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    I hate dragon priest so much. Not that I hate priest, third favorite class to play. I just hate how their best deck is a mindless minion spam deck.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card Revealed - Gnomeferatu
    Quote from Eirz >>

    The reason why this card is good:

    The worst case, it's just a 2/3 and you burn a random card. But this won't make you lose the game.

    On the other hand, if you burn a specific, needed combo card, maybe an Auctioneer when your opponent was waiting for this top deck with a full hand of spells, then you just win the game. Even if the chance for this to happen is like 3%, it's still possible.

    but since this card is warlock only, we won't see it much anyway i guess

     Top decking a river croc can loose you the game. If you noticed, most 1-2 drops are value based now and not tempo based. Look at all the 1-3 drops that let you discover a card, or add a card to your hand. You can top deck those and find something you need and not be so far behind. But if you topdeck a 2/3 in constructed, when you needed more stats/board-impact, you did just lose the game. Although, warlock does have the ability to draw cards with his hero power so value/discover isn't needed. However, that's a tempo and HP loss as they need to spend 2 mana AND 2 HP to draw a card beyond the shitty 2/3 that they top decked.
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    Okay so rank 10 has its own meta that as you have observed, is based on greed. If you have the cards, malygos rogue is an excellent counter to those greedlord decks as you can OTK them and they can't do anything about it. Also just Miracle rogue of any variant is good against greedy decks, especially against anyfin pally.

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    Aggro pally hands down. Aggro for pretty much any class except priest. I got Golden Shaman during GvG (when Shaman was just off the radar completely except a few classic midrange shamans).


    Also aggro pally has always been strong on ladder, outside of say rank 5 - legend. But even then, I think aggro pally has almost always been possible to pilot to legend. It's a strong deck if you can play it and build it well. And also, aggro decks are probably the most difficult to build/tech.



    Either way, your fastest way is to grind wins at rank 15-ish with aggro pally. Don't start a new deck (that isn't tier 2 or above) at a higher skill rank like 10-legend or you may face a lot of losses and be demoralized.

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    I find net decks to not work at rank 20-18. That rank seems to have more people spamming minions on curve with 1-3 drops too early. I would make a slightly greedier list. I got out of that rank with Jade Rogue because it stomped all those decks which spam too much early game stuff.

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    Pirate warrior is winnable, at like 30-40% with Miracle Rogue. You need to tech in patches and 3 1 drop pirates to make the early game bearable. And reno decks are really easy to beat with Red Mana Wyrm. That things gets up to 10-20 damage in 1 turn.

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    It's a shame this card itself has overload. But no new anti-overload mechanics have been made. Seems like if an overload deck is made, it will have to rely on Thing From Below to catch up on lost tempo. OR, this card will exist in control shaman as a cheap way to find answers, since most overload cards are spells, and the chance to get soft removal, AoE or spirit wolves is high.

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    Oddly enough, if it was a 2/3 it would be an auto-include on the same level of Flame Juggler. In fact, why did they make Flame Juggler a 2/3 but not this??

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    AceGene actually has a point. One problem with Youthful Brewmaster, especially in Arena, is that the 3/2 body is unavailable to you if you have a minion still on the board and you don't wan to lose tempo. This card is a 2/3 body ,which is pretty ideal 2 drop in Arena. The fact that it *can* return a card to your hand, if you choose to, makes it pretty strong for Arena. So after thinking about this, I don't think this card was meant for constructed.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Jade Behemoth

    I voted 'Very good', here's why:


    Taunt minions are strong, they have an immediate impact on the board, we all know that they are actually playable compared to regular stat minions like 3/5 Elise Starseeker. Basically in Tempostone, you play cards of these types only: Battlecry (impacts board state), charge (impacts board state if it has divine shield it's a tempo swing sometimes), taunt minions (impacts board state by preventing ideal trades from hurting your tempo) and lastly deathrattle (to counter simple removal, to resist stuff that impacts board state).


    So it's a taunt minion, it has potential. It's not as good as something like Fire Elemental, a card that costs the same and promotes a tempo swing. However, summoning a 2/2, 3/3, etc behind a taunt minion is HUGE. It's basically a delayed charge minon, or a way of overloading your opponent by about 2 mana and discards a card from their hand (it takes about 2 mana and a card from hand to remove a 3/3). If it isn't removed, the 2/2 golem or 3/3 golem (on average) will trade for something, maybe just do damage, etc, AND you still have the 3/6 taunt minion, which is amazing stats. It's like a Sludge Belcher but witout death rattle, has battyle cry instead, and the minion it summons hides behind the 3/6 body. Even if someone counters this card with The Blackknight, the 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc body still exists on board, so the devasting tempo swing is no longer as sever as TBK countering Ancient of War.

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