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    posted a message on The Hearthstone you knew and loved is gone forever; How does that make you feel?
    Quote from Grubelmonster >>

    There is Classic Mode at least.

    If you want old HS play this mode from time to time. I do it myself.

     Y but they should update it too. I had a lot of fun with Classic but after a few month it got boring bc there are not many cards out. I would love to see them Release Naxx or even GvG again even more because i still have nearly all relevant cards from the old Expantions.

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    posted a message on 2 Warlock Changes Coming On Tuesday - "Mana Cost Adjustments"
    Quote from Suikiele >>

    I think it's a mix of hilarious and sad that we have reached a point where our nerf options involve something called "Aggro Priest". WTF guys.

     I mean i hate all Priest decks but im pretty happy that Priest finaly also has a second Archtype. It was the only Class that never had 2 Archtypes in Hearthstone. Even Hunter hat a Controlish deck back then with Deathstalker Rexxar.

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    posted a message on Battleground Battlemaster Removal

    you want battlemaster to get banned but stealer of souls is okay for you Omegalul. Battlemaster is just a wincon if you manage to have a sticky board witch is pretty hard these days. There are so many broken shit decks out there were you dont play a single minion and you complain about the card witch makes your deck board focused KEKW.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Collector's Edition Pin - Complete!

     Gj dude looks pretty awesome!!

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    posted a message on Add Target restrictions

    i dont think that would help much. In my opinion the main problem is that you dont have any board interaction or minion trading. And that used to be the core features of hearthstone. With that changes you still have no chance to play control because of the combo heavy decks with infinite damage.

    I wonder why they printed cards like they do now bc a long time ago they nerfed all the combo and otk decks. They told us that they dont want to have combo or otk decks dominating the meta because thats unhealthy for the game. And here we now, all complaining by the fact that these archtypes are indeed unhealthy for the game. Just give us back the old hearthstone were you play your minions, think about trading and arent able to play 20 cards in one turn.

    Btw. i was already worried when i saw decks without any minions or just very few (mage) coming up for the named reasons.

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    posted a message on What do you think about Classic Hearthstone in the Futur?
    Quote from BA5 >>

    I would like to see a mode where you can pick what ‘Year’ you wanna play / what card pool you can use.

    Im pretty sure this will never happen even if the idear is cool. But with the split on all hs years it would take way to long to find a game. And since HS is shifting to be a mobile game they highly avoid long waiting times for the games.

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    posted a message on What do you think about Classic Hearthstone in the Futur?

    You think they ceep updating Classic HS like they do with Classic WOW? I freaking enjoyed Classic HS so far but its already out several month and after so many games its getting kinda repetitive. Also there are not that many cards so you cant try out much. I would love to see Naxx and especially GvG getting released againg (Started playing HS with the announcement of Blackrock).

    Do you think this will happen in the future or did someone read anything about it? I could also imagine that they dont do future Classic updates so they dont split the playerbase even more not that many ppl switched to battlegrounds or even wild mode. But i realy dont hope so...

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    posted a message on I would like to thank Blizzard for the new nurfs(buffs)

    I like the Nerfs. Everyone will still ceep playing warlock and i can smash them with my face hunter witch is already a monster deck vs warlock.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds in a nutshell
    Quote from Tallaris >>

    Lmao. Normal HS is the trashiest of trash compared to BG.

    Idd from time to time there will be this lobby with high rollers but usually, you deserve your loss or win.

    Normal HS on the other hand? 90% of the time: his hand was better than mine, he had better randomly created stuff, his deck was a counter to mine, my deck has no tool to handle my opponent strategy, he won despite misplays.


     why are you so mad dude? If you are frustrated feel free to go in the Salt threat.

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    posted a message on Just increase the quest reward cost to 7, or even 8, mana. That makes it more possible to counter them
    Quote from BroF1sT >>

    And hand all the last remaining power to Aggro decks ? LuL, Quest decks are already unfavoured against Face Hunter, Aggro Priest and Token Druids ....I guess Quests need a BUFF, instead ? :P

    This has nothing to do with aggro. If you nerf quest decks, aggro automaticly gets weaker because ppl. can finaly play control again. Thats a basic thing in HS

    Control - beats > Aggro

    Aggro - beats > Combo

    Combo -beats> Control

    I like aggro the most but in the current state Control is realy !!unplayable!! (I tested control warri) witch is very bad for the game. It should be kinda balanced between these 3 Archtypes. BC i also dont want a control meta happening again where i have to sit 20 minutes in every single game. Its still a fast pace game but the current meta is boring even for me and i love playing aggro decks (main hunter since blackrock <3).

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