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    Correction: I meant they should bring back Adventures* not Expansions 

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    When will blizzard understand that the game should focus on the f2p part more?
    I think they should bring back Expansions (new ones) which could be purchased with in-game gold. That was a great way for f2p players to remain f2p while keeping up and having the same tools as those who paid. I mean people will still throw money at the game! The point is that as new expansions come out, the cost of the game goes up. This means that many competitive f2p players can't keep up and end up leaving the game. Most of my friends don't play Hearthstone anymore because of this. Isn't that what Hearthstone's all about? Playing with friends?
    Oh and btw, this is all coming from someone who's pretty much the exact opposite of f2p as I've spent WAYYY too much on this game already (pretty sure that's why I'm one of the last who kept playing)
    In the last few expansions, they did introduce some things which do help the f2p as well as the suckers who keep throwing money at the screen (me included), which are the free legendary(s) and packs at the start of each new expansion, as well as the No Duplicate Legendary change. But that's about IT.
    (Well there are the occasional events like the Midsummer Fire Festival which helped, or the occasional free pack, but in a game which needs at least a hundred packs per expansion just to keep up.. That's not enough)
    Give more! Give more to RECEIVE more!! You want the player-base to grow right? Then as more content gets released, release free content as well! Keep in mind that paying players always start as f2p, but if you turn them off early on due to the high cost of the game, they'll just leave it and play some other similar game which doesn't require as much spending and grinding just to remain competitive.

    Sorry for the rant guys.. 

    Cheers ~

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    I just reached Legend for the very first time, but did so while playing in Wild EU (don't know if that counts lol).
    I used a combination of Renolock, Odd Pala and Odd Rogue starting from Rank 12.. Jesus Christ Rank 1 - Legend was a nightmare.

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    I know many have already said this but.. Wow this deck performs wonderfully! I've been stuck at Ranks 5-3 for the past two months (I never have the will to put in the grind, I hate it, so unless I use a deck with a very high win-rate I usually just chill and use meme-decks).
    I had already tried variations of this deck (Alliestrasza's was my favorite prior to trying out this one) but this one's just stomping on everything it finds!! It's a very well-balanced deck with an answer to pretty much anything, Aggro, Combo or Control. I only changed one thing (and that I'm not sure of), which is I swapped a Plated Beetle for another Spellbreaker (great and must-keep when queuing against Hunter, most of which are those annoying Big Recruit decks)

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    Reno Jackson.. Playing him riiiight before your opponent kills you is one of the BEST feeling EVER LOL.
    I always feel like busting a nut when it happens haha

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    Too late. I "feel" for those who crafted Keleseth this month lol 
    There are so many new board clears and obstacles:  Warrior now has a new really good board clear Reckless Fury, Warlock is probably setting up a wall of taunts, other than the fact that it's one of the classes with the beast board clears of the game, Mage already has a lot of anti-aggro tools, and now has even more so due to new card-generating cards, Dragon Priest now has Duskbreaker which is insane as he can get an additional 2 from Netherspite Historian and we still need to see the new Hunter cards which I suppose are more Control oriented (thus some type of shitty board clear is to be expected).
    I wouldn't say aggro is dead. Keleseth decks could still survive if they're able to Highroll against certain decks, but I'd say for the most part we'll see a return of The Caverns Below since the new secret and legendary will make the Quest 10x easier to complete. So we'll have a Control heavy meta (the better decks so far seem to be Jades,  big druid,Razakus Anduin, Dragon Priest, Fatigue Warrior, Control Warlock, probably some kind of new OTK Mage and Elemental Mage, or probably even some kind of functional Mill Rogue), Quest Rogues, and a few sparse aggro and mid-range decks here and there.
    BUUUT until they reveal all the cards all bets are off, though the scenario I described is what I believe we'll see.

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    From the looks of it I'd say this expansion's gonna be sooooo fun.. at least during the first 2 weeks.. BUUUT I'm unfortunately afraid that, like with almost every other expansion, some broken-ass decks will pop up and make the meta unplayable for most original decks till the next rotation.

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    I removed The Lich King and put instead Lord Jaraxxus since I find TLK to be a bit too unreliable. I often get Army of the dead, that's pretty bad with this deck. A problem I found is that, due to the weak early game of the deck, I'll reach the 8th or 9th turn with very low HP, and while a Taunt such as TLK can save you on some occasions, Lord J. will turn games around most of the time. Also, with today's Druid-Meta games tend to be much slow making greedy decks more viable (just look at Big Priest, which, unless they have Barnes, play their first card on the 6th turn). Some other minor changes I made, which IMO make the deck overall better, are:
    -Bloodmage Thalnos +Sunfury Protector

    -Happy Ghoul +Mind Control Tech

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