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    I just want to point out that this is the first deck I can recall that goes for a true class card only archetype. Think about it for a moment. I've found it rather dull in the past when the majority of decks are running the same neutral minions, Dr Boom, Doomsayers, Cobalt Scalebanes, Bonemares, etc. The list goes on. It's actually rather refreshing, especially if you enjoy hunter has a class. 

    I actually would rather see the other classes see a similar treatment, future sets with larger class card pools and fewer neutral cards. Really forge that class identity. 

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    Quote from Hunterson >>

    Dire mole is the best addition. Amazing target for razormaw, and at long last 1/3 drop which can compete with mana wyrm/ void walker and not just die for free like fiery bat or cat.

    That neutral 1 drop is increadibly huge, believe me.

    Cheap weapon kinda great too, 1 copy might be staple in agressive build.

    Amazing cards overall

     Don't forget the value of Hunter's Mark + Candleshot
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    Lets take a moment to take a step back and have a good overview of the new generally good all round cards hunters have at their disposal now, starting with the new reveals:


    These 4 cards I see having a significant long term home in most hunter decks. 

    Candleshot finally gives hunters a decent 1 mana option to combat swarmy aggro decks while preserving your hp.

    Cave Hydra serves as another option for fighting an early swarm and offering a solid body for follow up Houndmaster play.

    Flanking Strike serves as a something hunter decks desperately needed, an alternative turn 4 option to regain board control and tempo.

    And Lesser Emerald Spellstone which after just 1 upgrade makes for an incredible turn 5 option which can also force bait board removal from an opponent at the cost of a single card.

    But the love doesn't stop there, introducing our new neutral friends:

    Dire Mole and Cackling Razormaw just became BFFs. Something hunter has lacked desperately is a resilient 1 drop minion and despite it's vanilla body the synergy potential that early for hunter is a huge game changer.

    Plated Beetle may find a home in the slower midrange decks as an option to help them survive against hype aggro that tries to burn you out asap. It having a deathrattle is also nice as you can dump it for tempo plays with corpse widow.

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    Just for the love of Misha play around Potion of Madness

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    This card is deceptively well designed. The stats are extremely well designed for a priest match up. Cards like Rat Pack and Kindly Grandmother can be risky in the priest match up early with Potion of Madness around. Coining this on turn 4 has a good chance of living a turn against priest, allowing for a Rat Pack + Houndmaster on turn 5. This helps you maintain tempo while not playing into Potion of Madness and not leaving it to turn 7 as it often would be where it would have far less impact. 

    Factor in that a N'Zoth Hunter shell can now play for significantly longer without running out of gas with Stitched Tracker allowing for a potential 3 N'Zoth game and the Zombeast generation, Hunter can certainly build to play one hell of an attrition game.

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