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    posted a message on Twist Decks on HSReplay

    So far there are no twist decks on HSReplay. Any ideas whether and when this may happen? In the past, classic decks were available on HSReplay.

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    posted a message on Nobody accepts my friend requests :(

    I play priest.

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    posted a message on Voyage to the Sunken City - Secrets Of The Artworks

    This was quite fun and interesting :)

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    posted a message on Voyage to the Sunken City Promo Event - Crab Rave - With Drops!

    Great video and music!!!

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    posted a message on T1 OTK bs (updated)

    Thx, I overlooked Fel Barrage! Your suggested combo is also fun :)

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    posted a message on Poison!!

    Glad to hear you like it, T8 Scabbs is a nice finisher :)

    Though I think it requires a bit more direct face dmg spells. Anyway this deck is an alternative to all these Vanndar decks.

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    posted a message on 39% wr

    I hit legend multiple times in both standard and wild and all I can say is two things:

    1. The game is definitely rigged. If touchscreen-based slot machines are tweaked in a way to make you spend as much money as possible oc they are implementing such predatory algorithms in HS. The most obvious proofs from the past were, once in a winning position, the Lich King or Hagatha the Witch "randomly" generating the same shittiest card over multiple turns.
    2. Pick a tier1 or tier2 deck that really suits your playstyle and stick with it so you learn to pilot it perfectly. Don't be afraid to swap out 1-3 cards to adapt the deck to your playstyle and/or game plan. 

    The best thing to do, however, is to switch to Battlegrounds and not watch the fights at all, only focusing on making the best plays without allowing RNG (or emoting asshole players) to ruin your mood :)



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    posted a message on Bonus stars after taking a break

    I took a 12+month break from HS with a 10x star bonus back then - now I have 9x.

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    posted a message on wow, there are actually kind players!

    For the first time, I played a few games at top 1000 wild - no bm emotes at all, two players even said "well played" when it was obvious that they lost (one of them was a priest!). Kinda sad that I am positively surprised about the fact that my fellow players simply behaved in a civilized way...

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    posted a message on In-Game Indication of Nozdormu Day Coming?

    On Noz-Day, everyone running him should be queued into other Noz-players.

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