About Me

Hmmm... I'm old. Yup. Was a beta player for the original World of Warcraft. Spent many years as a full-time Internet Applications Program Designers & Developer and moonlighted since ~teens as what is 'currently' known as "white-hat/ethical" hacker (aka "finder of web-based security exploitations, etc") Really used to enjoy myself. Hmm... Let's see... I've custom designed and managed a plethora of WoW Guild websites, including a few years as the lead designer and webmaster for a guild a few out there may have even heard of known as, "Method", during which time I was also a guild officer and spent WAAaaayyyy too much time playing online. LOL! 😜 But again, it was fun while it lasted. That's all for now. Plenty I COULD share, but know full well nobody out there is actually gonna be interested. 😉 It's all good though. Drop me a line anytime. Thx.       — Hearthstone: Rhone          — World of Warcraft: Rhone | Rhoneleah| Menion | MenionLeah | CutYoAss | Etc.


Favorite Class Mage Region US