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    The binary transcribes to

    "Unity. Precision. Perfection." and "Aug 29 1997 <3"

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    So taking this one by one,

    Naga Sea Witch: That's a bigger change than just one mana. Slows down the deck a lot, which will make it's matchup against aggro much worse. Hopefully that's enough to take it out of the wild meta, and wild can see the variety it should have.

    Spiteful Summoner: I don't think it's enough, but it'll be less oppressive. Gives opponents one more turn to find that counter.

    Dark Pact: A good change. The biggest problem with the card was it's absurd heal. Now it'll feel less oppressive. 

    Possessed Lackey: Again, it doesn't look like a lot, but one mana and one turn can make all the difference, especially with Dark Pact also getting nerfed. 

    Call to Arms: As someone who was aggressively for Even Paladin, insisting it was the best form of Paladin despite all the odd Paladin naysayers, and crafting a Golden Genn when I didn't open a gold or regular one... Fuck. Guess I'm going back to Murlocs.

    Crystal Core: Yeah I think this is a needed change. The problem with quest rogue has never been it's win rate. It's simply oppressive and unfun. This will make it less so. 


    Overall good nerfs. I hope Even Paladin will still be good without CtA. :(

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    "Hey! Keep those Wisps away from me!"

    (This post was edited to remove attachments that got stuck onto it)

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    I definitely do not want to underestimate this card. Random card generation is good as we saw with Lyra and Cabalist's Tome, and with the Echo mechanic it won't be hard to play a lot of minions. The battlecry is certainly very good. I think it's better than just playable, but I'm hesitant on meta defining. 

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