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    posted a message on Update on Weekly Quests - Quests Will be Easier to Complete

    This Blizzard comment is very "eat your cake and have it" and I think it is very misleading ... why?

    Well, Weekly Quests inherently DO NOT require active engagement with the Quest system to complete them ... consider the following Weekly Quests:
    Do 400 damage to enemy heroes
    or ... Spend 750 mana
    or ... win 5 (now 10) games

    You do not have to engage with the quest system ... you just have to actually play the game ... what does Blizzard want? Want me to play WITHOUT spending mana or NOT damaging the opponent or NOT winning (i.e. conceding asap because the opponent might concede faster)? You cannot inherently ask for active engagement when the quests require you to do standard things.

    Now, DAILY quests DO have active engagement, e.g.
    Add Nozdormu to your deck on the 15th of each month
    Play a specific class ... etc.
    Don't like 'em ... reroll 'em ... that is active engagement.

    Granted ... each expansion there is ONE Weekly Quest that is related to the expansion itself, in this case play Miniaturize (I don't count the play Battlecry cards, there are soooo many of those, any deck is bound to have a couple ... even all spell decks because you generate minions in hand that could have Battlecries) ... just how "fun" this expansion-specific quest is depends on how "good" the expansion specific cards are ... i.e., it was super easy to play titans or infuse cards or tradeable cards etc. because there were good options for all classes to add those to their decks.
    The one interactive element is to reroll that specific Weekly Quest if you don't like it ...

    I hate this twisted reasoning that Blizzard has used to change Weekly Quests ... that they change it, I'm okay with ... just don't spout stupid bullSh*t.

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    posted a message on How to beat Pure Paladin?

    control warlock ... easy pickings.

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    posted a message on Casual Mode Etiquette.

    1. You don't learn how to play chess against 5-year-old kids ... no ... you learn how to play chess against people who can actually play chess.

    i.e. learning how to pilot decks in Casual is a waste of time ... you're still going to be bad at it when you hit Ranked and face off against an endless stream of fine-tuned decks people have scrounged from around the internet. You know you can actually learn from losing and making mistakes right?

    2. Blowing off steam by playing a Tier 1 deck in Casual?!? Also ... what is fun/relaxing about going into a casual gameplay mode and facing off against the best decks in the current meta?

    As for no hardcore palyers in Casual ... I used to get emoted silly when I played wacky decks in Casual ... with every "unusual" card I played I'd get a "wow" or something stupid like that ... people would send friend requests and call me all sorts of names/abuse in Russian (mainly) or broken English ... it got so bad I stopped accepting them (and sending friend requests) and even reported some players who said really offensive stuff in the past. I genuinley had a worse play-experience in Casual than I've had on ladder since.

    Haven't played Casual in 3 years now (I think, maybe more) ... when Firebat started the Deck Doctor stuff for Omnistone. Casual is an asinine environment ... just look at the replies above ... I coudn't care less what the other player plays cuz I like midrange zooy or greedy midrange decks so usually have a chance against most decks. I usually include a favorite legendary card that is not commonly played (in the past they've included Dollmaster Dorian, Da Undertakah, and others - at the moment don't really have one, Naralex?)

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    posted a message on Casual Mode Etiquette.

    100% agree with the original poster ... casual should be for fun meme-style stuff that you know will fail 99% of the time but just want to see if you can pull it off once without having to run into T1 face decks or combo decks all the time.

    As far as making minor adjustments to top tier decks and play testing them in Casual ... just do it on ladder where you'll actually learn something useful ... what use is it knowing your deck with tiny tweeks can destroy a Roll the Bones Thief deck or meme deck?
    If you're not good enough to switch out two or three cards in a T1 deck and continue winning you are probably struggling on ladder anyway.

    Then you have players like me ... who don't play Casual (anymore) and do everything silly in Ranked ... that quest to play x amount of Manathirst/Infuse cards? Build a deck with every single manathirst/infuse card for a randomly chosen class and hit up Ranked ... you'll be surprised how often you win ... and you can usually get the quest done in one or two games. (I should note, I don't play every day, maybe once or twice a week, so I don't have lots of time to just play one or two manathirst cards in a deck and eventually compelte the daily/weekly quest --- hence I have to concentrate the cards in one deck.)
    I'm currently running through all the Achievements for this and past expansions ... Pick a class and just throw cards into the deck that will get me the achievement ... B Positive - done ... Blood Bank - done ... A Graveyard Smash - done ... DIY Deathrattle - done ... No Swapsies Backsies - almost done. etc. etc. ... and the funny thing is I usually end up at the rank I started because I play cards noone is expecting which catches then off guard so I manage to win about half the time.

    I just follow the advice Deck Doctor Firebat used to give out ... if you want to try out new stuff just do it on ladder, who cares if you lose rank, at least you're trying it out against the decks that matter at the moment ... if you lose 5 ranks then just metadeck and play what you are comforatble with to get those ranks back (or get the ranked rewards you want).

