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    posted a message on Gnomenapper needs to die in a fire.

    Created an account just to bitch about Gnomenapper.   

    Seriously, fight #7, so he had the 3 mana start, first turn Sorcerer Apprentice, was wondering where he was going, then 2nd turn... "WTF is this?"  at first I was like "Holy crap you got Rin" then I realized the gravity of the situation,  *concede* because fuck you Blizzard, I'm not giving you the satisfaction of beating me.

    Although I personally think it was punishment for taking advantage of the previous boss, the one who gives spells Echo,  turn 1 used Tess' power, no spells cast yet so I got a 0 mana deal 1 damage rock,  drag drag drag drag x 50 or whatever HP he had, dead.



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