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    I'm glad you enjoy it!

    You made a similar swap as my friend who doesn't have Voodoo Doll or Jaina so he also put in the Kirin Tor/Counterspell/Explosive Runes sort of solution. Unfortunately, there's nothing else that does what Voodoo Doll does so Runes or Stonehill is probably the best if you want to make it more anti-aggro. Voodoo Doll deals with big minions better obviously. One silly option could be Tinkmaster Overspark if you want something that could also potential deal with big threats. The transform can also impact taunt druid, is a defacto silence against deathrattle hunter. There are a lot of good uses for that.

    To the Archmage point, he's for finishing burst potential. I usually hold him until I can get at least 3 fireballs in one turn using 3 1 cost spells so there is the persistent threat of 18+ damage. Since this deck doesn't have inherently strong burst potential and there are several threats that come before him (Mana Wyrm, Clockwork Automaton, Elementals post Jaina), I've found my opponent's hard removal options are usually limited to depleted before he comes out. He's basically a trump card for longer matchups and the only real burst finisher I could think of.

    I'd like to know if this continues to work for you and what adjustments you find work better.

    I have yet to pull off my dream of double Clockwork Automaton into hero power for 8 but it will happen eventually.


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    The problem is this deck is inherently flawed: Stitched Tracker makes a copy of whatever minion you discover so if you discover Prince, the copy doesn't give the effect. Tracking is different and fine but you can't Stitched Tracker into Prince Keleseth.

    Also, I don't think there's enough quality deathrattle to warrant N'Zoth or Corpse Widow.

    That being said, I like the idea of Prince Keleseth in Hunter so I'm taking inspiration from this and trying him out in my own version.

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    Went Molten Giant into Molten Giant into Faceless Shambler. GG. Shambler is a great idea.

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    If you want to play this in wild, craft it. But if standard is your focus, save your dust. You'll wish you had it for whatever you don't pull when the expansion hits.

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    You're adding one more secret and taking out the deck thinning element of Mad Scientist. I like Kirin Tor just fine but not as some sort of replacement for Scientist.

    I've found that the Water Elemental is harder to deal with because of the health and it gives another tool against Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, and Shaman to a lesser extent where you could perpetually freeze their hero so you neutralize the weapons. Also, it removes the variable of possibly getting a bad drop (Doomsayer, Wrathguard (depending on board state and opponent), Aspirant). Obviously it doesn't trade up as well as Shredder but it gives more utility in my opinion.

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    Just about to try this deck for the first time with a change of -1 Abusive Sergeant +1 Sir Finley.

    I upvoted and commented purely because of the My Little Pony joke. I laughed out loud at work for that one.

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    So thank you for the responses. Let me add some thoughts.

    To those who said craft Boom, you clearly didn't read that I said I already had Boom.

    Yes, I have built midrange pally without Tirion and it works. I have also done dragon paladin without Tirion (he's not a dragon) and that also works so Tirion is not completely required. He would be nice.

    I don't have the Southsea Captains for Pirate Rogue.

    I could dust legendaries but I've made that mistake before and I want to hang onto them. If I did dust them, it would be to make Alex and Justicar or Mal'Ganis and Jaraxxus. Also, I can't count how many games I've ended with King Krush. Pulled him in a double legendary pack with Greenskin.

    I think Alex is the decision here. She fits in the most amount of decks and, as DropDeadCynical said, she is the most impossible to replace. Control Warrior existed before Justicar but not before Alex.

    Thank you for your thoughts everyone.


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    So I've been torn about what to make. I'm down to a couple options.

    I prefer mid-range & control style decks. I'm just not sure the best way to progress with my crafting. I've spent a lot of time crafting the clutch epics requires (Lay On Hands, Ancient of Lore, etc) for a lot of decks but I think I'm at the point where I can move onto getting legendary cards now. Here's what I have:

    Neutral: All of the adventure legendaries, Gormok the Impaler, Old Murk Eye, Captain Greenskin, Sylvanas, Chillmaw, Boom, Skycap'n Kragg, Rag, Onyxia, Ysera, Deathwing

    Hunter: King Krush

    Mage: Archmage Antonidas

    Warrior: Grommash Hellscream

    My primary debate is between Alexstrasza, Bloodmage Thalnos, Justicar, Malygos, Tirion, Mal'Ganis, or Jaraxxus. I'm not sure I want to make the class specific legendaries because they only open up that one class although warlock decks that aren't zoo need at least one of those to be truly effective.

