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    Tickatus could be bad for the game but not for the reasons you think. You want to know some decks REALLY bad for the game? I will give an example. OTK DH. There are other examples like OTK DH that are bad game design, but they are more subtle and people don't realise it. OTK DH though is a deck that absolutely should not exist.

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    The best classes in the game barely discover.

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    The problem people are experiencing is that cards like refreshing spring water put all of the deck's power onto a couple of cards. It feels as if they draw that card, you lose the game.

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    posted a message on The Rock Paper Scissors Meta a Problem? (Standard)
    Quote from axx >>

    Having less polarized matchups should definitely be a goal. Playing a matchup where you have 30-40% chance to win is a lot more fun than one at 10-15%. But it can be a tricky thing to balance in a game where players deliberately develop counter strategies. 

    Personally I don't think a deck like face Hunter should ever be tier 1. It should be tier 2-3 and something that can be brought out to punish slower, greedier strategies. 

    A card like Tickatus is mainly problematic because it feels terrible to play against. It's winrate isn't that high. But another aspect of it is that it potentially locks out other control strategies, forcing the meta into a corner. 

     Tickatus is fine if they gave control proactive win conditions. The win conditions which can beat tickatus warlock in a control deck aren't very good. They are:

    1. Rattlegore - slow, need to draw it before tickatus gets rid of it, and with jarraxus the warlock can deal with it (even if you faceless it).

    2. Clowns. This is actually pretty good vs warlock. If you put clowns in priest with some good draw etc you can achieve an even matchup vs warlock. Probably even better than even if you take out a lot of the anti aggro tools for more card draw. You then lose to aggro then.

    That's it. They didn't give in class win conditions to priest and shaman for control decks unfortunately. This is why tickatus feels so bad. Tickatus is way too slow and irrelevant if the warlock is playing any sort of midrange/tempo/aggro deck. Basically any deck that does anything beats it. It punishes the control decks too much though. Some people may think this is a good thing since control vs control makes games take ages, but if they just gave control powerful 10 mana plays then it would be fine. Warlock has jarraxus and tickatus. Why can't priest and also shaman get some really powerful 10 mana win conditions. 10 mana plays have to be super strong and basically win you the game to be viable to play. Jarraxus is gain 5 armor and equip a weapon for 9 mana. It does nothing. That's ok though since you get a lot of value from it later (if you didn't have 0 mana taunts though, jarraxus or twisting would feel HORRIBLE to play since your opponent just develops a board).

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    The acidic swamp ooze isn't needed. That needs to go. The deck has no card draw, but that isn't your fault. Blizzard just refuses to give any sort of card draw to shaman. You are better off with loot hoarders even than acidic swamp ooze. You probably also don't want primordials but rather taleon fordring in order to pull your prime, because that's about all the draw you have. The problem with primordial is 8 drop minions arnt insanely good like 5 drops, but they are alright. There are some high rolls like plagued photodrake though! Supreme Abyssal usually feels bad lol. Arcane devourer isn't the worst though. You definitely have some low rolls too. Beastmaster, cenarius, natalie seline. The others arn't too bad though, so I do get it.

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    Quote from Bengalaas >>

    The game is mostly fine right now.

    The main problem that people are having is that the established decklists are still from the time of mage dominance and are ill equipped to handle the new meta. 

     No it's not. It's actually pretty busted. Just not for the reasons he stated. The legend meta is very bad. Rush warrior is dominating EVERY deck. The stats show that it is unfavoured vs priest, but if you use nohandsgamer's list it becomes favored (you just need to play around hysteria religiously at every point). The only deck that seems to be doing ok is control warlock, but that deck loses to most everything else in the game. It's also only 50/50.

    TL:DR - rush warrior is so broken right now, the only deck that beats it is itself. There is some promising control warrior might beat it though, but no one has refined that list yet. Until then though, it's a rush warrior meta.

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    posted a message on Priest and discover are broken

    Why is everyone complaining about these decks that don't win, and no one is complaining about the deck that is favoured vs literally every deck in the game (ok it's even vs warlock).

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    Looks fun. I usually like your decks. It's not going to be the best deck around, but I do like playing hunter. I am a bit sad tavish beast hunter isn't a bit more viable.

    I would consider taking out the carrion studies for more early tempo. I also wonder if we can fit in kolkar somehow. If we take out carrion studies for wound prey, then we can maybe take out the quickshots for kolkar?

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    posted a message on Hunter needs to be nerfed

    There is a deck more powerful that will save you from the hunters. You are not going to like it though, because in turn it will be the only thing on ladder. Rush warrior is favoured vs hunter. It is also favoured vs everything else in the game pretty much. Arguably it's even with control warlock. The stats show it's unfavoured vs control priest but that might not be the full story, because that may be a lack of playing around hysteria.

    Look up nohandsgamer's rush warrior. It will beat hunter pretty easily.

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    posted a message on Lunacy experience remains the same
    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    DoL at 4 mana seems fair. Being played later means that (a) it transforms fewer spells and (b) you have to spend your turn 4 doing nothing. If you guys can't develop enough tempo to beat a deck that passes on t4 then the problem is the deck you are playing and not DoL

     So the problem is with you if you play warlock, priest and warrior?

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