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    This card can only work if Shaman get better card draw, right now you'd have to run it in a deck with Farsights and lots of spells (Malygos is a bonus too). If they give Shaman some better card draw you could probably make a half decent deck out of it, but you would still need some smaller minions, probably pyromancers/thalnos to help wipe the boards earlier on (exploding sheep might be good also).  The deck would also run Earth Elementals, and being able to play these without the overload cost is a pretty big deal (yeah I know BGH and Black Knight).

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    Shaman is just bad, they are probably the least consistent class atm (lack of card draw, terrible hero power, overload very punishing, most shaman decks rely on combos) and they don't have that many good matchups. When you play other classes you will realize why you were not doing so well.

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