    My current decks are midrange paladin, dragon priest, and echo mage. I tend to switch my decks around a lot though so that may not be a great sample. The one thing for sure is that I don't play aggro decks basically ever.

    Sorry for making another one of these threads and thanks for your thoughts and advice.

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    I'm giving this style a shot after building a more control heavy version that just got stomped by almost all aggro (hunter, surprisingly, was not much of an issue). A few substitutions I made based on either card availability or preference:

    -1 Varian Wrynn - Just don't have the card.

    -2 Cruel Taskmaster - I feel like there is a more effective option here.

    -1 Brawl - I only have one.

    -1 Alexstrasza - Again, don't have it.

    -1 Chromaggus - I don't quite understand why this card is in here. Only Azure Drake and Varian Wynn draw cards and that's a two turn setup to get value out of the ability. I guess because it's a dragon but I think this spot could be better used.

    +1 Grommash Hellscream - Cruel Taskmaster would work with him. He's here because I don't have Varian Wrynn.

    +1 Bolster - I didn't think about this card when I added in Sparring Partner earlier in my build but it makes sense. It's +4/+4 for 4 if you play Sparring Partner the same turn which I think makes it really good value.

    +1 Shield Block - Armor + draw, draw being the thing I think the deck is lacking.

    +1 Emperor Thaurissan - With so many high cost cards, he seems like he would fit very well. And if Sparring Partner can taunt around Emperor Thaurissan, two turns gives him crazy value.

    +2 Revenge - Aggro is a thing that is still everywhere. Almost every card in this deck can survive the 3 damage Revenge while almost every aggro deck would be immediately sidelined. With a lack of armor creating cards in this deck, this seems like a good addition for anti-aggro. At 12 or less health, it's Chillmaw's deathrattle for 2 mana.

    I know that's 1/5th of the deck so it's not exactly similar but I might like the style you've presented here better.

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     I actually tried something like this myself except I used 1 Sideshow Spelleater with 1 Grand Crusader.

    I found Nefarian to be a dead card a lot. I frequently had better combo options in my hand and didn't want to spend the 9 mana for him.

    Also, Nefarian and Burgle plus 1 Sprint do not make up for the lack of standard card draw. You still have to be able to get at your cards, especially if you get trash from Burgle or Nefarian.

    I think Trade Prince Gallwix has a place here too as he is sort of the quintessential card for taking your opponent's spells but I stupidly dusted him so I didn't get to try it.

    I also ran Beneath the Grounds because it stole the safety of my opponent's draw and that actually turned out to be fairly effective.

    This deck also can get wrecked by aggro because if you don't have Blade Flurry in hand when they fill the board, there's no other way out.

    I admit that my list was different enough that your build may be more effective than mine ever was. I'm just offering my experiences.

    Overall, my experience is that the concept is fun but it just doesn't work in practice.

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    I did put in another guess. It's probably wrong but it's there.

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    Quote from justin21299 jump
    Quote from karpf1sh jump

    Not Quartermaster.

    Wrong guesses so far: Leeroy JenkinsQuartermasterGnomish ExperimenterGrim PatronGelbin MekkatorqueHobgoblin and the Hearthstone Ranking System.

    Edit: While I'm at it, could someone tell me how to link the cards golden? Really intrigued to do so. Thanks in advance!

    [cardimg=gold.]  [/cardimg], without the period and with the card name in between, this will show a picture of the golden card in the post, I don't know how to post just the name of the card in the post and when you point the mouse at it, it shows the golden version of the card.  If anyone else can share how that's done, I too would like to know.  

    For Example Wisp but when you point at it, it shows the gold card.

    Just do [card=gold.][/card], still without the period.

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    Defias Ringleader maybe?

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    I think the hunter deck is more consistent than the mage one actually. The mage is super dependent on using your hero power a lot and using it effectively where the hunter deck just requires knowing how to trade and use mana efficiently.

    I've won every game I've played in this brawl and I've just about evenly split time between the two decks.

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    Just in case it's not the obvious, Gnomish Experimenter is my guess

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