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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Valdris Felgorge
    Quote from HeadHunterHS >>

    Lol 12-12 = 0

     So I guess people just never played mountain giant or read its text before?


    Mountain Giant

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    posted a message on The cards that should never exist in the game at all

    I like how in the very first card you go against your own argument.

    Your problem is shadow essence. Why not call that out over Statue? Thats like nerfing Void lord over skull of the manari. You literally have zero issues with Statue as a standalone card. Same with conjurers, your issue is grave horror.

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    posted a message on Should we unnerf Alexstraza?

    I think a hard remove armor is way too toxic. It kind of defeats the point of armor.

    I would support smaller cards that do specific things related to armor. Like a damage spell that deals more damage to armor or something.

    Armor is also a good counter to OTKs involving alex. Think about how Malygos druid was terrorizing the meta with reduced alex and maly.

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    posted a message on Why nobody is playing mage quest?

    I think most people knew that it would be bad. It's an expensive condition, with a bad reward. It's an easy slot into cyclone mage but it's pointless.

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    posted a message on Nerf Warrior suggestions?
    Quote from hillandder >>

    A class can't have everything, this is terrible balance.

    Warrior have:

    The 2 best 1 drop in the game, this is a complete shutdown in any aggro chance of winning the match.

    The best weapons and the best weapon removal in the game.

    The best single removal, kill a 10 health minion with 1 mana, this is BS, 5 manas 3/4 kill all tokens from opponent and a 4 manas 4/5 kill anything, it is just insane.

    The best mass removal, you can deal with a board of big minions with a single card.

    The strongest hero card in Standard (the other two are close a least).

    The archetype hard counter another archetype (bomb x highlander).

    The best survavility in armor gain.

    The best late game value with 1 mana draw 3 cards and a hero power giving a infinite supply of Devastators.

    The best rush minions what make the 1 drop even more broken.

    My suggestions:

    1- Increase the cost of both 1 drop to 2 manas, they clear undercosted.

    2- HoF all hero cards now.

    3- Remove mech tag from Devastator, only x2 this card for game is enough.

    4- Increase the cost of Brawl to 6 or 7 manas, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay efficient to only 5 manas.

    5- Shield Slam increase cost to 2 manas, or even 3, it is a hard removal in warrior class.

    6- Create a hard neutral tech for bomb mechanic, something like 2 manas 2/3 remove all bombs in your deck and gain 5 armor for each bomb removed or something like that.

     idk if it's even worth entertaining your ridiculous suggestions. 3 mana conditional single removal. Are you serious?

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    posted a message on Nerf Warrior suggestions?

    The only card that needs a nerf is boom.

    I like that warrior has access to 1 drops because control decks usually skip over that slot.  Yes it's strong, but the alternative is having control decks that pass turn 1. I'm tired of every control deck just dropping doomsayer on 2.

    Boom is just cleaning up the damage from the Death Knights. It was obviously designed for a meta where they wanted it to compete with the other infinite value, and now it's a mistake.

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    posted a message on Can we talk about hall of faming Frost Nova?
    AQuote from Quinjin >>

    Hey guys.
    I was thinking about how awful is to play against freeze mage and get frozen 6 times in a row... and sundenly, u, that was about to win... had just lost the game.
    When we think about hall of famed cards, most of the time we are talking about cards that are allways around, and taking space in decks every meta, and that is the case of Frost Nova.
    AoE freezing is a really strong mechanic, and we got NO COUNTER TO THIS, once u got frozen... u just cant do a thing. most of the time frost nova is most like "3 mana, take another turn"... and well... iceblock was like this and...

    Share ur opinions please.

    btw, i don't think blizzard needs to be hall of famed aswell, cause 6 mana is a fair cost to the effect, 3 is not.

    sry by the bad english, not my mother language as u should have guessed.  

     Sorry but you're just wrong here. Frost nova hasn't seen play in every meta. It goes in and out. It's not even a staple of control mage.  Much different than ice block, which was in practically every mage deck. If you want to get Frost Nova HOF that's your opinion, but you can't just rewrite history.

    Also the only reason it is strong right now is because mage can make ridiculous boards with the mana left over.

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    posted a message on There's just a total of 5 cards relating to Elemental synergies in all of Standard

    I'm assuming you're wrong because within seconds I see you missed Elemental Evocation, which is a very strong card in the current meta. And on top of that, the biggest elemental expansion just rotated out. On top of that your argument is just plain wrong? I can point out a bunch of expansions that don't have support for certain tribes. On top of that, you're naming synergies, but every single elemental is synergistic with the tribe because of how they work. You know this already, because you put Menacing Nimbus in your list, which has no synergy, it just creates elementals,

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    posted a message on Reminder, this guy is a mod now
    Quote from vNihilism >>

    Digging up people's old posts now that they are mods? And this is the best you could come up with? CRINGE

     Idk man. This guy has always been pretty toxic. He was posting a few months ago about how odd paladins were scum of the earth. I think he put me on ignore at some point too lol. But hey maybe this is what hearthpwn should be now, people in control that share the opinions of a lot of the user base, that decks are cancer and scum and all that.

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    posted a message on The Secret Achievements of HearthPwn

    I wonder if there’s an achievement for lurking on other websites just to direct traffic to your own 

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