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    posted a message on How does control work?

    1. What makes a class more suited toward control then others?

    The classes that are best for control have access to a tool kit of cards that enable them to stall the game, survive and run their opponents out of resources. These include healing/armor, board clears, Taunt Minions and single target threat removal. Sometimes these can be found outside of a classes own tool kit, like good taunt minions, but in some metas they cant be.

    2. What makes warrior such a great control class?

    Powerfull AOE effect (Brawl), Armor as a survival mechanic, good/flexible removal options (Shield Slam, Execute)

    3. Why doesn’t control hunter work?

    Poor AOE, traps can be played around, No healing, some of their control tools like Explosive trap, freezing trap, and the kill a random minion card are wonky at times. Hero power doesn't help survivability or controlling of the board.

    4. What classes do you think will be suited for control going into the new year?

    Priest and Warrior look like the best control classes. It's been so long since this game didn't have instant lose match ups for traditional control match ups that I will have to see how things like Academic Espionage Rogue hash out to see if it will even work again.

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    posted a message on Am I the only one here feeling cheated by Blizzard?

    The most powerful cards in the game just got nerfed and/or are cycling out. Its not really surprising they have to fill out the whole meta now.

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    posted a message on Worst stream ever?

    It was a pretty cringe stream. Not enough new cards to the amount of time the stream is taking. Also all the stuff not working was kind of Embarassing. This was the first blizzard card reveal stream I left from boredom before it was over.

    Also, they need to play faster. Whole thing has a "we are stalling while they use studio magic in the background to make it look like its working" feel to it.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Priest Minion - Zerek, Master Cloner

    Seems kind of bad. As far as experimenter + Cube decks go it will run into the issue of the more you have of him the worse he gets since you are going to run out of spells to cast on him. Then he is just a vanilla 5/5.

    You would have to build your entire deck around him and then you could lose to transform effects and silences. 


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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Mistwraith

    Not enough good echo cards right now to support a card like this. 

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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary - Splintergraft

    I have no idea what you would want to use this card on 

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    posted a message on Greedy Control

    This deserves a thumbs up, no healing. Little taunt. Few Early game anti-aggro cards. Expensive AOE. This is going to be a terrible deck vs aggro. A deck thats bad against aggro is going to be a deck that is bad for ladder.

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    posted a message on The Lich King Reveals the Warrior Legendary & Mage Spell!

    Am I the only one who shed a tear for the loch king?

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    posted a message on New Hunter Spell Revealed! - Play Dead

    Contender for most adorable card of the set

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    posted a message on Afraid priest is going to be the new shaman

    Priest will never been Shaman levels of popular for a simple reason: People don't want to play complicated decks over long games. They want to play quick games with simple decks. Go look at two of the most popular decks in hearthstone ever, Midranged Hunter (Classic) and Secret Paladin (TGT). They weren't even the best decks in their meta! Miracle Rogue in classic and Patron Warrior in TGT were both better. But they were hard to pilot and played longer games. 


    TL;DR: Priest would be more like Miracle rogue or Patron Warrior than Midranged shaman, Midranged Hunter, Huntertaker, etc if it ever became "op"

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    posted a message on Guess Who's Not Doing Heroic Tavern Brawl :)
    Quote from ShadowDragonHS >>

    Any streamer or anyone played rogue in this braw? cuz i don't think rogue is strong there (or anywhere else), thats why i am not playing this shit. 

     Ryzen played this brawl quite a few times with rogue. He even got 12 wins on one run
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    posted a message on How to beat Donatello

    You need...

    the impossible jump!



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    posted a message on Is downvoting on decks really constructive or beneficial?

    I like the down voting for decks. Too many people just grab standard net decks and repost them as if they invented them. Negative feed back acts as a small check against that. If there was only positive reinforcement then more people would repost the same net decks than already do.

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    posted a message on New card from Zhangding

    Might be worse than a boulderfist ogre in a dragon deck

    i exaggerate but it's pretty bad

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    posted a message on we got another winner ZhangDing

    Corrupted nozdormu: turns now last 15 minutes

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