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    posted a message on How much gold do you saved for the new x-pac,also how much dust?

    How did you manage to make 50k in 3 months. I’m calling BS.

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary - Princess Talanji

    This card will make value priest great again. It offers massive tempo when you can suddenly get some big boys out. Should be a lot of fun to play as well.

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    posted a message on What's wrong with Casual?

    If it were up to me I’d remove the insentive for winning in casual by taking away quests from that mode. However that would harm new players which blizzard definitely won’t do. A solution would be to reward more gold for complting quests in ranked. This would pursuade a lot of those with tier 1 decks not to bother with casual.

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    posted a message on Bad matchup - help needed

    So I’ve played a load of Taunt Druid and got to legend with it a few months ago. I’m surprised your still facing it a lot as I think it’s really fallen out of popularity. It’s major weakness is being rushed down so your beat chance of winning is just to be really aggressive. Of course I’f they high role and get ramp into Oakhrart there’s not much you can do but that happens not too often.

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    posted a message on When will players start calling for new nerfs?

    Everyone's complaining that the nerfs weren't enough when in the past Blizzard just nuked cards that were problematic meaning they never saw play again. 

    I think they did a pretty good job this time. I've been seeing the old tier one decks being played but also a huge range of new ones which just weren't competitive as before. That should be the aim of nerfs. Not - oh I hate Cube Lock and Quest Rogue. Blizzard should nerf them so hard I never have to play that deck ever again. But - lets nerf a few key cards to bring down the power level of certain decks so other decks have a decent chance to be played and the game experience is more interesting as a result.

    So many stupid players that don't actually know how to balance the game and just cry for nerfs because they think the only reason they're not legend is because of a certain card or certain deck. 

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    posted a message on Blizz, do yourself a favor

    I think It's still way to early to tell if Quest Rogue is still massively broken. Do you have stats to back up anything you are saying?

    I doubt it because the nerfs have only just hit.

    I personally don't have as much of an issue with Quest Rogue as most people seem to. I haven't played it accept for a short while before it was nerfed the first time. I then got my dust refund and never redrafted. I've lost a huge number of games to Quest Rogue as I mostly play control decks. Most recently Cube/Control Lock and Hadronox Druid. However I just accept that there are going to be some bad match ups for my decks. I've had some great games where I either just narrowly won or narrowly lost against Quest Rogue and that was when they had 5/5s. I believe that Quest Rogue will still usually stomp control but thats how it should be. Saying an aggro deck 'MIGHT have a chance' is just salty BS.

    I have always hated losing to aggro/face decks and in pretty much every meta there has been at least one tier 1 deck that fits that archetype. However I don't ask Blizzard to remove those decks entirely from the game just because I don't like losing to them. I'll often just try to play control decks that counter aggro well.

    TDLR - You have no stats to back up what you are saying. Some decks will always be favoured against others. If you hate losing to quest rogue and you feel they are all over ladder (which they aren't) then play a deck which counters them.

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    posted a message on What Gadgetzan should have been.

    These changes don't say anything about the meta just how salty you are.

    If you like to play rogue play it. There have been multiple players already. Making rank 1 legend with rogue lol. Miracle and Jade rogue are good decks.

    1. This is ironic since rogue uses patches a lot. I do think there should be more downside to running patches in a deck but this is an over nerf.

    2. Just lol. At least rogue has the best rager.

    3. Healing is just not a rogue thing and I'm not sure it ever will be. I like control also but it will never happen. I still love to play Nzoth rogue in wild with healbot so do that

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    posted a message on Pack opening: Expectation VS Reality

    I think the class to watch out for will be Rogue in this coming expansion so I really want the following OP cards:

    Shaku, the CollectorShadow RagerGadgetzan Ferryman

    and also some other great cards to make my deck beat all of your weak-ass Jade golum, kabal and Goon decks:

    Mayor NoggenfoggerMadam GoyaGenzo, the SharkLeatherclad HogleaderSpiked HogriderTanaris Hogchopper

    When I post a 88% win rate to legend you'll all be net decking come release - I hope I'll be lucky enough to get most of these.

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    posted a message on Jade Idol

    Druid, Priest and Warrior are my three favourite classes but this card makes me very sad. It essentially destroys all other late game control/fatigue decks and only cost one mana.

    From what I've seen so far the Jade Golem mechanic seems really OP and this card tops them all.

    The reason Gang up wasn't used in rogue was because it had a draw back In loss of a card and tempo as well as rogue being horrible as a class super late game with no heal. Druid has none of these issues with a 1 mana card.

    Or mean part of the fun of playing control v control was countering every move/ card you knew your opponent to have. There is no counter to infinite cards And late game  1 mana 12/12s - 30/30s.

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    posted a message on Shaman is too broken. What was Blizzard thinking?

    I think mid-range shaman is very strong but a reasonable deck.

    Face shaman on the other hand has always been ridiculously op and stupid. Now people don't even have the tools they used to like healbot and belcher. Its just a got a lot worse. 


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