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    Seems very powerful and probably OP but its sort of balanced by the fact it can be a very bad topic deck and is conditional. Still I think this will be one of those cards we always remember for when it works against us vs the many times our opponent couldn't use it and conceded. 

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    Now this seems like fair disruption. Allows one player to mess up another players plan but it has to be timed right. Discard effects never feel good. You gotta let both players play. Mind you freeze feels pretty unfun so they gotta keep these things in check. 

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Legendary Card Revealed - Kurtrus, Demon-Render!

    Pretty sure you still have to pay the one mana each time tho. So more likely limited to 16 damage in a turn and thats if you have 8 mana to spare and a full board of minions. Still seems pretty nasty to me if its able to do even 6 damage a couple times. Token Demon hunter might be a thing because of this. 

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    posted a message on This card idea just seemed too perfect... [The Librarian]

    When this dawned on me I just had to make. It made itself really. Wouldn't be surprised if someone had thought of this already tbh. 

    If it were a real card would probably need to be named after one of WoW's libraries to set it apart from the other librarian cards. 

    Nothing fancy just wanted to share. 

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    posted a message on 20.4 Patch Notes - Mini-Set, Balance Changes, Permanently Purchasable Skins & More!

    Did I miss something with unbound elemental? Why this change now?

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    posted a message on A New Standard Bundle Has Appeared On The Shop

    So a "dust"  bundle?

    Didn't the majority of the player base get copies of the whole standard set after the rework?

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    posted a message on Control Hunter is now reality!

    I've played control hunter alot over the years. I force it pretty much every expansion. You're right there are alot of strong additions this time around. 

    Theres a couple areas its usually weak in. Card generation/draw and healing. Also sometimes it feels like other classes have better finishing options. 

    Agro decks aren't that popular right now but that can change in a heart beat. I'd probably be running Death's Head Cultist and maybe Armor VendorCircus Medic is interesting a little inconsistent but interesting because it turns into a finisher. 

    For finishers there is the OTK package which is about 8 cards. I've been messing with that lately but it feels pretty inconsistent. Too dependent on drawing a Selective Breeder early. Corrupt package is interesting I just fear other classes do corrupt better. Hunter doesnt't really have great corrupt support. I actually think just an attrition build would fair ok. Just whittle them down with hero power and random stuff because theres not alot of healing in the meta. Except Warlock, they can heal so much from soul shards. That brings me to control hunters biggest problem imo, control/corrupt Warlock is just so strong right now (and its gonna get better after the nerfs). Going to be pretty hard to run control hunter into it. 

    I want to get around to trying the Primordial Protector package. I've seen a version on twitter with Guardian Animals that looked strong.

    As for other suggestions, I've been liking a Trueaim Crescent package. It synergizes with Trampling Rhino Venomous Scorpid Explosive Sheep basically any minion really and it can just clear 1 health stuff on its own. Also those are good cards tho I'm on the fence about sheep. Maybe give it a try. Regarding Resizing Pouch, I just don't think its a good card. You lose a mana, its inconsistent, and doesn't generate extra value. Maybe there is mana cost thats better to target consistently that would make it better but it just felt bad in my limited testing.

    Anyways goodluck always like to see some Control Hunter.

    Thanks for sharing your list

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    posted a message on Petition to Blizzard to give Full Dust Refund for Kargal Battlescar

    LOL, Look at all the people gatekeeping other players getting a dust refund. Why do you care so much if players get refunded for a card that got nerfed? It doesn't affect you. 

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    posted a message on Kazakus, Golem Shaper

    So far I've seen it lets you choose 1 mana 1/1, 5 mana 5/5, 10 mana 10/10... but not what abilities are available.

    I assume the standard Zilliax suit. Rush, Divine shield, Lifesteal, Taunt, etc...

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    posted a message on Yearly Card Rotation - Notable Cards Rotating to Wild

    Hope there is a new round of "Reno"s and Zephyrs (no duplicate cards). I always love doing those decks. 

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    posted a message on Introducing the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set! - All New Cards! - Release 21st of January!

    And when a new full expansion comes out in 60 days you going to have plenty of gold left for that for that too?

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    posted a message on Introducing the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set! - All New Cards! - Release 21st of January!

    "We've increased the gold you will receive from the battle pass!"

    and now its gone...

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    posted a message on Felsteel Executioner

    This card is gonna be so annoying mark my words. 12 damage from one 3 mana card? Isn't that why they nerfed Warglaives of Azzinoth?

    Also another burst card. 4 damage burst for 3 mana ain't bad. Just another top deck for them. I foresee another nerf coming to DH in the coming months. 

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    posted a message on Optimistic Ogre

    Dad joke of the year for hearthstone. Maybe all time. 

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    posted a message on Ringmaster Whatley

    Love the "Curator" cards.

    Tho Countess Ashmore ended up being a dud. I wonder if 2 less cost is enough to make it playable. 

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