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    Firstly; apologies if this should have gone in the Hunter forum. It's not too clear if this is better in Wild [as it's a Wild deck] or specifically Hunter [As it's a Hunter deck].


    Draconic Arcane Hunting
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    I've had this as a sort of side deck for Wild that I would break out for fun for a while. However, with the release of Barrens and Venomous Scorpid I've started playing this deck quite a lot more; with increased success. I want to continue to refine the deck however.


    The playstyle is most similar to a midrange Hunter. I generally play on curve and somewhat aggressive; while accumlateing spells via Discover effects, and keeping up card advantage with Discover and draw. I can use small spells for pings to help keep board control in this time, and generally manage to whittle down the enemy a fair bit in the early turns.


    This all builds up to me unloading my various face damage spells between turns 7~10 for a kill; as by this point I will usually have some form of Spell Damage active. I've liked Vereesa Windrunner since her initial reveal; and the amount of damage she can add to a spell combo is actually immense; especially since you can cash in the spell damage at your leisure. 


    Notable things I want to point out:

    Faerie Dragon is mostly there to help increase the odds of proccing my Dragon Synergies early; and as an early tempo play. However, this is one of the cards which I think is most likely to be replaceable.

    Big Ol' Whelp helps me reach my other cards quicker and is just a fat 5/5 for 5 for midgame pressure. It's not bad, but again, if there's better suggestions here; I'm open.

    Quick ShotExplosive Trap and Piercing Shot are cards I'm not too sure on, which is why they're currently 1-ofs. They all have their uses, but they also feel somewhat underwhelming. Quick Shot basically never gets the draw in this deck; and I'm actually often in control of the board so Explosive doesn't get to go off too often. Of these three I've actually found Piercing Shot the most useful; but I'm not sold on it yet. I do quite like Marked Shot as it's removal that then lets me Discover a replacement spell; which can feed my burst.  I used to run Explosive and Quick Shot at 2-ofs; but the change to Tracking made it a much better card in the deck. [As previously it may have offered two critical cards and I would have lost them. Or offered Vereesa forceing me to take it or lose her even if it was bad for the curve]


    I notably do not run Malygos. I used to; but found the card too slow at 9 mana. Quite often the game would just be over before then, and due to being 9 mana, I either only get 1 spell off, or have to rely on Malygos surviving a turn. This simply wasn't happening often enough to justify him bricking me. On the other hand, I find that Zul'jin works as a last-ditch desperation play; and can be comboed with Thori'dal [By attacking with it before using Zul'jin].

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    Quote from SlydE >>

    Of course they test the cards. The class balance is actually pretty decent now, better than pre rotation.

    Just play a midrange hunter or paladin deck with strong deathrattles or summoner mage and control warriors are sitting ducks.

     Pre-rotation every class had viable decks.


    Right now Hearthstone is an 8-class game because Priest dosen't exist. Rogue has a positive winrate against almost everything, Warlock basically has had to revert to Zoo only which is mostly playing with Classic cards and most classes only have a single viable deck [Mechadin; Summon Mage; Midrange Hunter]


    I'd say any meta where a class has 0 viable decks is a bad meta.

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    Cards that were previously banned [ Faceless Summoner ] or had nerfed apperance rates [ Abyssal Enforcer ] seem to be back in full force ... fun.


    The banlist only seems to be synergy cards.

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    A hunter started with Webspinner.

    This gave him Messenger Crow


    This gave him Toki; Time Tinkerer


    Which gave him Marin; The Fox


    That's a rabbit hole and a half. Also a Tanglefur Mystic gave him Khadgar [Which he used to get double Huffer because it's always Huffer] and Ravencaller got him Patches the Pirate


    That's 4 Legendaries generated out of thin air.


    Still won.


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    So this is the compensation for the nerfs and loss of Ultimate Infestation


    Heal Druid, a heal archetype [Because Heal Paladin/Priest have ever been successful archetypes] in a class with a lot of Armour.


    Not getting a good feeling about Druids this xpac!

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    Quote from Kaladin >>

    Choose One: Holy Smite or Flash Heal

    Both cards have seen play in Priest, and as this is strictly better/more flexible, I think this will see play too.  

     No it's not. The 2 damage is limited to minion-only and cannot go Face. Also Flash Heal can be turned into damage with cards such as Auchenai Soulpriest; and that was it's primary use.


    Still; this combined with Crystal Stag confirms Heal Druid as the new Gimmick. Considering no 'Heal' Archetype has never been viable before; I'm expecting Druid to be languishing at the bottom of the barrel between the nerfs and rotated cards like UI.


    Hell; heal has anti-synergy with all of Druid's Armour cards.

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    Blizzard; April Fools Day is 7 days away... couldn't you have waited until then to give us this absolute joke of a card?


    This is actually the worst card in Hearthstone. Bolf Ramshield at least has the dignity to not demand you hold it for 9 turns before it effectively gives 9 armour.


    This card is as bad as things like Millhouse Manastorm, Temporus and Majordomo Executus which effectively have Battlecry: Concede. At least these awful cards have meme potential, and are Legendaries so wouldn't pop up every other pack unlike this packfiller common. [Also Majordomo was an Adventure card]

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    Quote from guyopt >>

    Blizzard destroys entire archetypes with no significant compensation to players.(4 free packs promotion was a trick to "hide" this issue)

    Players crafted and invested money for building archetypes which are now dead by nerfs  (2 weeks after expansion out!),

    such balance change "costs" players significant damage in terms of dust which blizzard fail to compensate.

    As a result the game becomes even more expensive, and there is a feeling for not respecting the players community



     And how would you nerf Kingsbane? Up the mana cost? That wouldn't really make much difference.


    Also you either had the card for a long time to benefit from; or decided to craft a Legendary that is about to rotate out so...

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    posted a message on The December 2018 Nerfs Discussion Thread

    Druid is wrecked; and is going to be a dead class post-rotation when cards like Ultimate Infestation are gone. If it's anything like what happened to Shaman, in the next set Blizzard will try and push some gimmick like Freeze Shaman that'll fail completely and make Hearthstone only have 8 classes.


    Why did it take until just before rotation for cards like Level Up! to be hit?


    Hunters are going to dominate the ladder. Get the face masks!

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    Quote from Mhonde >>

    First, it is NOT Toast, many people came up with that idea, like every netdeck

    Second, yep, this deck is broken, not fun and irritating for both players

    Fix: add extra card that either "mills" or "rats" keycards on this deck. No dust refund, just print a new tech card. Facepalm removing oracles...  


     Irony is this card is probobly a major reason why Coldlight was removed.
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    Face a Mage with 3 Flamestrikes and a Dragon's Breath in their first 13 cards.


    I also 100% knew they had a Blizzard; since Breath pulled that.


    Still ALMOST won with my Hunter.

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    posted a message on Witchwood is the most disappointing expansion since The grand Tournament

    First set of a Year is generally safer; since it'll be around the longest; and is the basis for the other sets to build off.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Spell - Dire Frenzy

    7/5 Huffer topdecks sound fun.

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    Perhaps the best; and most self-aware; flavor text.

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    This card really makes you appreciate how OP Implosion was.

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