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    posted a message on Signature duplicate of an uncraftable legendary

    I find this whole reroll thing weird and I'm not sure it works as intended.

    Example 1
    I had two standard Plaguespreaders the current reward track gave me a gold copy (uncraftable) at lvl 65 ... I don't want golden cards to said YES to the reroll ... I now own a Golden copy and only 1 standard copy ! ... (and I got a standard copy of en Epic I do not own) ... so it removed a standard copy for the golden one.
    Huh? I thought the golden version would be "rerolled", not my standard copy.

    Example 2
    I got a golden copy of Lor'themar Theron via the reward track, and also of The Sunwell ... I already have regular versions of both cards ... but I was not given the option to reroll the golden versions for random legendaries.
    Huh? I thought we got the option to reroll each golden/signature card we got in this manner. Again, I don't collect golden cards (though do signature and diamond) and I'm missing 2 legendaries from the latest set (though have both as Diamond and Signature!)

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    posted a message on The Corpse Mechanic is a FAILURE

    The corpse mechanic is fine ... that battlecries (with discover) and spells are better, so be it.

    Personally, I cannot stand that deck (or decks like it from the past) ... it is basically a face deck WITH freeze mechanics ... combining two of the most irritating/frustrating things to deal with in HS. It just ignores my board (I like to play minion-based midrange decks) and freezes me out turn after turn. Yay, fun ... so why did they remove Frost Nova and tone down the freeze stuff in Mage again?
    Unfortunately, they just nerfed a control card ... where control would be able to keep a face deck like this in check ...

    As for corpses ... I'm thinking a tech card would be neat ... like that card that popped divine shields and gained stats ... something that eats your opponent's corpses and gains stats (a reverse Lord Marrowgar as it were).

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    posted a message on Golden Cards from Achievements
    Quote from Banur >>

    Those achievements are for those who didn't get the cards from the rewards track. Originally the achievements gave XP.

    1-3: If you complete them now, you get the points and that's it.

    4: They still display the reward - but since you have it already, it does nothing.

     That's a bummer. Ah well ... still going to get all the achievements, but won't prioritize those (as I'd intended to).

    I'm sprinkling in the current set (for the xp) with the ones from Barrens, Stormwind, and Alterac before they rotate to wild (although some might be easier to complete there).

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    posted a message on Golden Cards from Achievements

    Sorry if this has already been answered in another thread, but I didn't see it ...

    I noticed that there are multiple Achievements that give out golden copies of cards. I've also noticed that I already have many of those golden cards (all uncraftable --- assume I got them through a rewards track).

    So, for example ... there's an Achievement I've not done that needs the player to swap a 0-cost with a 10-cost minion using Shadow Hunter Vol'jin ... the reward being a golden copy of that card, which I already own.

    1. Do I get a second copy? Both regular and golden versions cannot be disenchanted.
    2. Does it ask me to disenchant that card for a random legendary from that set?
    3. Do I get dust?
    4. Do I only get Achievement points? If so, why tell me I'm getting a golden version?

    Cheers for your reactions.

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    posted a message on A couple of card interactions that grind my gears

    The most irritating thing about Scourge Rager is that it doesn't trigger the "Play 10 Reborn Minions" quest we currently have as part of the event (because of what you say) ...

    There aren't many reborn minions in standard (only 4 ... Invincible, Blightblood Berserker, Malignant Horror, and Thassarian ... the reset are all summon) so played one wild game to complete it ... irritating for people who don't have access to those wild cards ... yes, BGs will probably do it, but I don't play that mode (if it is not part of a daily).

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    posted a message on 25.0.4 Patch Notes - Many Balance Changes - Arena and BG Changes Too & More

    I've posted this on the Blizzard forum ...

    but the nerf to Forsaken Lieutenant (increase in mana) means that one of the puzzles in the Dawngrasp Book of Heroes cannot be completed because the solution now requires too much mana.

    Hope they fix this somehow ... I've been going back to complete some of the solo adventures I hadn't gotten around to doing and just noticed this today ...

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    posted a message on Burgle/steal and corpse cards
    Quote from Seshua >>

    But there's still a big difference between cards which have no use and cards which you can't even play to get out of your hand.

     Name one card you can't play ... you can play every single DK card you get in hand through any manner ... sure, it won't be efficient and some might be truly terrible (the 5 mana one that summons rush minions for corpses spent summons zero ... but that's the absolute worst card you can get) ... other cards, for other classes, that are absolutely useless for the most part are cards like Wildfire, Paladin spells that target Silverhand Recruits (imagine if you can't generate them - though you might get a generation card too), Chum Bucket (because I'm sure your thief deck is loaded with Murlocs) ... Forged in Flame ...

