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    Great post! This has everything a new player would need in one place. This is a really awesome resource. 

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    In my opinion I would lose the blood knight and acolyte of pain. I imagine waiting for a divine shield to come along. If your playing a Paladin well thats fine until... oh they have a 3 drop Aldor Peace Keeper to reduce your blood knights short lived health. Many games you will not see a divine shield. Now that card is useless until your own sunwalker comes out lol. This is what I think of blood knight. To me it is a Paladin deck only card. 

    I know how tempting it is to play a Ancient of War. In the current meta, past meta and future meta there are just far too many ways this thing dies. 

    Hunter: Deadly Shot (3 mana), IronBeak Owl (2 mana, now its a 7mana 5/5).

    Druid: Keeper of the grove (4 mana that makes your 7 drop a 5/5) 

    Priest: Shadow word death (3 mana)

    Paladin: Equality (2 mana)

    Rogue: Assasinate (5 mana) 

    The list goes on and on. Not to mention most control decks are back to running The Black Knight. This is why I currently run 2x Ancient of Lore, and Zero AoW!

    Now that this is a Ramp Druid lol get rid of the Argent Squire. So many better options on turn 4 then a Squire Blood Knight Combo. Like a yeti? Why are there no yeti's? or Harvest Golems? or Cairne, even a Rag... 

    The purpose of a Ramp Druid (that you now have) is to jump ahead into the mana curve. Why would you use Wild Growth to jump ahead and still have cards like Argent Squire, Scarlet Crusader etc... Jump ahead to work backwards? A Ramp Druid is designed to just start dropping GIANT THREATS. Your biggest threat can be delt with for no more then 3 mana in most decks AoW. 

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but you might want to read into the mechanics of certain decks and decide if you want to be a Ramp druid, Aggro, Watcher, Control, etc... Trying to play more then 1 strategy when you deckbuild will cause lots of problems. It is totally fine though in a game to decide to rush down and pressure (most decks can be played this way if you choose).

    Hopefully these questions will spark some more convo/ thoughts.

    Consider Adding: Cairne or Rag, Thalnos, SunWalkers, Harvest Golem

    Removing: Divine Shields, Bloodknight, Silvermoon (for  sunwalkers), Faeiry Dragon ( harvest Golem), Fen Creeper.

    Hit me up if you want to try a go at my druid. Its been pretty refined lol.




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    Arena is one place that stuff works well. Constructed would most likely have a silence in hand or soon to come up.. Smart Play!

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    I find the majority of the people are usually waiting for the timer hoping that you get really annoyed and start doing other things. Then before you know it Turn 9  NOZDORMU FTW

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    posted a message on NA/EU Rising Embers HearthStone Clan (recruiting)


    Take your game to the next level. We have 500 posts and counting, 20 members (Half EU and NA). We have weekly tournaments for both EU and NA, a youtube channel, twitter, blog, etc... We are also getting organized for podcasts and twitch.

    Join our great community and play some cards.


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    Looking to recruit active and competitive players to Team Rayg3Qwitt. Our forum is at http://rayg3qwitt.proboards.com/

    We are a new team and are looking to take the game to the next level. Discuss decks, strategy, etc in a group all your own. I want us to be entering every tournament possible, dominate game battles ladder and have a blast while doing it. Eventually we will have internal tournaments, possibly a podcast/twitch station.

    We are at the ground level. We have a pro boards forum, a twitter @Rayg3Qwitt and a game battles. 

    Join me!


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