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    posted a message on 10k free dust ?

    what thee hell i didnt get any 

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    posted a message on Known Issues 22.0 Update - Dust Refunds Coming for Vanndar and Drek'thar

    what bug?

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    posted a message on Which "Year of" was your favorite?

    Yeear of Naxxramas

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    posted a message on Rend Blackhand

    The new last boss.

    I made it to him with my strongest comp, all alive. ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING ME??? That bastad is impossibe. I was fine after round 1, and then he does 200 to your strongest merc.

    Anyone got successful tactic for him?

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    posted a message on Mysterious Stranger NERF, Farm Before Patch!

    There must have been another silent nerf.

    Firstly, both pc and mobile app wanted an update but there are no patch notes.

    Secondly, I have been farming for like 3 hours straight now and here are my results:

    Normal 2/5 - 2 tasks out of 10

    Normal 2/6 - 2 tasks out of 10

    Heroic 2/5 - 3 tasks out of 10

    Heroic 2/6 - 3 tasks out of 10

    This is beyond bad rng. A heroic lvl 29 dungeon shouldnt be affected by the "low lvl" nerf. 



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    posted a message on I am now forced to admit a Blizz does not care about the meta

    I play since closed beta and I can say this is by far one of the worst metas there has ever been. And i know, coz I lived them all. At this point i gave up on standard, trying to get as high as possible for monthly reward just while doing quests, for normal game its battlegrounds or duels. The original secret paladin was cool, becouse they actualy had to draw into mysterious challenger and not use their secrets, and even if they did, you could use 1 card to totaly ruin their day. These days there is no defense becouse they are aggro, tempo and bullshit together. Same for other classes. Its like everything in HS has been streamlined to the as quick, short and infuriating as possible. Unless blizzard makes new expansion  which is CONTROL ONLY then people wont come back. And spare me the usual talk of "people dont want slow games, people want face, people need cheap effective deck...". I DONT CARE. I DONT GIVE A FUCK. FUCK YOU. Been there, heard that shit every single expansion, and what we get now is result of your constant whining. You want to play? Pick one of these 3 decks others hate o gtfo - thats what we have now

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    posted a message on How would you nerf oh my yogg?

    when opponent plays a second spell a turn

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    posted a message on 186440 dust - what now?

    craft random golden legendary, dust it, craft it again, dust it, repeat till you have no dust left

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    posted a message on First time legend

    I know there has been countless topics like this, but i simply have to share my joy! For the first time since closed beta, i managed to reach legend! All that time i was avoiding wild mode like plague, and it took 1 month of playing wild to do it, and with whapping 82% win rate (not all matches are recorded here, i played a lot on phone).


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    posted a message on Fun and balanced after patch

    I just used the coin that fills your board with a chosen minion. How often? I did it 4 times in this 12 wins run and on 12 win i did it on wax rager on turn 4 vs mage :D Problem arent the strong signature treasures, problem are those weak ones.

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