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    posted a message on Reward track sucks ?

    Reddit tried it's best to prove what you claim as the track got announced.
    The first itteration was about the same as the old system, maybe even worse for the average player.
    Could they give out more free stuff? Well, sure. More free stuff is always welcome ofc.
    This itteration of the track gives you more for your time in all aspects than the old system though.

    TLDR: No, just your romanticised memory hitting you.

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    posted a message on The Hearthstone Problem - An Analysis
    Quote from Crusader2020 >>

    These morons need to impose a minimum mana cost for spells, increase the health of heroes to at least 45, and remove rush and charge minions from the game or increase their cost by at least 2 in most cases.

    Problem solved.

    But no, these "designers" are making shit decisions every step they take.

    Good for you that you'd never need to defend those "easy" adjustments you're proposing there.
    "Problem solved"? Laughable.

    @Xssx I do see a problem in that "Bigger! Faster!! Stronger!"-mentality too though. But the devs aknowledged that and said they want to slow down the power level this year.
    Imo the problematic cards of the meta are mostly cards from the Barrens/Stormwind/Alterac sets, specifically heroes and questlines. Guff, for example, enables cards like Kazakusan. In "Dragon Priest" or "Control Warrior" Kazakusan is not really a problem, but just a delayed finisher for the late game (as he should be).

    If you want to play a card game where you can counter your opponent, play Magic the Gathering. There you can play cards on your opponents turn as much as you want to.
    Hearthstone was never a game of countering your opponent, but reacting to what your opponent left you with - with very rare exceptions, like Dirty Rat.

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    posted a message on I'm already bored and disappointed by the new expansion
    Quote from ThrashOG >>

    I would much rather play Destiny 2, LostArk, AC Valhalla or any other game.

     I mean ... do it then? Never understood this sentiment of "would rather" regarding other games.
    You have little obligation to play HS other than maybe addiction (in this case even more reason to stop).

    Play what is fun, don't waste your time with games you don't want to play.

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    posted a message on Voyage to the Sunken City Promo Event - Crab Rave - With Drops!

    This is truly random. I love it!

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Voyage to the Sunken City Decks - The Best New Decks for the Expansion!

    As someone who copy pasta decks to play them (My last one was a fun taunt druid in wild with Hadronox and N'Zoth, the Corruptor):

    Ppl don't have the time making/refining a selfmade deck for a random f2p digital cardgame into competitiveness - apart from those ppl not able to do it for the lack of deckbuilding skills ofc. Most just want to play a few rounds in between other stuff.

    Do your decks yourself, if you can, and let those who can't or won't alone.
    There are many interesting and odd builds out there to a) get ideas from or b) play them. Not all of them -and none of the new set ones- are refined or T1 decks anyways.

    If I, for example, want to make my own decks, I build an EDH deck for MtG to play with my friends, definetly not worth my time for a shallow cardgame like hearthstone.

    This lowkey elitism is just sad. I see it in so many (card)games and mostly from ppl who don't have much else going on than that specific game. People play for different reasons and all of them are perfectly fine.

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    posted a message on Twenty eight damage hero power on turn seven

    This guy went into a positive, yet marginal thread with the last reply being 2 days old to say "standard kekw".
    Don't mind him. A pathetic troll trying to get exposure, nothing more. Such lowlife just exists in forums.

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    posted a message on Is Dungeon Run gonna come back?
    Quote from H1st0ry >>

    I think its time for you to play other games that are like that because blizz has moved on.

     That is so much out of topic that it amuses me. Maybe you should step away from the game if you randomly advice others to do it.

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    posted a message on Is there a algorithm that changes the classes you face depending what you play?
    Quote from MrDread >>
    Quote from zynessa >>

     The people propagating this conspiracy theory are proving Blizzard's supposed motivation to do this in the first place to be wrong. Clearly, even the impression of this supposed rigging is ruining game experience for you guys, making it an inherently bad business decision to actually do it. Yes, Blizzard will do stuff for the sake of player engagement, but making the game feel worse to play certainly *cannot* fall under that umbrella. 

    But just like all the other conspiracy theorists on the web, you guys are so lost in the sauce that these inherently incompatible facts somehow are still used as "evidence". 

     Blizzard cares about a good game experience, huh?

    Is that why the salt thread has been the oldest and most active thread on this forum for years?

    Blizzard doesn't care about anything. It is a name and a legal entity.
    So who are you two talking about? The devs? The finance ppl? The shareholders? The president? The CEO?
    The answer will vary greatly depending on what section you are referencing here.

    On a sidenote, the salt thread is the most active one in any multiplayer game ever created.
    It is just human to be upset about losing a game and trying to shift blame away from oneself.

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    posted a message on Does anyone have a list of requirements to unlock everything for the league of explorers in duels?

    Go to the solo content of League of Explorers Tombs of Terror, there you can look at every requirement for the specific powers/treasures. There is probably a wiki entry about that content requirements too.

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    posted a message on Is there a algorithm that changes the classes you face depending what you play?

    Be honest here, you are a bit bored rn, aren't you?Why else would you argue against emotions? :'D

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    posted a message on Mercanaries Task Discussion/Guide Thread

    The special merc packs, yes. If you don't have that specific merc yet, getting any portrait of them will make them playable for you.

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    posted a message on Mercanaries Task Discussion/Guide Thread

    Don't know if you can already, but I would be surprised if you couldn't get them in packs later on.
    There are rumors that you can craft portraits at some point in the future too, nothing more than rumors right now though.

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    posted a message on Diamond Drek’thar
    Quote from JuliasKriek >>

     Buying with gold is a better way, 3k gold is 30 dollars / euros?

     Buying it at all at this price is a bad decision.
    I don't mind it too much since it is a card most already own anyways, but its still not a good idea to support such a price in any way.

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    posted a message on 23.0 Patch Notes - Expansion, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, New Year & More!

    Then....don't buy it. Everyone got a Drek'Thar in golden.

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    posted a message on So where is the fun?

    Just move on if you feel tired. A game is a game.
    I took a break for a year playing other stuff like Arena and Gwent - or even *lowers voice* single player games.

    Generally asking this right before an expansion is just dumb tho.
    Honestly, you can screech about nagas all you want, you don't know the meta to come, so don't act like you are talking facts.

    That you play fast decks on plat rn is probably due to the new month and ppl trying to climb to legendary rank afap. (before the new exp hits)
    As someone who played since beta, you should know and have already experienced this behaviour. This is no suprise at all...

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