About Me

I am known mainly for RTS real time strategy games. I love hearthstone and cards games like this and poker too. I do post youtube videos on Hearthstone sometimes; however, it is not the main game I play since I am more pro at RTS than card-games.

I played this for a while though and have alot of experience and knowledge to share, along with more entertaining decks, that may or may not be stronger than the meta's but are defiantly more fun than most decks out there!

I have a twitch account and Youtube that have the same name Real Strategy Gaming. Formally known as gohan41029.  I am known on yotube, but am not as active on twitch until I get more followers, then I will stream more there. I will occasionally stream once in a while. Please subscribe to my youtube first and my twitch also.


Favorite Class Rogue


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