posted a message on Un'Goro Experience (Priest POV)

    He just hit #1

    Apparently this rogue quest is broken, who would have thought.

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    posted a message on Un'Goro Experience (Priest POV)

    No comments on time warp?

    It seems the strongest, at least so far.

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    posted a message on Doomsayer moving forward

    This combo might be a bit unreliable, since it's a two card combo that only locks one enemy in place.

    If you consider it not as a potential game changing combo but in what kind of deck, then you are either playing doomsayers in your aggro deck or 1 drops in your control deck, while the combo always costs two cards and usually doesn't outvalue the opponent.

    I think glacial shard is best used in an aggressive deck for tempo, to rob the opponent of an interaction.

    Doomsayer is maybe even going down in value since elemental decks snowball based on the last turn. 
    They will be inclined to just play their low cost elementals into the Doomsayer to secure a better turn afterwards.

    Stonehill Defender + doomsayer however, could be a consideration since then you might be stealing initiative and not trading 2 for 2-3.

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