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    posted a message on please tell me Tickatus is a bad and late april fools joke

    - Archivist Elysiana helps in every control deck, if you encounter that wl deck very often. (according to MetaStats though, you wont) 

    - That warlock is reliant to get to Tickatus in the midgame and Y'Shaarj in the late game to win... but even then not even guaranteed. It is maybe annoying but definetly not OP. (Essentially a combo deck that doesn't even kill if combo is drawn)

    - If a simple direction of archetypes can dismantle this deck that reliably, it simply isn't good. Wich will make it an occasional encounter at best. (you know the old rock-paper-scissor principle of Aggro-Combo-Control)

    - A control deck being unfavored against another control deck is also as old as time. Those loosing against WL are likely more favored/build against aggro/midrange encounters.

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    posted a message on please tell me Tickatus is a bad and late april fools joke

    @Mxller The meta is ALWAYS full of aggro at the beginning of an expansion... (...)

    Aggro decks are cheap to build, reap fast wins and are especially good against unrefined decks. That simple.

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    posted a message on Done with this cashgrab greed

    May I steal your comment? It is too good to rot in this threat alone.

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    posted a message on Rewards Track Client Patch - Updated With Gold Swaps For Packs

    "Nice picture, dude"
    Thank you very much.

    "But it completely IGNORE the fact that they CUT 10 gold for 3 wins. "
    Indeed. That change has nothing to do with the rewards track. You people need to differ those two things. That is my point.

    "Now they completely cut this part, see? 100 gold * 90 = 9000. Add it to your picture and stop confusing people."
    If you have a winrate of +60% with 5min games at max, you'd need to play 4h each and every day. Highly unlikely.
    Btw, not my picture but HearthstoneMathematics - you should check them out, pretty good data aqquisition/preperation.

    "so it was 1 PACK per day. Every day if you want."
    Different point though. If you get 1 pack each day or 2 packs every two days there is no difference apart from the "fix" to open a pack of (likely) 50 dust.

    " I dont need numbers to compare systems"
    I can't stress this enough: You really do need numbers to compare systems.

    I am pretty much the same type of player that you are tbh. BUT I think you missunderstood my picture: I am not saying Hearthstone is'nt expensive as hell, and the "new mini exp" won't help. It is also sad that you only get roughly a third of a set when spending about 100 bucks - every three months.
    I am saying however that the new system is pretty fun, gives a sense of progression and some neat extras, like e.g. a portrait, while not reducing your gold income formerly gotten by quests - THAT is the purpose of said system: quest for gold -> reward track.

    Now, that they wiped the 3w=10g is bad, but a completely different issue. That the exp in the track is utterly badly balanced and the rewards don't really compensate for the win=gold loss, is easily adjustable though.
    That they try to milk their playerbase is pretty common in every f2p game.

    They need to change much to make it even remotely playable, but that is, again, not the new rewards tracks fault. Dust exchange rates, legendary/epic drop rates, transparancy, etc. those are the real problems.

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    posted a message on REWARDS TRACK UPDATE - Official Blizzard Statement

    Nooo, they lied to us. They are evil. Money go brr. And so on...

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Il'gynoth

    "Isn't that kinda Kayn Sunfury's role? IMO, It would be cool to restrict that idea solely to one of its Legendaries."
    It indeed is, although big taunts are simply to common for a single legendary to save the day, I guess.

    "Similar, to how Mindrender Illucia is the only real answer Priest has to combo decks. Besides Dirty Rat, which is neutral."
    Yeah, though combo decks are an archetype (a moderately rare one too), and every deck from midrange to control runs big taunts nowadays.

    "Oh well, guess it's too late now."
    If DH gets too opressive, they'll just ban/nerf some cards (again). Let's hope they don't go overboard. ;)

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Il'gynoth

    A 9 mana 3 card combo that deals a lot of dmg, IF there isn't a taunt in the way and IF you somehow stabilized without dying as DH and also kept those cards until then.

    Sounds more OP than it probably is tbh.