    I can go on and on ... you can play 'em all, but if they do something useful can be debated ... that's the risk of playing a meme thief/burgle/ whatever you want to call it deck.

    No, the corpse mechanic should not be transported to other classes ... just like some classes don't have weapons with which you can attack.

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    posted a message on Burgle/steal and corpse cards

    You need to be able to discover/steal/randomly generate bad cards to keep those mechanics fair.

    Back in the day, Stonehill Defender was an auto-include in Paladin because the Paladin taunts were nuts ... that's the same idea. If you can only get one or two Death Knight cards (The Sourge etc.) that aren't linked to corpses it becomes kinda nuts.

    On the other hand, you can't then randomly generate cards like Vampiric Blood ... which would be a bummer.

    Consider the scenario where you are a Thief Priest ... you couldn't eliminate cards like Marrowgar from the opponent's deck/hand (using the Thief Priest legendary The Harvester of Envy), or other corpse critical cards that Death Knight might be running. I actively WANT to generate those cards (get a card from the opponent's hand and deck) so I can eliminate them later with the legendary.
    Also, you can generate corpse spells through The Sunwell (as a non-Rogue or Priest) ... which I've been using a lot for the achievement ... and to be honest, it is fine.

    Basically ... you seem to be salty ... which has led you to not really think through what the consequences might be. Look if you're out there meming away with thief decks you have to expect to lose ... there are plenty of really bad cards for each class ... especially now when we're at the largest possible card selection ... I mean just look at the terrible Warrior cards you can generate (draw a weapon?! as a Priest ... oef). The next thing you'll be advocating is to get rid of drawing/buffing weapon cards because they are pretty useless in Priest.

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    posted a message on DK Isn't Weak, The Old Meta Is Too Strong
    Quote from Tarious >>

    Playing unholy, it just doesn't feel good as too many cards are corpse consumers and not generators. The worst of the offender is Malignant Horror. You have very little control over this card and the last thing you want is to get a 2/1 copy of it with it's reborn down for 5 corpses. A smart opponent will exploit this.

    The 2nd problem is card draw. The archetype has a massive lack of it. Plagued Grain is an amazing card, but is held back by lack of draw. Most times when playing unholy, I'm hoping that I'm able to top deck something useful.

    Plus it always feels like there's only 2 ways to win with it. Get lucky enough to stick a wide board then hit them with Grave Strength or land a fat marrowgar that the enemy doesn't have an answer to.

    So ... then why are you playing with cards like Malignant Horror in your deck? No one is forcing you (the smart player won't oinclude that card in their deck) ... there are a ton of better 4-cost cards out there ... build your deck like Zoolock, so there's Defender of Argus (you're going wide anyway), the Dwarf that gives +2 attack etc. Go back to the basics. Hawkstrider Rancher is also solid at 3 mana.

    As for card draw ... I sub in reasonable card generation instead. There's also decent draw if you do UUF (Plagued Grain is a distraction ... don't get sucked into needing to play UUU - Grave Strength is good, but can be replaced ... Marrowgar too, try the 2 mana Manathirst legendary for some decent final burst ... the opponent knows it is coming so usually concedes before I can play part 3).
    In the last DK game I played, I had 31 unspent corpses and steamrolled the Druid I was playing against. Have tried both UUF and UUB, but haven't decided which is better yet.

    --> I insta-deleted the 3 deck suggestions and built my own based on Zoolock principles and focused on undead (tip: the Amalgam is good). My two disruption cards are Coilfang Constrictor and the Plaguespreader guy (in for the achievement but not taken out yet).
    And no, I don't run Denathrius ... can't stand the card so try to get creative in deckbuilding ... I just throw in cards I like or would like to play with (or against ... I'm sure my opponents like seeing some of the cards I play and am sure they've seen them very little on ladder.) The 2 mana legendary is better than Daddy D (in my humble opinion) because if you draw into him from turn 7 onwards he'll probably do more burst damage than Denathrius on turn 10 if you draw D on turn 7. Astalor just has a lot more flexibility and that's what I'm looking for in my Zooknight deck.

    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Lor'themar Theron and Deathbringer Saurfang Diamond cards ony with real money?

    No ... you CAN buy Lady Deathwisper diamond version for 2,000 gold ... that is what the OP is asking.

    But yeah ... I don't know of any other way to get the two cards mentioned in the first post, other than buying the bundels ... that's never going to happen in my case ... there is no way I'm paying €25 for TWO(!) card packs and a diamond card. Yes, I know that those packs are "special" with a minute chance to get Signature cards ... but no way.

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    posted a message on Another Mage Diamond Card?! - Blizzard Explains March of the Lich King's Diamond Card Choices

    Priest has a Diamond card (Darkbishop Benedictus) and there are only 9 neutrals ... if I'm not mistaken.

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