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Il'gynoth

    Since Thanatos already answered about your Spellbreaker point (wich would've been exactly my answer), i'll go to the deeper point of why give DH silence towards their class identy (even if it is fringe rn):

    I didn't mean to say "how" i meant "why". They needed a way to get through taunt, without giving them single target removal. (two bad cards that won't see play most of the time, unless you REALLY need them in the meta aren't worth the fuss tbh).

    "So does Rogue, yet they nerfed Leeching Poison at one point, which is the only way Rogues can get Lifesteal (besides Spectral Cutlass). I'm aware it was mostly because of Kingsbane, but still."
    Yes, as I wrote: You need armor, lifegain or removal. Rogue has historically good removal. Since DH has no armor/removal they only have lifesteal left. Since no other attacking class has it really, it is free designing space.

    "And all in all, they shouldn't fill up every possible gap in a class."
    Agreed. But with DH they aren't right now, lifesteal is a crucial part of their "face go brr" identity - their biggest distinction towards other classes. To add new cards for it in a new expansion is plain normal and doesn't close a gap.

    "Man, you could be like: "You know what Paladin doesn't have yet? Stealing minions. Let's give them their own Mind Control."
    Where does DH steal an identity of another class "X" to the point it doesn't feel like "DH" but "X"?

    This new legendary is completely in the class identity of DH:
    Recklessly attacking and sacrificing heal for more dmg like the glass canon they are.

    "Why does Aldrachi Warblades have Lifesteal?"
    Again, DH simply needs heal to stay in the game at all, since weapon attacks are their main focus. WL leeches life with spells (with dmg), Druid heals with spells (without dmg), Priests heal all over the place, shaman heals like druid but less predictable/reliable. DH leeches life by attacking smth.
    I honestly don't see the reason to rant about it.

    "THAT would make sense. THAT's class identity."
    DH having lifesteal is lorewise pretty much on point. They consume the life essence of their foes (demons) to turn this new strength against them. That is why they're part demons in the first place.

    BTW, nice to have a conversation without immediate personal attacks (like SinAscendant did).

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Il'gynoth

    Look at the name. It is an old god minion. (In fact it is a "part" of N'zoth)

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Il'gynoth

    Most of those points aren't even "class identity" but simple archetypes.

    Go wide/Go tall
    ... All classes can do that. Literally. Even priest can go wide (midrange).

    "Better control cards"
    Not really. Only small AOE, no Single target removal. Almost no card generation -> fatigue is a big issue.

    "Objectively better burst damage cards"
    Ever seen an aggro focused class without burst? "Better Burst" is very arguable, since it depends greatly on the situation/match up.

    "Lifesteal (Why?)"
    DH hits stuff with its own face. Like all weapon based classes, they need some healing, armor or hard removal.

    "Silence (Why?)"
    Mostly to get through taunt. Example: Magehunter

    BUT to talk class identity, it is defined by the following:

    Weapon/Face as one of the main DMG outputs (I count lifesteal towards this part, as a side effekt)
    (Big) Demons
    Sacrificial pawns, like Coordinated Strike
    Card draw, but no generation. (Glass canon)
    Disruption/Silence, like Mana Burn
    Can deal with small stuff, but not with big stuff

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Il'gynoth

    Soul Shards don't have life steal though. Or do you mean the weapon, that has nothing to do with soul DH in particular?

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    posted a message on New Demon Hunter Card Revealed - Il'gynoth

    Old God =/= Demon ... This looks like a minion from the old gods not a demon.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Pass Vs Tavern Pass
    Quote from kriszbacsi >>
    • Tavern Tickets that grant access to either Arena or Duels - so Duels will not be free, it will have an entry fee

    To clarify:
    Duels will have both a free (casual) AND a paid (competitive) version. The free one wont have rewards, the paid one will be pretty similar to arena. 

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    posted a message on I’ve never regretted anything as much as duels

    Oh boy, think for yourself next time you spent 80 bucks only for the early access of a new game mode "bc streamers hyped it".

    Few points here:
    -Streamers like it bc ... they like it. They aren't lying just bc your opinion differs from theirs, smh.
    -It is early access with currently 1 hero power/treasure to choose from 4 heroes. This will expand at the very least on release.
    -80 bucks are for the 85 packs and hero portrait + BG perks + EA - not JUST EA

    To mirror some comments: Grow up and move to the salty threat.

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